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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

PRJNCT: Challenge 3

Last week, the designers mourned the loss of Ryan, knowing that with his absence, the chances of having a cupcake feast are now very limited.
This week, the contestants gathered on the internet to hear their latest challenge:

Make a 'business to evening' look using office supplies.

The designers had to create ONE look that was appropriate for the office as well as a night out on the town.

Fashion guru Polt Gunn gave the designers fashion advice:

Hello, designers, may I have a moment of your time? This challenge, a business to evening look, is in some demand now. The hip, cosmopolitan working girl of today doesn't have time to go home after work to change clothes for a night out on the town. She needs something versatile that works in both settings. Something to take her from the briefcase in her office to her disco ball nightlife. And do it seamlessly. But unless her day job is a stripper, I'd steer clear of Post-It note miniskirt with just a rubber band tube top. I'll just relay to you the best advice Mama Polt Gunn ever gave me: Son, don't ever let the hemline meet the neckline. Now get back in there and show me whatcha got!

Contestants sketched, then ran to the local Staples (or stole supplies from work) and got started on their designs.

Stevie/Belinda Cosgrove's designer chopped off her hair, forgetting that she has a rare disease that prevents hair regrowth.

While the model drama was not as prominent this episode, Tam was in for a nasty surprise when she got a letter in the mail from an old friend....

It read:

Dearest Tam,
I know why you're doing this. You want to get famous, gain power, then tell the dean about our little affair in the past. Well, guess what sister? If you continue on in the competition, I might accidentally upload those photos that I took of you and your ex-boyfriend and they might accidentally make their way around the internet!
Now, I know you are a semi-bright young lady (considering the methods you chose to get good grades in my courses, maybe you aren't....) so I assume you understand that your involvement in this competition must end... now! I've attached a photo of your ex-boyfriend to remind you of the 'feel' of our photoshoot....
Peace out b*tches!
- Prof.

Tam never thought her old professor would contact her and remind her of her shameful past! When she searched the envelope again, she found this picture of her ex-boyfriend....

If Tam remained in the competition, would her professor leak the other photos and disgrace Tam even further??

Enrico took a page out of the Tam handbook and decided to get a little 'extra help'.... No, not that kind!
Threatened by Daisy's designing skills, he decided to contact a former contestant who just might help in removing Daisy from the competition....

Meanwhile, the other innocent contestants worked hard on their designs and eventually watched their models walk the runway! (Click to enlarge)

"Chlamydia is ready for her day job at a Marketing Agency and ready for a summer evening on the town with friends or that special someone."

Model: Chlamydia
Materials: Top - Hot pink Post-it notes
Skirt - Screen wipe, Pendaflex file folder (belt and buttons)
Jacket - Bubble wrap
Bag - Lime green Post-it note (hot pink button closure, not visible)
Shoes - Pendaflex file folder

This outfit is meant to be a comfortable yet classy merging of the professional and social worlds. The vest provides a certain level of formality that can be removed for more casual gatherings post-work day. Topping everything off is the hat that brings both dignity and playfulness to the ensemble.

Model: Bambi DuJour
Materials: Skirt - Yellow Post-Its, glitter glue, black tape
Shirt - Yellow Post-Its, white index card
Vest - Designed envelope, black tape, staples
Hat - Styrofoam CD divider, black tape, pencil lead
Bracelet - Spring from clicky pen
Shoes - Black tape

"After a long day of filing TPS reports and dealing with corporate ***holes (not to mention her 5 martini lunch wearing off) Malaria is ready to unbutton her blouse and let her hair down. By the way, that is NOT coffee in her cup. Working sucks."

Model: Malaria
Materials: Skirt - Vinyl from 3 ring binder
Blouse - Glue mixed with white out, spread on wax paper and then peeled off when dry. Stripes are ink.
Flower pin - Velco cable tie
Boots - Sharpie caps and leftover vinyl
Jewelry - Brads
Briefcase - Index cards and leftover vinyl
Glasses/coffee cup - Index card
Martini glass - Clear file envelope, tape, index card

In this business to evening look, I designed a dress that is both elegant and appropriate for the workplace, yet also summery and fun for a nice night out. Belinda would feel equally comfortable leading a meeting at work, or dining on the terrace at an exclusive country club in the evening.

Model: Stevie/Belinda Cosgrove
Materials: Dress & Shoes - Hanging File Folder & White Envelopes
Purse - Hanging File Folder, White Envelopes & Paper Clip
Necklace - Staples

My design was chosen to give Xy the option of going straight from the office out for dinner with her rich, powerful lawyer boyfriend. By removing the pashmina she can reveal her arms in her sleeveless top, the wide belt adding interest and drawing attention to her minuscule waist. The skirt is conservative enough for her job as an architect but shows enough leg to keep the boyfriend interested. The pashmina is also handy in the office when the bosses turn up the air conditioning on cool days and the temperatures drop lower inside than an igloo in Anchorage.

