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Sunday, July 26, 2009

PRJNCT: Challenge 4 Results

Welcome to the 4th elimination in PR:JNCT!
Today, one person's dreams will be crushed! Who will be going home???

The top 2 and bottom 2 from last week (in random order) are:

Lola LaRue, Malaria, Chlamydia, and Tandi Dupree

Lola: Miss LaRue receieved mixed reviews from the judges; while some judges liked the modern cut of the dress and the way it showed off Lola's bootylicious curves, other judges thought the look was simply not modern enough. The pattern was seen as a great representation of the 70s, but did not translate into modern fashion ideals; it was stuck in the 70s... where it rightfully belongs. One judge critiqued the fit of the design, noting that last week Lola's outfit was too tight and this week Lola's outfit was too loose.
Mom says: "Don't remember if people actually wore this in the 70s. Es feo y mal hecho."

Malaria: Judges called the construction of this outfit 'brilliant.' The look was very goth, but still chic. The judges could tell that Malaria's designer worked hard on this outfit as it had no visible flaws and was not simple like other designs this challenge. But some judges thought the outfit was a little costumey and didn't represent the 90s well. Another wished Malaria's designer had 'left the ugly purse out.'
Mom says: "It was well-made."

Chlamydia: Judges thought this design was simple, yet classy and beautiful. Desiging the coat was a nice touch. The construction was great and the designer did not go for the cliche look of the 60s (hippie), but made a beautiful garment that still represented the assigned decade. Some judges thought the outfit was too safe and had 'been done' many times before.
Mom says: "This dress is OK, but I don't remember ever wearing that type of dress in the 60s. I remember wearing that type of coat but wouldn't wear this one because it's horrible and looks like a kimono from behind."

Tandi: Judges thought that Tandi's 80s outfit was plain and not flattering for the model. The outfit didn't fit Tandi properly as it made her look wide, and one judge stated that 'only a true loser would wear such ill-fitting clothes.' And although the look may have been worn in the 80s, it does not represent the most popular 80s fashion trends. The color pallette 'sucks even more' than Tandi's hairstyle. Noticing the low budget on this outfit, one judges remarked that Tandi's designer should have used money on materials since this outfit looked like a bad arts and crafts project.
Mom says: "It doesn't look right from behind!"

After a record-setting number of votes, the winner of this challenge is.....

This is Malaria's THIRD win! Congrats Malaria's designer!

Chlamydia was also declared safe, putting Lola LaRue and Tandi Dupree in the bottom 2.

And the designer going home this week is.....

Tandi Dupree's designer, Nathan!

When Nathan found out he was eliminated, he sent us the following message/picture.

"Thiss is bulls&$*!!1!!! Anyone with halfd a brain can asee that I wasn;t the worst outfit!!2@! These frackin gods damm cylon judges don't understand high fashion! I was insulted because my outfit could be seen in a modern wradrobe whhen that was the whole point of the challenge!!@@! AAnd they wanted me to puty shoulder pads on it instead! JERKS!!!QW!W The other designerrs dresses were horrrible! MAlarias dress doesn't look anything like the 90s!1 Lola should fire her seamstress., Chlamydia's jhacket is as moderrn as the Amish people.m, Stevie;sd dress is a blatant KNOCKOFF!!!@! Xylophoness hat makes me want to vomit Cliford is washed out and boring and tawna's outfitr looks has a giant thin UNDER the boo0bs1 No noremal woman could wear that! Bull@@#!! No one understnads me!1 This show is the worst!!!1! the 80s were ugly. I performed a MIRAVCLE!"

Oh Nathan, put the bottle down. You got too much talent.

Join us next week as the 7 remaining contestants scour the bible for design inspiration!


Delisa said...

Someone can't take an elimination very well. You should take Enchico's advice and put down the bottle... at least until the cameras are off you.

Keep up the good work designers!

Scouring the Bible huh???? Can't wait to see the next challenge!

Michelle M. said...

My god, that rant was hilarious! Can Nathan be kicked off every week?

Tam said...

You are brilliant Nathan. I laughed out loud. I'll miss you baby.

Polt said...

Well, Nathan, take comfort in the fact that at least you look good in purple. We all know how important that is. :)

Great job Malaria's designer! Keep up the good work, people! :)


john said...
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john said...

Congratulations Malaria's designer!

Nathan, you will be missed, but we'll never forget you after that rant! Hilarious!

GoKitty said...

I definately think the wrong designer went home.

Nathan V. said...

Go GoKitty! Naturally I did too!

Thanks for all the compliments!

Chris D. said...

The cleft chinned Canadian cutey will be missed. :( The curse of the sunglasses has been broken! However maybe the curse applies to glasses, not just sunglasses. I guess Adam and Enrico are not out of the woods yet. Watch out guys!

Bible dresses should be interesting.

Michelle M. said...

Maybe the curse only applies to people with penises...