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Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Journey of Wit and Whimsy

Following in the footsteps of my blogging inspiration Craig, I am this week's blogger of the week on!

Hotel Tuesday reader and patron of my restaurant Chris D. wrote a lovely description of the blog. Thanks for highlighting the Hotel, Chris!

And thank you to all my blog readers. I never thought I would have such a faithful following and am blessed to have so many amazing people care (or pretend to care) about what I have to say.

This is the photo Chris used on the website, from my haircut entry. I'm glad he used the 'after' pic, and not the 'before' pic!

P.S. Project Runway: JNCT (get it?) season 2 is under way! Look for the "Road to the Runway" edition next week!


Milo said...

You deserve it!

I remember when I first started coming to the blog and you had very few readers in the early days. Has really grown. Keep it going (and keep featuring Richard Parker plz xD)!

Craig said...


And OMG that before pic is amazing!

Delisa said...

Congratulations Enchico!

Really nice picture btw.

Jere Keys said...

Congrats. No one has ever called my beard awesome, even though it is.

that's J-O-S-H said...

That's awesome Enricocopterz. You really deserve it!

Michelle M. said...

Yay! Enrico, you deserve it. Great article!

Chris - you are as awesome as Enrico's beard.

Ryan said...


It's so weird being on the other side of things for JNCT. I keep forgeting that we have to finish our designs before you post the first episode.

hoteltuesday said...

Everyone: Thanks!

Milo: Yeah, I kept going, hoping someone would read one day. haha.

Craig: Of course it is. I'm in it.

Delisa: Thanks. It's not as nice of the one you took of me brushing my hair (that is now hung up on my bedroom wall).

Jere: I think your beard is awesome. Sorry if I never told you that before.

Josh: Do you remember those days when we both dreamed about this? lol.

Michelle: AND Chris has a nice beard too. Only Craig seems unable of beard greatness...

Ryan: Well you don't have to worry anymore, early worm.

Ryan said...

I probably should have gone to the office to finish a report due tomorrow instead of working on my design Saturday afternoon, but this was more fun. At least, that's how I feel now. It might change later tonight when I actually get the report done.

Also, doesn't the early worm get eaten? Does Richard Parker want to eat my dress?

that's J-O-S-H said...

I do remember. JELLERZ!

Tam said...

Congatulations sweetie. I care, for honest. You're a great friend Chris.

john said...

Chris: You are, perhaps, the classiest guy I (sort of) know.

Enrico: You are looking like a hot piece in that photo! Congratulations! Couldn't have happened to a nicer blogger.

Oh, and like Tam, I totally care.

David said...

I sure wish HX was profiling blogs back when I was still young and cute. Oh wait, blogs didn't exist when I was young and cute.