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Thursday, July 02, 2009

PRJNCT: Challenge 2

After a fierce round of competition, ten contestants remain. Only three can make it to Fashion Week. And this week, one more will be sent home....

After recovering from the loss of designer Chris, the contestants were sent their new challenge:

The weather this summer has been somewhat strange. Instead of spending long days on the beach soaking up the sun, most people have been soaked in a downpour. But it seems that the sun is finally coming out. In honor of the sticky, sweet sunny days to come, this week's challenge is:

Create a summer dress out of candy wrappers.

Contestants were not allowed to use the actual candy, only the wrappers/packaging!

The contestants first got advice from mentor Polt Gunn.

"Hello, designers, Polt Gunn here again. May I please have a moment of your time? This week's challenge is potentially sticky one: a summer dress made from candy wrappers. For this challenge, you'll need to stay CARAMELLO-ed out and not KRACKLE under thr pressure. Your summer dress must be something accessable to the common man, to the CLARK's, HEATH's, and MR.GOODBAR's out there, something that the thin and CHUNKY and the old,the JUNIOR MINTSand even the BABY RUTH's can all enjoy, but at the same time, don't ROLO over and make it uninspired, dull or drab. Send your imagination soaring through the AERO, past MARS, indeed throughout the entire MILKY WAY to come up with the MOUNDS of ideas for your garment! But don't be too NUTRAGEOUS with your design, don't go overboard in the use of those WHATCHAMACALLITs. Somewhere, be-TWIX all this advice, is the prefect idea for the prefect garment. And perhaps, after this challenge, you might see your garment strolling down 5TH AVENUE in New York! Unlike the last challenge, it might be best to keep your KITKAT away from your designing area, lest they damage your garment or your model. So, designers, TAKE 5 and come up your best candy wrapper summer dress, one that can SKOR you that 100,000 BAR PAY DAY, and show your competitors just how SMARTIES you are, how much of a GOOBERS they are, and you can SNICKERS "OH, HENRY" and you stand alone having won this challenge!
And yeah, I know this is NOTHING like anything Tim Gunn would say, but I just couldn't help myself. Sorry. Good luck, desginers, and now it's time to get your BUTTERFINGERS working on that garment!"

Enrico got started by buying Starburst candy.
But when he was trying to show off his ability to unwrap Starbursts with his tongue...

the wrappers were soggy and he decided not to use them.

Josh was smarter and unwrapped his candy by hand.

While the contestants didn't run into too many problems this time around, they all noticed a strange trend....

Their models were acting O.O.C! (for all the non-Mariah fans, that means Out Of Control.)

Upset at her 2nd place showing, Malaria took to drinking

and sniffing glue.

Tandi Dupree was caught in bed with one of the show's producers (clearly looking to sleep her way to the top of the competition)

And someone sent in a picture of model Stevie, taken at her past job where she worked under the name Belinda Cosgrove....

But perhaps most shocking was the truth about model Clifford....

Clifford's designer could not locate the huge blue dress that Clifford wore last week. So they asked Clifford if she knew where the dress was.

When the designer clarified and reminded Clifford of last week's challenge, the model suddenly remembered something.

However, the surveillance cameras told a different story....

After watching the surveillance footage, the designer sent the police to Clifford's house to find the stolen dress.

But the stolen dress was not the only thing hanging in Clifford's closet....

When the young lady was untied, she revealed that SHE is in fact the real Clifford! Turns out the Clifford we have come to know and love is actually a jealous model who, upon discovering that Clifford secured a spot on PRJNCT, kidnapped the real Clifford and went in her place!

But now the real Clifford is in the competition and the fake Clifford is in jail, where she clearly belongs.

After all the model drama was resolved, designers quickly got to work to finish their designs.

And finally, 10 candy wrapper designs walked the runway.

