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Thursday, July 30, 2009

PRJNCT: Challenge 5

Following Nathan's farewell rant, the remaining seven designers got right back to work and were sent their new challenge.

"Create a look based on one of the seven deadly sins."

The seven deadly sins according to the Catholic church are: Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy and Pride.
The sins were randomly assigned to designers who then had to turn their sins into beautiful garments.

Fashion guru Polt Gunn gave the designers advice:

Designers, this week, you're challenge is to create a garment modeled after one of the Seven Deadly Sins. Once again, it's a good thing I'm here to help, because I have, after all, partaken of every single Deadly SIns...most more than once...some more than once today. And based on my experiences, this is my advice: Envy: I think the best thing to do would be to steal a chunk of each of the other designers' garments and make one out of that. Short of that, just paint her green. Gluttony: Make your model a fat suit to wear under an unattractive mumu. And don't forget to smear buffalo wing sauce all over her chin. Greed: Sew two dollar bills together, cut a hole for the neck and arms, and slap it on her. If you wanna improve your chances, use two twenties or two fifties. Lust: This one's the easiest: Just send your model down the runway naked. What's more lust-inducing than a plastic, anatomically deficient Barbie doll? Pride: For me, Pride always means Gay Pride, so give your model a mullet, throw on a flannel top, khaki shorts and Birkenstocks and you've got a lesbian ready for the Pride Parade! Sloth: The garment here should be easy, but I'd imagine making the sofa for her to lay on, the remote control for one hand and the half full bag of Doritos for the other to be the hardest part. Wrath: Glenn Beck always seems pretty angry at something, just make your model look like him. Good luck, designers! Now, Show me whatcha got!

Malaria's designer was assigned gluttony, a sin Malaria is quite familiar with....

One designer didn't know that much about sinning and had to study.

One confused designer purchased all the packaged food they'd need to make for a Thanksgiving feast, thinking that 'not making food from scratch' was a sin.

Talita decided to get advice from a designer friend (in boxers).

And finally, the runway met the seven deadly sins.

Lust was a tricky theme to design around. While the first idea that might come to mind when you think of 'lust' is slutty outfits that include fishnets, mini skirts, and shirts that show lots of breast, these things aren't very fashionable. So in order to both incorporate the theme of lust AND stay fashionable, I made an outfit based on fashion of the harem, or old-school lust. After all, the Bible is really old! Clifford's outfit isn't as revealing as a modern prostitute might wear, but it is very light and very easy to slip out of when it's time to get lustful.

Model: Clifford
Sin: Lust
Materials: Top/Slippers - Chiffon
Skirt - Nylon
Bangles - Gold-plated wires

My inspiration for gluttony was Thanksgiving, a holiday of overindulgence and excessive pigging out. Malaria's gown is a mosaic of traditional Thanksgiving dishes. A one of a kind, couture gown which she ATE after the photo shoot. After years of eating only carrot and celery sticks, I guess the poor girl finally snapped.

Model: Malaria
Sin: Gluttony
Materials: Dress - white paper napkins, glue, dried gravy mix, mashed potatoes mix, dried stuffing, turkey jerky, sweet potato chips, dried cranberries, pumpkin pie spice, wild rice mix, peppercorns, parsley and dinner roll crust
Wrap - napkin from Panera
Clutch purse - butter, dried cranberry
Hair ribbon - green bean
Jewelry - rice

I wanted the look for Lola LaRue to be like a greedy glamorous women. I see greed as someone who has too much; that is where the long train on the dress and the large diamond cluster necklace came into play. I wanted everything to be diamonds and sparkles. I wanted her outfit to show not only greed but wealth, and nothing shows greed, wealth, and glamour like gold and diamonds.

Model: Lola LaRue
Sin: Greed
Materials: Dress - Glitter Tulle
Diamond Necklace and Ring - Rinestones
Money- Paper

"Sloth is such an ugly word. I prefer to call it leisure. Working and getting out of bed in the morning? Phooey. That's for poor people. And ugly people who can't find a good boyfriend. Beautiful people like me don't need to stoop to the levels of the unwashed masses, I simply hire someone to do all that nasty dirty stuff for me, like laundry and cooking and cleaning. *shudder* Just thinking about it makes me feel like I'll have to take to my bed with a tonic and a good book to recover." ~ Xy

Model: Xylophone
Sin: Sloth
Materials: Nightgown and peignoir - fabric, feathers, trim
Slippers - medical tape and feather
Headband - feathers and trim

The sin of 'wrath' evokes ideas of anger, fury, rage, resentment, punishment and vengeance. Belinda's dress is designed to be an embodiment of those ideas. The red color represents rage and blood. The swooping black shapes bring an idea of stabbing and cutting into the dress, which is continued in her accessory, a knife dripping with blood. The theme of blood and cutting is also represented by the feathers that burst from the model's head.

Model: Stevie/Belinda Cosgrove
Sin: Wrath
Materials: Dress - red tights, paper, thread
Hair accessories - feathers
Knife - X-Acto blade & black thread
Blood - ketchup

We are all born with gifts. Talent, beauty, intelligence. But as we grown, we become aware of other people and the gifts they possess and this opens the door for Envy. The Green Monster that can get in our way, weigh us down and in some cases, consume us. My dress represents my interpretation of Envy. The front is meant to be innocent and pretty, with just a touch of green. While the back shows the growing envy of designer and model as represented by the photos of the other competing designers and models. Chlamydia is envious of their looks (which is ironic as some of them could be her twin) and her designer is jealous of the talent the other designers have.

Model: Chlamydia
Sin: Envy
Materials: Dress - green t-shirt, satin ribbon, paper, tissue paper
Purse - ribbon
Shoes - Silver paper
Photo frames - paper

Tawna is the queen of her pride, ready to prowl the sophisticated night for her next prey...

Model: Tawna
Sin: Pride
Materials: Dress - simulated crushed velvet, curtain tie-back

Which sin is your favorite?! Which one makes you want to behave (aka, which one don't you like)?


Tam said...

LOVE the designer in boxers TJ. Adorable. This is going to be a tough week for the judges, they are all amazing.

Polt said...

This is probably my FAVORITEST Designing In Your Boxers YET! (Sorry, Sassy josh!)

But man, am I glad I'm just the advice guy and NOT a judge, cause I have NO idea who'd I pick! My God, the originality, and the imagination it took to do these! great jobs, designers, one and all!


Adam said...

Very cute DIB!! :) Amazing designs, everyone! Maybe we should start our own [human] clothing line when the competition is over?

that's J-O-S-H said...

Malaria'z stomach chunkz were sexxxy!

MUST. BE. SKINNY. ::heave::

Ryan said...


Chris D. said...

That is quite a furry DIB photo. ;) Enrico's furrowed brow makes it look like he is getting serious about studying all that biblical sin. The attention to detail in Malaria's dress is pretty amazing. I did not "get" Tawna's dress at first, but after a moment of contemplation it clicked. Nice idea! These dresses keep geting more and more amazing.

Anonymous said...

Nobody really captured the sin. But I would vote for Malaria based on the intricacy of the design

hoteltuesday said...

I think my jaw looks nice in that pic of me reading the Bible.

Anonymous said...

I think Wrath and Greed are done well.

Milo said...

Wow, they all look amazing! You have some talented designers on here!

Anonymous said...

as a whole u guys suck as designers... eww... u guys make me not wanna judge this competition anymore... as of right now only 2 of u, at most, can stand a chance in the real world... step ur game up designers..i'm disappointed.. and please don't copy other designers vision.. specially when the design is less than 2 weeks old.. i'll say it again, designers, step ur game up.

S. Chronicle

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