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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ghosts in the Attic: Happy Birthday To You

Welcome back to my 1st grade journal. In this entry, I discuss my teacher's birthday celebration!

Entry dated April 10, 1996

Happ Birthday Mrs Gural
Today was Mrs. Gural Birthday. We had a party. With juies and cake and Doenuts. My table was first to get a nother doenut. We spelld out HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU MRS. GURAL.

My favorite part of this page might be the 'we had a party' sentence. It totally looks like 'we had a panty.'
When I read the next sentence, I pronounce 'juies' like 'Jews' which makes the party sound even better!
I also love how I sent Mrs. Gural birthday wishes TWICE on one page! (and forgot the 'Y' the first time)
More coffee stains!

Samanthas Mom came in to tape us. today A PerFEce-ANal BASKETBALL PLAYER is comeing here. But i don't no when. But I no that Kyle was H. Kiara was A. Lindsey was P. Sal was P. Kenyeta was Y. Scott was B. Julie was I. Danny was R. Hanif was T. Happy Birhtday Mrs. Gural

I'm pretty sure I didn't have ADD as a child, but I apparently had a brief spurt of it while writing this entry. I very quickly jump from the taping of Mrs. Gural's birthday celebration to the fact that a PerFEce-ANal BASKETBALL PLAYER was coming to my school that day (what a nice birthday treat for Mrs. Gural!). I love the way I connect the thoughts again (I don't no when. But I no that....) and then start listing which classmates held which letters.
To clarify, as I said on page 1, we spelled out "Happy Birthday to You Mrs. Gural" -- this means each student held up a letter and then someone (Samantha's mom?) took a picture of us, and apparently videotaped us as well.
Believe it or not, I actually remember all of these classmates! Except for Lindsey (sorry).
Also, you might wonder why I put the news about the basketball player in all caps. It's because I used to actually like basketball. Weird, I know.
Also, note that in order to cement my role as teacher's pet, I once again wish Mrs. Gural a happy b-day!

Nicole was H. Elyssa was D. Andre was A. Sam was Y. Sara was TO. Jaasmeen was Y. A I don't Remember who else.

And then I just list the rest of the order, to the best of my ability. Know what this makes me wonder?
What was I?


Jere Keys said...

I'm guessing you were "Mrs." because that would be awesome. Also, trying to read these before reading your re-type underneath the image... I was certain you wrote "Perfect Anal Basketball player" which set me off in a giggling fit.

FDot said...

I don't think you were holding up a letter. I believe you were the student elected to wait outside for the Jews to arrive so you could show them which room the party was in.

Anonymous said...

Ass kisser!! How many times can you say Happy Birthday!! haha!!


Michelle M. said...

You were adorable. Absolutely adorable.

Chris D. said...

I had not thought about the dates of these entries, until Polt mentioned it in the last post. Now I can't help but think about them. In April 1996 I was in my freshman year of college, while you were in first grade. I am going to try to go back to ignoring the dates again. ;)

I find the "other page" notation of interest. I recall seeing similar, and perhaps even more elaborate, notations in my early writing. I find it interesting how children think about page boundaries. I think that the idea of filling a whole page with writing was a novelty for me as a young child, so I liked to emphasize the cross-page continuations.

john said...

I thought is said "Perfect Anal Basketball Player" as well and thought it was hysterical.

The Mrs. was a first grade teacher for a while, so I've seen hundreds of these types of entries. I'm impressed at how neat the last page is and how you were able to remember so many of the letter holders.

that's J-O-S-H said...

Anal basketball...

E. copterz, little you is to dye for!

hoteltuesday said...

Jere: Yeah, I know, it does look like that. It doesn't help that "ANAL" is on the next line...

FDot: Being teacher's pet, I did get to do cool tasks for my teacher. Wrangling Jews was probably one such task.

Michelle: Thanks :D Just change 'were' to 'are still' next time!

Chris D.: I agree. I think that must be why I wrote so big sometimes (and included works of art).

John: Along with my journals, we found my sister's journal from school too. And I must say I was kind of proud when I realized how neat mine was (compared to hers).

Josh: Que color?

m said...

I like seeing people's handwriting. Do a post some time written by hand (then scanned) rather than a regular post, if that makes sense.

Milo said...

Whoops, that was me in the last comment.

Michelle M. said...

I was answering your question "What was I?"

Of course you ARE adorable. Duh.

that's J-O-S-H said...

Alecia Beth Moore, of course!

Delisa said...

So I just want to rub it in your face that I had better handwriting than you in 1st grade. I wrote tiny though... my mom hated that I wrote small but I couldn't help it. You know when you first started writing and you had to trace the huge letters? That was torture for me cause I could never do it right lol

hoteltuesday said...

Milo: An interesting fact about my handwriting: I only write in cursive, unless I'm specifically told to write in print. I'll do that one day though!

Michelle M.: Oooh. Now I see :D

Josh: Duh.

Delisa: Doubt it! I was probably a better speller though, so we're even.

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