Model: Lola LaRue
Materials: Pleated dress/Hair tie - Lemon Starburst wrappers
Belt/Shoes - Orange Starburst wrappers
Status: Safe

Model: Bambi DuJour
Materials: Dress (top) - Starburst bag, Orbit gum foil
Dress (skirt) - Airhead wrappers, Mike & Ike box, Orbit gum foil, Starburst wrappers
Sandals - Mike & Ike box
Belt - Starburst wrappers
Hair tie - Mike & Ike box, Starburst wrappers
Status: Bottom 2

Model: Cecy Elegans
Materials: Dress - Riesen wrappers, Reese's Peanut Butter Cup wrappers
Belt/Shoes - Lindt Lindor Truffles wrappers.
Wallet - Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Minatures wrappers
Hair Clasp/Bracelet/Necklace - York Peppermint Patty wrappers
Status: Eliminated

Model: Chlamydia
Materials: Entire Outfit - Orbit Mist Watermelon Spring Gum
Bodice - Outside package
Skirt - Individual piece wrappers
Belt - Inside foil wrapper
Sandals - Reverse side of outside package
Parasol - Individual piece wrappers
Status: Safe

Model: Tandi Dupree
Materials: Dress/Handbag - Starburst wrappers
Hat/Belt/Shoes/Bracelet/Sunglasses - Kit-Kat Wrapper
Belt buckle - back of Starburst wrapper
Status: Safe

Model: Tawna
Materials: Skirt - Lifesavers Gummies wrappers
Top/Shoes/Hat - Lifesavers Hard Candy
Hair accessory - Pixie Sticks
Status: Safe

Model: Clifford
Materials: Dress/Hat/Handbag/Sandals - Tootsie Roll Pop wrappers
Belt/Hat Trim - Reverse Tootsie Roll Pop wrappers
Status: Top 2

Model: Malaria
Materials: Dress - White side of Hershey Bar
Purse Clasp - Foil side of Hershey Bar liner
Petticoat - Tootsie Roll wrappers
Polka Dots/Seam: Belt/Sandal Straps - Starburst (tropical, sour/sweet and original) wrappers
Purse/Bows - Chocolove raspberry chocolate bar
Sandals/Earrings/Purse Polka Dots - Lindt milk chocolate bar
Status: Winner

Model: "Stevie" aka Belinda Cosgrove
Materials: Entire outfit - Mentos wrappers & packaging
Status: Safe

Model: Xylophone
Materials: Entire outfit - Lemon and orange Starburst wrappers
Status: Safe


So, which designs did you love? Which did you hate?! Leave comments for the contestants!
Results will be up when I get all the votes!


Dave S. said...

Day-um. Josh. Suddenly the sting of Chris leaving last week has worn off...

And this competition is fierce. I'm crossing my fingers that I don't end up bottom two this time... :-/

john said...

HOLY CRAP! This is getting intense!

Surveillance cam was hysterical!

Josh: nice farmer tan!

Jebus! The hats! I love the Mentos dress!

Nathan V said...

Wow! I really don't know which dress is my favourite. This is crazy! Besides my dress, which is obviously the best. I can't believe that three dresses used the same yellow/orange starburst colour combination!

Nathan V. said...

Also: Josh looks crazy hot in that photo. If I was wearing a tie, I would loosen it.

Delisa said...

I have to be honest designers, you need to step your game up. I'm not that impressed this week. I love your efforts and detail to accessories though. See you at judging.

Did Tandi go blind?

Delisa said...

Message to the model casting crew. I'm going to need you to tighten up your screening process before the show starts.

On behalf of the other judges, I apologize for the unfortunate incident with Clifford. As for the other models, we can only do so much when it comes to their personal lives.

Polt said...

Well, josh, I'm actually speechless, and for me, that's really saying something. I was gonna say you're even sweeter than all the candy unwrapped for this challenge combined...but that woulda been a bit much eh?

oh and the surveillence video...AWESOME!

Oh and josh, feel free to do the DIB anytime...just more sound advice from Polt Gunn. :)


Tam said...

Wow. I'm in trouble. This part-time designing gig is tough. I need to do this full-time to maximize the odds of continuing. They are all amazing. I guess all those great Starburst minds are thinking alike.

Wow Josh, you sure know how to make an impression. Not that I'm complaining. :-D

I'm eager to hear the results it going to be tight.

Ryan said...