Model: Xylophone
Materials: Skirt - packing tape (design - sharpie)
Top - graph paper
Pashmina - carbon paper
Belt - Report cover and map pins
Shoes - masking tape
Portfolio - Report cover, Liquid Paper decoration
Earrings - map pins
Necklace - paper clip

Tandi's outfit is suitable for any workplace. The pencil skirt is the perfect length for the office, but still shows off her gorgeous legs. Whether angling for her next promotion or her next date, this outfit can carry her through any day.

Model: Tandi Dupree
Materials: Top - Post-its
Vest - Vinyl from binder
Skirt - Pencil shavings

I looked for colors that were professional, yet not boring. The contrast of conservative brown with the colorful circles allows it to be fun enough for an evening out. The jacket is business-like, but fun enough to wear out, or you can remove the jacket for a sexy strapless look. Everything is sewn and completely rearrangeable -- just like a real Barbie outfit!

Model: Tawna
Materials: Dress/Jacket - Palm Pilot case
Belt - Employee ID lanyard
Shoes - Employee ID lanyard

Lola likes to go to the office being chic and confident! She's always ready for an after work drink with the girls or a client!

Model: Lola LaRue
Materials: Skirt - Black tape
Buttons on skirt - Laminated paper
Top - Tape and White-Out
Shoes/watch - Black tape
Flower on top - Black Sharpie

Being professional shouldn't mean being boring, so for this design I went with a classic, simple look that wasn't too drab to wear after work. The skirt is not too short for work or too long for the nightlife. The scarf and belt are simple accessories that add a touch of class to the look. And should her hair be up or down...? I went with a half-up, half-down hairstyle that's appropriate anywhere!

Model: Clifford
Materials: Skirt - Book cover
Top - Dried out monitor wipe
Scarf - Book cover
Belt/heels - Dried out monitor wipe and gray marker

And that's the end of our challenge 3 runway show!


Craig said...

Holy crap! They keep getting better and better every week! I can't decide which one is awesomest!

Polt said...

Wow...great jobs designers! Glad I'm not a judge, I don't know who I'd pick as the best. I am digging the purple shoes on Chlamydia, of course. :) Tam's face is HILARIOUS, although I think she'd have less of a reason to be ashamed of anything than would the guy in the photo (who I refuse to believe is actually Dave S. Must be his evil, small hoo-hooed twin.)

And you didn't identify the DIB guy this week! And I gotta have a name to the guy I'm fanta- er, I mean, ya know...people have to know who the designer is. :)


hoteltuesday said...

Craig: Mine!

Polt: You don't know what Adam looks like?!
And yeah, that is indeed Dave S. Who knew he dated Tam when they were both young and sleeping their way through college!

Milo said...

Lola LaRue is beautiful!

Nathan V said...

I love this game! I can't pick a favourite! Besides my own of course.

Anonymous said...

I Agree Lola Is So Fab!!

GoKitty said...

Hmm, in an attempt to be non-critical, I'm just going to say everyone tried hard I'm sure. :)

Tam said...

I am just stunned. I can't keep up. Sigh. They are all freaking amazing. Although Lola looks a little S&M. LOL But that might work in some jobs.

hoteltuesday said...

Anonymous: I know who you are!

GoKitty: Lol! Don't worry, we get 'critical' critiques from the judges..... You don't like any of them??

Fellow Contestants: Based on this week's runway show, I think it's gonna keep getting harder now.

GoKitty said...

Oh Enrico, you know I luv anything you do.

I dont necessarily hate the designs but I'd struggle to defend any of those as a day-to-night look. The closet one would be Tawna's designer who added a removeable jacket shrug but wearing brown at night can be so... trying.

I think this challenge may be too practical for the designers and they need challenges where they can go a little "crazier". I mean, you don't go to John Galliano and ask him to design you a business suit.

Tam said...

I agree Enrico. The level just keeps going up. Sigh.

Jere Keys said...

I want to ask Tandi for help putting my luggage in the overhead compartment. Lola's outfit is my favorite, although it's probably a little too snug for the office (unless you work on the set of "Allie McBeal").

Michelle M. said...

This was a difficult challenge. I'm impressed with what everyone did. A little too impressed for my liking. I was hoping for some crap designs so I could sail through to the next challenge. Poop.

Polt said...

