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Monday, July 06, 2009

Won't You Take Me With You To The Sky

All the best blogs have weekly features (Monday Muse, Teach Me Something Tuesday, Wednesday Tent Pitch, The Friday Five) so I guess I can do one too.

So here is the first installment of my yearly feature, Monday's Music Moment! (What?! Twitter basically does this already?? Oh well.)

The whole 'weekly feature' thing is just an excuse for me to share this amazing video I found.
I know my blog readers don't have the same music taste as I have (as my music entries are often ignored), but I feel compelled to share the amazingness found in this video.

Below you will find a live version of "Rhiannon," which is possibly my favorite song by Fleetwood Mac.
This version is special for a few reasons.
- Stevie sings the alternate lyrics in it ("Once in a million years a lady like her rIses!" etc.)
- The instrumental break around the middle of the video is amazing. I don't love Lindsey's harmonies on the chorus, but his guitar playing is great as usual.
- And my favorite thing about it is Stevie's ad lib around the end (around 4:45).

I feel like when I watch live performances lately, the singers are so concerned with the 'performance' part of it that the song is kind of lost. They are so into the extra stuff (see Katy Perry's distracting stage props, Lady Gaga's outfits) and aren't into the song as much. And of course many performances are lip-synced, so actually singing the song isn't a concern at all!
Stevie is clearly INTO "Rhiannon" here. I love how the music seems to possess her. I so wish I could teleport to the 70s and watch this performance live.


Jere Keys said...

I think blogs have weekly features because they're easy and a good way to keep new content even when you feel like you have nothing else to say. It's why I keep doing Marry, F*ck or Kill every Wednesday.

john said...

That is an amazing performance. Stevie was probably high as a kite during the taping, but it certainly made for an impassioned performance.

Michelle M. said...

And no lip synching. How refreshing.
Yay seventies!

Chris D. said...

Hey, I know that song! I didn't know the name of it, and I did not know what song you were talking about before I played it.

A new acquaintance of mine has a girlfriend named Rhiannon. Now I know the origin of her name. Cool!

One of my favorite Stevie Nicks song's is Edge Of Seventeen.

FDot said...

There is nothing quite like hearing a great song sung live. I'm sure they'll tour again, I can't imagine it won't be in the set list.

Michelle M. said...

How about Richard Parker Thursdays??

Hernan said...

I'm not a big fan of Stevie or Fleetwood Mac but I will admit Stevie has a great and unique voice and I luv this clip of her singing Wild Heart.

that's J-O-S-H said...

Hey! I look forward to ur music postz, dearest EnricozIncorporated!

hoteltuesday said...

Jere: That's very true. But at least your MFKs are always fun!

john: Yeah... people always say that about her. I bet she was. But if she's giving performances like that, it's alright. lol. OK, it's not alright, but she stopped, so we're all good now.

Michelle M.: Before last year, I never listened to music that came out before 1990. Now the 70s are looking good. I just started listening to Joni Mitchell too!

Chris D.: I love Edge of Seventeen! It might be my favorite solo Stevie song. Just don't listen to Lindsay Lohan's version!

FDot: Yeah, I just missed them on tour. :( They played NY earlier this summer when I was still very poor. I would have loved to see them.

Hernan: Thanks for that vid! I somehow managed to miss it in my many hours of watching old FM/Stevie videos! She's so talented.

Josh: That's because we are the only people in the whole world with perfect taste in music.

Stephen Chapman... said...

Rhiannon is one of my favourite songs. I have 12 different versions of it on itunes (I just checked)!

Going to see Fleetwood Mac in London in October!