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Thursday, July 16, 2009

PRJNCT: Challenge 4

Now that most of the men wearing sunglasses are out of the competition, the remaining designers met in cyber space and learned of their new challenge:

Create a modern look based on the fashion trends of one decade from the 1920s to the 1990s.

The designers were given further instructions for the challenge: to honor the nation's economic history, they had a budget of $5 for this challenge, forcing them to use their money wisely. They were also allowed to use items they already owned.

For some reason, the designers were paired up with partners even though each designer had to make their own dress..... Then, they got to call out which decade they wanted to design for!
BUT in the first real twist of the season, the designers learned that they had to SWITCH their decade choice with their 'partner'! Some designers were upset, some didn't care, but everyone got to work.

First, they got advice from fashion guru Polt Gunn.

Designers may I please have a moment? This week's challenge is a different dress for a different decade. It's a good thing you have me here for advice because in college I was a double major in Fashion Design AND History. Let's see what advice I can give each decade.
90s: Nirvana's flannel started the decade, Britney's School Uniform ended it. Your dress should be somewhere in-between, but I'd shy away from a blue dress with a white smear, a la Monica.
80s: Two words: Shoulder. Pads. The bigger the better. In fact, just take the shoulder pads from Football Ken, slap them on your model and design around them.

70s: I think the Brady Bunch had it right: you can never go wrong with Plaid Polyester.
60s: If you're doing a hippie outfit, don't accessorize it with a bong and some hits of acid. Don't think the judges would approve. Unless the accessories are FOR the judges....

50s: Just remember, Poodle Skirts were not made out of real live poodles.

40s: I'd stick with an American inspired garment and not a German one, cause swastikas are not flattering on anyone.

30s: it's the Great Depression, just cut some armholes in a burlap sack, throw it on your model and you've got it made.

20s: Speakeasies were all the rage with the flappers, so steer your model clear, you don't want a drunk Barbie!
Good luck designers! And don't waste too much.....TIME in this challenge! Now, Show me whatcha got!!!

Daisy took a stroll in her confined garden to reflect on the decade she was assigned.

Nathan wanted to begin designing, but first had to earn his $5 budget....

Model Belinda Cosgrove (1950s) fell right into character, working a sewing machine made in her given decade.

While the models and designers worked hard on their new challenge, axed model Cecy Elegans sent everyone a picture message to remind them of the life that awaited them after their departure from the competition....

Suddenly, scissors were put down and tape was applied to any gaps in the outfits.

And finally, the models walked the runway.

Malaria wears her modern, 90s inspired Haute Goth outfit to the absinthe bar where she enjoys mocking the wannabe vampires. Seriously, what a bunch of freaks, losers and poseurs. And if she has to listen to ONE more f--king song by The Cure she's going to strangle the Marilyn Manson clone sitting next to her. Probably the one on the left.

Model: Malaria
Decade: 1990s
Materials: Skirt/jacket - fabric and lace
Corset/boots - hockey and electrical tape
Tights - tights
Hat - water bottle cap, fabric, lace
Earrings - plastic rhinestones
Skull bag - construction paper, lace, electrical tape, plastic rhinestones
Amount Spent: $3.86
Status: Winner

For the 1980s look I wanted to stay away from the worst fashion disasters of the 80s like shell suits, shoulder pads, leg warmers and power suits. I chose to make an 80s miniskirt dress with a fancy pleated detail and neon blue piping and some lovely knee-length neon blue leggings. I paired this with several 80s accessories such as the Madonna style cross-shaped necklace some extremely pointy heels a few colourful bracelets and the classic side ponytail.

Model: Tandi Dupree
Decade: 1980s
Materials: Dress - Vinyl and paper
Leggings - Paper
Shoes - Vinyl
Bracelets - Post-its and vinyl
Necklace - Candy wrapper and gold tissue
Amount Spent: $0
Status: Eliminated

The 70s were full of flower power, disco and bell bottoms. To make the 70s look anew, I traded in flower prints for paisley prints!
I also gave Lola a small flare/boot cut bottom not as large as a traditional bell bottom! The top of her cat suit is pure 2000s with a little JLO tribute in the cut of her top! Large belts have been the current craze! It's 70s old school with some 2009 new school!

Model: Lola LaRue
Decade: 1970s
Materials: Outfit - Paisley print ribbon
Belt/Shoes - Tape
Amount Spent: $0
Status: Bottom 2

Chlamydia is wearing a crisp white trench, reminiscent of Jackie Kennedy, over a
bold black and white Mod print. Her graphic black and white outfit is offset by
a bright orange purse and headband.

