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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Project Runway: Final Runway Show Results

The designs have been constructed. The collections have been judged. The votes have been tallied. And now, here are the Project Runway: TCNJ results!
(Sorry for the delay! One CeRtAIn judGe took forever to vote.)

Because the contestants were no longer gathered at TCNJ, they utilized the latest advanced technology to hear the results: a 3-way phone call.

Here are what the judges had to say about the collections:

Collection 1: Sophisticated Rebel - Yaris
Some judges thought the collection was well-executed. The line had excellent styling and the hair and accessories were in line with the collection theme. The designs were cute and chic at the same time.
Other judges thought the line was sloppy and not cohesive. There were some slight construction problems, and overall, the collection didn't stand out. One judge thought the collection would have been better titled, 'Rebels through the ages,' since the designs resembled looks from the 50s and 80s.

Collection 2: The Ocean - Christie
Judges called collection #2 fun and flirty, and thought the collection was very cohesive. The dresses were called pretty and gorgeous. The 'ocean' theme was a good choice of theme and was well-executed in the colors and patterns used.
However, judges often called the line plain; one judge swore they saw these designs in stores already, and another said that while they are certainly attractive pieces, they get a bit mediocre after a while. One judge was mindful of everyone's favorite model, Shaquandatifah, saying that her dress added unnecessary volume to the usually thin model.

Collection 3: Gypsy - Enrico
Judges thought the theme was well-represented, from colors to silhouettes. It was obvious that the designer spent a lot of time making the skirt in the third design. The designs also looked like they move well on the runway.
However, nobody liked the second design, which was described as a burlap sack. Others thought the craftsmanship wasn't the best. One judge thought the collection would have been better titled, 'Woodland Pauper.'

After the closest vote in Project Runway: TCNJ history, the first eliminated contestant, with three 1st place votes is...

Adios Yaris!
Ever since she replaced her sister Katrina, Yaris has shown great talent and skill. She won two challenges and always created outfits that were fashion forward and beautiful.

That left Enrico and Christie as the final two contestants. Eight other judges voted and based on these votes....

the results of Project Runway TCNJ were...

Both Enrico and Christie got FOUR votes, creating a tie for the winner!

Now, the original judges have to revote!
But this time, they need only pick between collection #2 and collection #3!

Just send me an e-mail with your pick for the winner!

The votes will be tallied and the results will be up by next month at the latest!

But wait!
Enrico, the most gracious, wonderful contestant ever to be in the top 2 of Project Runway: TCNJ decided to drop from the running, meaning....

After just making it through each week, Christie surprised everyone with her beautiful collection and is the winner of Project Runway: TCNJ!!

As soon as I run into Christie again, she will be given her grand prize: a brand new car and lots of money!!!
But who needs that when you already have internet fame?

So that brings the first season of my PR show to an end.
Thanks SO MUCH to all the wonderful judges who sent in their votes/critiques each week. Obviously, I couldn't have done this without you.
And of course, thanks to my friends who begrudgingly became my wonderful contestants.

I hope everyone had just as much fun viewing the show as I did making it!

P.S. For season 2, I'd like former judges to be contestants, so if you want to play along, send me an e-mail and I'll send you the details!


Anonymous said...


Jere Keys said...

You super-secret code at the beginning is almost impossible to decipher.

Enrico will now join a distinguished list of gay reality show runner-ups like Adam Lambert, Clay Aiken, Ivette Cordero, and Ronnie Kroell.

Big congrats to Christie!

Tam said...


You guys were amazing. You kept us all entertained and blew me away with your creativity.

Michelle M. said...

Congratulations to Christie!

Enrico, that was nice of you to concede. Your flower petal dress was my favorite (besides, the hat of course)of the entire competition.

Looks like Yaris got the news at the perfect time. That dessert looks like it would soothe any heartache.

Chris D. said...

Congratulations to Christie! Congratulations to Enrico, for winning second place, and for coming up with such a creative idea. I was never into Project Runway on TV, but I really enjoyed this series of posts. I am totally looking forward to season two.

Enrico: I think you should post some of your original creative writing. I have really enjoyed Craig's writing posts, and would like to read some of your work. Think about it.

Delisa said...