That's Adam??? Suh-weet. I now want his design to win so he can stay longer and maybe get a second shot at DIB. :)

I just checked out the outfits again at home with my better monitor here, and i gotta tell ya, I am seriously impressed by the vast majority of these designs. They don't even look like they're made outta office supplies!!!


FDot said...

Does the winning design (and model) get a walk-on role in the Sex and the City sequel?

Michelle M. said...

I want Bambi to throw her beret into the air a la Mary Tyler Moore.

john said...

WOW! I am really impressed with the creativity! The pencil shavings was genius as was the glue and white out mix.

Michelle M. said...

I was so eager to see the designs I skipped past Polt holding up the disco ball and briefcase. Very cute : ).

Chris D. said...

Nice DIB photo Adam! ;)

I love the lighting of the plotting photo. The lake was a great choice for the location.

I like the absurdity (heck, we've probably all already seen the VPL photo) of the Dave S. photo. ;)

These designs are pretty amazing. I think these models must all work in very cool and hip companies. I love Malaria's top. Very creative use of material!

Nathan V said...

vpl photo? What is this?

I bet Malaria's designer just used paper and made up the bit about the white-out and such. :P

hoteltuesday said...

Jere: Or if you don't need to walk, at all.

Nathan: On Puntabulous, Dave basically showed everyone the goods in the calendar we gave Craig.

Sorry for the 'click to enlarge' issues! They're fixed. I think.

And Photobucket banned Dave's pic! But now it's back... hmm...

john said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Chris D. said...

Nathan: Check out March: .

Nathan V said...

thanks for the explanation all. And the link! Looking good Dave. Maybe when you DIB we might get another VPL?

that's J-O-S-H said...

My fav partz of this week?: Malaria's cocktail, Stevie/Belinda's hair and Tandi's pencil shaving skirt! To diez for!

vuboq said...

The bubble wrap jacket is Chock Full of Teh Awesomeness. Totally Love It! I want one in every color.

Even though all the designs look great, I feel that a majority of them missed what I thought was the point of the challenge. I was expecting, based on the explanation of the challenge, that the looks would transition from Day to Evening, not be a look suitable for both.

Still ... not what I was expecting, but Fantastic Job, designers!

Delisa said...

Great job designers! I'm impressed with this week's work. Chlamydia looks chic, Malaria's top is very modern, and Lola looks like a little sex vixen in that outfit. I'd be surprised if she could walk lol. She reminds me of Lucy Lui in Charlie's Angels. Judging will definitely be difficult this week but keep up the good work everyone. :-)

Michelle M. said...

vuboq - In our defense - it was supposed to be one look for day and evening. Not one that could be transformed from day to evening. Which probably would have been easier... I don't think Enrico wanted to post that many photos.

Delisa - I made the same comment about Lucy Liu on the contestant facebook thread : ).

Anonymous said...

Lola la Rue can walk. She is following the line: LOOKS LIKE IT'S PAINTED ON! Sexy and Chic!!


BOSSY said...

Wait one minute. This is easily the best thing on the Web. Bossy wants in on the next design challenge since she already has a whole stable of actors. She means 'Barbies'.

Dave S. said...

If I had to pick a favorite, it's definitely Belinda. Love the stripes. But, I also gotta say that Tandi's skirt is freaking brilliant!!

Awesome job, everyone! Glad I'm not a judge this week...

And, Nate, I learned my lesson with that calendar! I never paid any attention to the VPL in that photo. :-P Hilarious.

I don't think this scandal photo will *ever* land in the photo section of my, though! LOL My penis would be labeled as an "innie"... :-P

Anonymous said...

Lola is a hottie! I could see a woman wearing that to work and then to dinner/club.

hoteltuesday said...

Bossy: I wish I knew you basically had a modeling agency in your house! If there is ever another season, I'll remember to let you know!

Dave S.: The only photoshop I did on that pic was the placement of the censor bar....

DESIGNERS: Stop getting your friends to post anonymous comments! Thanks.

David said...

If you go to Dave S.'s website and check out the gallery, you can see more than just a VPL. That's all I'm sayin'.

Amah-zing designs. I am utterly intimidated, and will never be a contestant because the stinging humiliation would last for decades.

Craig said...

Um, is Adam drawing a scrotum in his (hot) sketching pic?

hoteltuesday said...

Craig: No. Those are those spikey things that fall off trees.

I just realized I love the clouds in the pic of me and Chris.

Chris D. said...

Craig: I thought the same thing.
Enrico: The clouds are cool. I also think it is neat how the shadow of the camera on the fire-hydrant is cast on the base of the light stanchion.