Model: Chlamydia
Decade: 1960s
Trench: White china silk, black Swarofski beads
Dress: Knit black and white material
Headband: Orange ribbon
Purse: Orange ribbon and sterling silver handles
Earrings: Black tigereye cluster beads
Amount Spent: $0
Status: Top 2

This classic look of the 50s was inspired by Marilyn Monroe's iconic white halter dress. Glamorous yet simple, this look is as sexy today as it was 60 years ago!

Model: Stevie/Belinda Cosgrove
Decade: 1950s
Dress - white t-shirt, white thread
Shoes, bracelets, earrings - aluminum foil, foil twist tie
Amount Spent: $0
Status: Safe

Women living in the 1940s had to deal with war; husbands were sent away and never returned and clothing and materials were rationed. My look is a simple dress that could be worn during the turbulent 40s as well as today, featuring common elements of the time such as gloves and the illusion of luxury in its absence (the stole). And the black hat/veil represents the women who lost their husbands during the war.

Model: Xylophone
Decade: 1940s
Materials: Dress - purple wool fabric
Brooch - butterfly sequin
Belt - lilac ribbon
Hat - report cover and black netting
Gloves - medical tape
Stole - fake fur trim
Shoes - masking tape
Amount spent: $4.03
Status: Safe

After the bright colors and boyish silhouettes of the 1920s, 1930s fashion design reflected a return to conservatism (colors, cuts) while at the same time showing off womanly curves. Clifford's dress features elements of 30s fashion such as the use of draping and the bow on the back of the dress and hat. Also popular during the 30s was attention to shoulders, usually through the use of shoulder pads. To avoid that, I draped the top of the dress across her shoulders, thereby drawing attention to the shoulders without making her look like a man. Despite the economic downturn experienced in the 1930s, the rising popularity of Hollywood still inspired women to be glamorous.

Model: Clifford
Decade: 1930s
Materials: Dress/Hat/Shoes - Infant bodysuit (onesie)
Amount Spent: $1.07
Status: Safe

Tawna's ready for the paparazzi in this glamorous modern take on the iconic 1920s flapper motif. Taking the classic flapper fringe and lengthening it creates a look that's very new-century, while maintaining the fun bounce and flow of the original.

Model: Tawna
Decade: 1920s
Materials: Dress/shoes/hair piece - Indian costume, silver piping from Christmas decoration
Amount spent: $4.99
Status: Safe


Did you enjoy the show this week? Which designs worked and which ones need to be kept in their respective decades and forgotten?!


that's J-O-S-H said...

Holy gobz! Malaria for the win!

Nathan V. said...

Holy Crap! I've no idea who's going home this week...or who will win!

that's J-O-S-H said...

I know one ting Nathan, you've won our heartz! NOW DANCE, DANCE, DAAAAAAAAAAAANCE! HAR HAR HAR!

Tam said...

Amazing stuff. I don't envy the judges. Great job guys.

john said...

WOW! This contest is getting BRUTAL! I can only imagine what the last 3 designers are going show us in the final challenge.

Ryan said...

There is no way that I could have lived up to this level of competition.

Milo said...

Great theme idea and loving the dresses!

Jere Keys said...

Chlamydia's dress is elegant and the most period-evocative. That said, I'm a sucker for flapper fashion and love the modernization of Tawna's look.

Dave S. said...

Damn, these are brilliant. My personal fave's gotta be Clifford. That hat is killer, the top of the dress is great and the pseudo bow on the back is excellent.

But I gotta say that they're all very very *very* good. I really have no idea who's going to win this one -- and even less of who could possibly be going home. Wow.

Anonymous said...

as usual ignore polts comment... uhm i like the designs this week.. looks like the best of the best are left..sorry i wasn't there to vote last week but the right design got eliminated...can u say gross..good job this week though.. it was hard for me to pick a fave..but i picked two...

s. cronicle

Chris D. said...

Nathan: Nice DIP (Dancing in Pants) photo. ;)

Malaria looks amazing! Chlamydia looks very nice, but I don't know about that jacket.

Great job everyone!

Polt said...

Work it Nathan! ALL designers, great outfits!! I'm so glad I'm not a judge this week!


Anonymous said...

Great job everyone!!


Anonymous said...

Everyone Rocked It! Good Luck judges LOL.