Starbursts truly were the candy of choice. I'm contintually amazed what people are able to do.

that's J-O-S-H said...

I want you all to be wowed with my design! I'm not a piece of meat. Oh who am I kidding? I could get used to designing nuderz. Better keep me around to see what else happenz... ;P hahah

Chris D. said...

Wow(z)! Hot photo, Josh. Very beautiful(z). I'm glad you stuck around(z). ;) Hurray for DIB! Clearly the Internet needs more photos of men in their underwear. ;)

I found the background drama very entertaining.

I think I prefer the designs where the use of wrappers seemed more incidental rather than the primary focus.

Great job everybody! I can't wait to see the results.

Tam said...

Like there aren't enough half-naked pics of guys on the internet. *eye roll* But of course they aren't nearly as cute as you and Josh.

john said...

YAY! Chris is still here! I love the parenthesized zees! Or zeds. Whichever is your preference.

Chris D. said...

John: Of course I'm still here! I am a loyal reader and fan of Hotel Tuesday. This PR thing is really fun. I will be sad when it is finally over. I hope Enrico has more ideas for cool contents in the future.

I included the Z's for Josh, thought I would translate for him. Otherwise he may not have been able to read my comment. ;)

Chris D. said...

contents = contests.

Jere Keys said...

If the real Project Runway had this much scandal, sex and nekkidness, I would watch it.

I think my fave this week is Malaria - not just the attention to detail, but because you wouldn't guess the sugary origin of the materials.

FDot said...

Good God, it's hard to look at the designs this week; I just want to go off my diet and scarf down pounds of candy....though I suppose, taking a cue from models, there are ways of dealing with that.

hoteltuesday said...

FDot: Like sniff glue, drink wine, pose nude, and kidnap models?

Michelle M. said...

josh - Hubba Hubba Hubba (you get an extra hubba). When I first read the post, I thought it said "john was smarter and..." and Enrico grabbed a photo of a model off the internet. From the comments I went back and saw it said josh, not john.

Enrico - The intro is sooo funny. I love the backstories and the wet wrappers. And Clifford stealing the dress in night vision is comedy gold.

Polt - cute photo and advice : ).

Great job fellow competitors!

*I just noticed Clifford's dress has "pop" and "cherry" written all over it. Tee hee.

Anonymous said...

Am i the only one that reads pass Polt Gunn's just had to be honest.

I cant wait till top 5. I feel like i'm being punished, half of u are forcing me to look at shit.

S. cronicle

Anonymous said...

and enrico u are my favorite writer right u are mad funny... and no comment to the nude pics. Delisa i love how we're always in the same boat... we should do video messages.. lol

S. Cronicle

Anonymous said...

WOW, Judges good luck all of them are amazing! What talent.

that's J-O-S-H said...

tanx for the zedz, chris! :D

Craig said...

I want Josherz

Craig said...

Oh right, the designs! They are all great but I think Malaria is my favorite!

that's J-O-S-H said...

And I want Craigerz (feat. POM Wonderful)! Derrrrrriciouz!

Kayleigh said...

...I am shocked that my cat would stoop so low.

Also, I am NOT shocked by the amount of lemon/orange Starburst dresses. I definitely saw it coming.

vuboq said...

Love the hats!

But, like Craig, I think Malaria's dress takes the cake! Love the Polka dots and its Stepford Wives vibe.

Milo said...

Hard to choose favourites, all beautiful!

David said...

Chris who?

Hi Josh! (bats eyes)

Actually there was not a (milk) dud in the mix. These were all phenomenal. Wow. I will NEVER be a contestant on this. Too intimidating.

gokitty said...

If Lola, Clifford, or Malaria don't win, this contest is rigged.

Lola's design was cute and flirty at first glance. However if you really look critically at the other designs, Clifford's dress is more than a nice outfit, the placement of the label makes it a walking "pop" reference worthy of Warhol.

As for Malaria, not only is this outfit cute and classic, its totally cerebral. Its very reminiscent of Takashi Murakami with the colors and Yayoi Kusama with the dots. This designer should make it to fashion week on this dress alone.