Congratulations Christie!

Thanks for coming up with the idea Enchico, I really had fun working on it when I wasn't swamped with school work! Sorry you all hated my wedding dress :(

that's J-O-S-H said...

Enricoz: you are a much better runner-up that Lambertz. Congrats to everyone ever!

Adam said...


Looking forward to season 2! When does it start? When do I get to start wrapping Barbie dolls with toilet paper? Oh who am I kidding ... I'm doing that right now.

Michelle M. said...

Adam - hahaha! : )!

john said...

Congratulations Christie!

Enrico this was a BLAST! I had so much fun watching each "episode" Congratulations on your tie and for an amazing blogging experience.

Polt said...

YAY, congrats Christie! Great job to ALL the contestants all the way through!! I was impressed every challange with your creativity.

I'm wondering, that car and money for Christie's's a Matchbox car and Monopoly money, isn't it? :)

Again, great job one and all!


hoteltuesday said...

Jere: :O Comparing me to Lambert?? I'm gonna have to un-concede now!

Tam: My friends blew ME away with their creativity. I had no idea I had such great designers as friends!

Michelle M.: Aww. Thanks. The one that I posted was actually my SECOND version of the dress. My first one withered a half hour after I made it!

Chris: I have before! And the reason I haven't recently is because I've only been writing short stories for class (had to be more than 5 pages) and I don't think anyone would read a 5+ page story.

Delisa: lol! Just stop dressing Barbies like tramps and you're set! I can't wait for you to be a judge in season 2!!!

Josh: Duhz. I'm cuter, more talented, and less disgusting.

Adam: Season 2 starts as soon as I find 10 people willing to compete (aka never!)

John: Thanks! You were an amazing judge-you always gave such good feedback! Now please be a contestant in season 2!! lol.

Polt: Of course not. I'm not THAT cheap. I'll do a post for Christie receiving her prizes one day....

Craig said...

Congratulations Christie! And a huge thanks to Enrico for running such a great contest! I can't wait for season 2!

Ryan said...

Delissa - I liked it as a dress (except the belt). I just didn't like it as a wedding dress.

Enrico: No instant run off?

Yaris said...

I have to admit, this PRTCNJ was a lot of fun and I never hoped to make it as far as I did. At times I actually wished I would be voted off due to the amount of stress and work I had. lol However, it was a great experience and I'm glad I was apart of it. Thank you to everyone who left comments and judged along the way! Most of all, thanks Enrico for creating the contest!! Love you all!! MUAHZ! :)

Tam said...

I'll be a contestant if I can use transvestite Ken as my model. :-D

Milo said...

Well done to all, enjoyed the entertaining posts over the last few weeks! Very creative people you surround yourself with Enrico! Granted I was a little cross that Richard Parker didn't win as I am a fan, but maybe next time!

Nathan V. said...

Hot damn! Christie's was my favourite, so I'm glad she won. I want to play! Can I compete from Ontario? I wonder if my sister threw out her Barbies....

Tam said...

Nathan: I can ship you a Barbie down. We could be the Ontario contigent, me with trannie Ken and you with Barbie.

hoteltuesday said...

Craig: Season 2 would be even better if you were a competitor....

Yaris: Thanks for helping me out and joining so late! You made some beautiful pieces every week! E>

Ryan: Instant run off? Huh?

Milo: Thanks for tuning in. And Richard Parker will probably be a judge in season 2, since I'm 'turning the tables.'

Nathan V.: Of course you can! I'll send you an e-mail with the details.

Tam: Wait, seriously? Hmm... Well, the hairstyle is very important to me, so if you can make some nice wigs as well.... Lol!

Ryan said...

Since the judges ranked the collections, you already know who people's second choices are. You wouldn't have had to do another round of voting.

Of course, it is irrelevant now that you conceded.

Tam said...

Well, I could do a girl if you insist but the things I can do with hair sweetheart. :-) Or hats, I've learned the judges love them some hats.

christie said...

aw, thanks to everyone who voted for me! and thanks enrico for conceding for me<3 and for making this whole thing. it was actually a lot more fun than i made it seem while i was designing. i'm looking forward to [hopefully] being a judge next time.

thanks again everyone!