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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Enrico Rings Like A Bell Through The Night

Since Michelle M. is so good at rewriting songs in her guest entries, I asked her to do a guest entry here at Hotel Tuesday.
Michelle rewrote the lyrics to one of my favorite songs ever, Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac. I hope you all love this guest post as much as I do!
Thanks Michelle!!



To the tune of Fleetwood Mac's "Rhiannon"

Enrico tweets like a bird in the night,

And wouldn't you love to love him?

His heart is big, but his frame is slight,

He's filled with wonder and whim.

All your life you've never seen such blogging,

Read from shore to shore.

Posts so fine that they sparkle and shine and,

Bring us back for more.

Enrico glows with a warm, gentle light,

His posts are thoughtful and fun.

So smart and cute you could take a bite,

Enrico won't be outdone.

All your life you've never seen such fashion,

Is he out or in?

Created with care, élan and flair but,

Will he ever win?

Will he ever win?





Enrico's pure of body and heart,

But his mind is in the gutter.

A little sweet and a little tart,

He sets our hearts aflutter.

All his life he's never smoked,

He won't drink vodka, beer or wine.

Please don't pout for he will not put out and,

Hookups he'll decline.

Sluts, you're out of line.




We want to see,

We want to see R.P.

We want to see,

We want to see R.P.

We want to see,

We want to see R.P.

Dreams are free,

Enrico's rhapsody.

Dreams are free,

Enrico's rhapsody.


that's J-O-S-H said...
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that's J-O-S-H said...

This entry is reason #264 that I lovez Michelle.

My favorite pic was the one with Enricoz in the hat (feat. Richard Parker and his bow).

Jere Keys said...


Milo said...

Wow, someone is very good at photoshop too!! Like it!

seshomaru said...

"Please don't pout for he will not put out and,
Hookups he'll decline.
Sluts, you're out of line."

LOLZ! The hat photo with RP and Beaker are my favorites!

Excellent Michelle!

Adam said...

OMG so many of those photos made me laugh!! Fantastic job Michelle! Love it!

polt said...

The Beeker photo is the rockinest of all the rockin photos here!

Michelle M., this is yet ANOTHER example of why you NEED to have your own blog! Even if you only post to it once a month or something, it would still outshine so much on the web!



hoteltuesday said...

John: That's my favorite lyric! And the accompanying picture with the "Go Your Own Way" reference is hilarious. I love it!

john said...

Your yoga picture on "The Other Side of the Mirror" is pretty funny too.

Anonymous said...

Love the Pictures!! :o)


Chris D. said...

Amazing! Great job Michelle M.! I love the album covers. That yoga photo is something.

Polt said...

Ya know, this is even COOLER when you've got your iPod playing Rhiannon whilst singing Michelle M.'s lyrics while wasting your last half hour or so on an otherwise very busy day at work! Such inventiveness, michelle M.!

Oh, hey Enrickyricardo, I've been wanting to mention this for a while: have you seen the movie Gypsy83? I love it, and I think you will also. I've a gay/coming of age/Stevie Nicks/roadtrip kind of film with horny Amish guys and idiot frat boys and some really brave main characters.

Check it out when you can.


Michelle M. said...


Polt - no digressing. This isn't Puntabulous. Only comments stating how brilliant/funny I/this post is are allowed.

Anonymous said...

i love the one when you are twisted like a pretzel and the one right after that.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Mia Dailan. said...

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I loved the photos