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Friday, July 03, 2009

Fresh Outta Elle Magazine

Last season on Project Runway TCNJ, Christie won the title of best fashion designer at TCNJ (tying with Enrico, of course). Because she won the competition, her model also won something: a spread in Elle magazine.

Here are the pictures of Chloe's photoshoot.

Congrats Chloe! Now don't end up like every model that wins America's Next Top Model Project Runway and fade into obscurity!


Delisa said...

Interesting shoot although I'm very disappointed with the hairstylist. Good to see MY model shoot to stardom without me.

john said...

Oh my GOD! That is hysterical! This is fantastic. A few thoughts:

I love the shot on the hands and the shot on the books.

I hope that sock is clean.

Who knew the sleeve of a t-shirt would make such an interesting dress.

I don't read Elle, but are the photos that racy?

Wow, that elephant is so tame.

Michelle M. said...

Great photos! My favorites are the hands, books and guitar shots.

Congratulations Chloe!

that's J-O-S-H said...

I like how she is spreading her vageen over a copy of "The Sound and the Fury"! harharz

Tam said...

That hand shot is pretty amazing. I also liked the elephant and she looks fierce on those books. Well done.

hoteltuesday said...

Delisa: You're always disappointed lately. lol. But that is a good point. Guess her stylist forgot about doing her hair differently. lol.

John: What sock?

Michelle/Tam: Those are my faves too!

Josh: Duh. She loves that book.