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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ghosts in the Attic: Betting Your Kids

Welcome to the first entry in a new series: Ghosts in the Attic

The other day, I was rummaging through the attic when I came across a few old journals. I was so amused by the entries that I've decided to share them on Hotel Tuesday.

So in Ghosts in the Attic entries, I will post pages from a journal I kept when I was in 1st grade. The entries are usually prompts given to me by my first grade teacher (who sometimes makes guest appearances in my journal!). After I've exhausted those entries, I will move on to my 2nd grade journal!

So without further ado, here is the first entry from my 1st grade journal.
(click images to enlarge)

(Note how this is 'Journal #2' -- I really hope I can find Journal #1 eventually! I have to search the attic more thoroughly. Also note how strange those clouds look and how the flower looks more like a heart than a flower.... And is that a snowflake on the bottom right? I was a talented artist.)

Entry dated April 8, 1996

On Easter I wen't to a party. Evey one came there there was a bad boy thare his name was colin. He was smakeing me and my brother. And throwing bag and balls at us. He was yelling he was blousting our eardrums I was dieing.

Alright, I was not a fantastic speller in 1st grade. And I think I took the apostrophe from 'won't' and applied it to 'went.' Something that confuses me about this page is the fact that I spell there correctly on line 3, but incorrectly on line 4.
I remember Colin. He was quite the mischievous child. While I understand how Colin threw balls at me and my brother, I don't really get what 'bag' he was throwing... his mother's purse perhaps?
I love the illustration here, mostly because Colin is yelling "yaaaaaaa" and I can SO hear that sound right now.
I also love how I was obviously a lot less dramatic when I was young (I was dieing).

"And then his mommy betted him and then he started to do bad stuff again. I wen't crazy so I just watch are you afraid of the dark. Are you"

There are a lot of great things about this page, starting with the first sentence. I guess when you're young you don't really think about filtering your thoughts for your teacher. So I just tell my 1st grade teacher that Colin's mother 'betted' him, which is the way my childlike mind put abuse into words.
I also like how I thought watching Are You Afraid of the Dark would allay the craziness I felt thanks to Colin doing bad stuff. The opening movie was scary enough to make me crazier!
I also love how I asked my teacher a question and gave her boxes to check. Obviously I was starving for some teacher attention. I'm glad to know Mrs. Gural was not afraid of the dark.
And of course, my drawing is pretty amazing and looks JUST like the real logo.

"And his mom betted him again. he cryd again and again. he was so bad then he left. And I was steel thare I aet jolly Ranchers and Rabuolies and sladed and mackarome and some more jolly Ranchers."

Back to the abuse! I hope Mrs. Gural wasn't concerned....
I love how quickly I jump from Colin's bad behavior to his departure, all in one sentence! "He was so bad then he left." Brilliant.
And doesn't my Italian dinner sound yummy? I'm still a huge Rabuoli fan.
And suddenly my recent dentist visits are starting to make sense.... Why didn't someone smake those Jolly Ranchers out of my hand?

I actually remember this family gathering, though only vaguely. I also remember that when I was young, apple was my favorite Jolly Rancher flavor, though that has changed. Aren't family gatherings the best?


Chris D. said...

When you said you were posting journals from your childhood I had not idea you were going to go this far back! I find the decorative lettering of your first name an interesting contrast to the plain lettering of your last name. The rainbow coloration on "Journal" was interesting as well.

I did not understand what "smakeing" meant. I briefly wondered if it meant smoking. ;) I think I have settled on interpreting it as "smacking".

I was a very bad speller until spell check came into my life. ;)

It is neat to get a glimpse into your childhood. I am looking forward to reading future posts.

Michelle M. said...

I love Nicky! I want to hug him and give him apple Jolly Ranchers. Which is also my favorite flavor, narrowly beating out watermelon. Does anyone ever pick grape as their favorite flavor?

"I was dieing". I'm glad you didn't. I'm looking forward to more installments : ).

Jere Keys said...

I think the reader poll and implied request for feedback/comments shows the makings of a blogger before blogging even existed.

Dave S. said...

This is AWESOME. I love it. It's so damn (I mean "darn") sweet. Very cool.

Polt said...

I can't really get to the reading of the pages, cause I'm always stuck on the April 1996 date...wherein you were in the first were 1996...just reinforcing my elderlyness here, thanks. :)

Oh, and I personally LOVE cherry and grape jolly ranchers myself. You can have all the apple, and Michelle M. can have all the watermelon...they're icky flavors.:)


David said...

I'm with Polt. In 1996 I was already in grad school. Pardon me while I remove my teeth and change the colostomy bag.

I wish I had more stuff like this, it always cracks me up. If you can partner these with photos of you at that age, I think it would be even better, so we can have a visual along with the view inside your wee, young mind.

Anonymous said...

Awww...Nicky I love it!! Colin was so bad I thought I was dying too!! haha!! That was back when you were Nicky Nuggers!! haha!


Craig said...

This is seriously the best thing ever. Except maybe for your Project Runway of course.

john said...

"Nicky"! I love it! So, when did you make the big change from "Nicky"to "Enricosuave"? I want the story behind "Nicky Nuggers".

I love the mysterious stain on the last page. Already drinking coffee were you?

that's J-O-S-H said...

Enrico, this was darling. I loved "Are You Afraid of the Dark" as well...though that boat in the beginning in the murky lake always scared me to piecezzz!

hoteltuesday said...

Chris: One of the benefits of being a pack rat is that I have stuff from kindergarten still!

Michelle: NO ONE picks Grape as their favorite flavor. It's a fact. It's even on Wikipedia.

Jere: Good point! But I was teacher's pet from kindergarten til... now, so I think that did play into it too. haha.

Polt: See, you love cherry as well. And the fact that you listed it first means it's your favorite, not grape.

David: I actually found old photos recently that I hope to scan and put up here!

TJ: I mentioned Colin to Pasquale the other day and he said "Remember he used to say 'Uncle Frito' instead of 'Uncle Vito'?" Then he laughed for like 2 whole minutes and turned red.

Craig: Thanks! I think at this point, I like these series better than PR :P

John: I actually blogged about "Nicky Noogers" before! (Entry called 'My Name Is')

Josh: Didn't everyone our age love AYAotD as a child?

that's J-O-S-H said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
that's J-O-S-H said...

Enricoz: Anyone that was smart! Remember the episode where that kid was stuck in the mall and for some reason it was like a pinball game?

john said...

Henry: I read your post again. That's it, that's the story behind Nicky Noogers? I hoped there was a funny story behind it.

Nicky still makes me giggle a little, but that is only because I identify you in my head as Enrico.

Anonymous said...

I remember Colin. I also remember when he pee pee in the garbage can, because the toilet was to far. he was very bad. I wonder what happened to him.