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Thursday, June 25, 2009

PRJNCT: Challenge 1

Welcome to the first round of competition in this season of Project Runway: JNCT!

Because the contestants live so far apart, they did not gather at a runway to choose their models.
However, they did head to the nearest modeling agency (Target) to choose their models.

They were then contacted by me and told this week's challenge:

"Create an avant-garde look that singer/songwriter/producer/actress Björk Guðmundsdóttir can wear in her next tour."

When it comes to fashion, Björk is either known as bold and daring, or simply a fashion disaster.

It was up to the contestants to create a look that Björk would want to wear in her next tour.
This was an open materials challenge: the contestants could use whatever material they wanted, but were encouraged to be creative. Creativity in choosing design materials would be included in judging.

And there was a catch! The designers had to choose a Björk song as inspiration for the costume.

Before the designers got to work, Polt Gunn gave them some fashion advice.

"Designers, may I ask you all to gather round? As most of you already know, I'm Polt Gunn, and all through this season, I'll be offering advice and suggestions to you to aid you in your creativeness and designing...ness. Let me remind you that Bjork is all about new, and out there and pushing the envelope. Even though she's from the cold cold island country of Iceland, she still wants to heat things up with her fashions! Although, I'd stay away from anything resembling dead waterfowl. Seriously.
So I've taken up enough of your time, I'll let you get back to work. Design your little hearts out, kids! Oh, and despite any resemblence, I am in no way related to Tim Gunn...although I'd still like to have an Andre that I could ask about sometime....."

Josh quickly pulled out his Björk CD collection to find a song that inspired him.

And then he joined Enrico in NYC to watch Björk's Voltaic tour!

While Enrico and Josh were doing research, Daisy and Chris began sketching.

Tam understood the importance of a good hairdo and got practicing on a willing participant.

And one contestant used his model as personal cat scratcher.

After designs were sketched, hair designs were completed, advice was recieved and cats were scratched, the models walked the runway for the first time.

Model: Chlamydia
Song Choice: "Isobel"
Materials: Skirt - Rice paper base, real leaves, artificial leaves, artificial grass, artificial hydrangea
Bodice - artificial grass, rice paper
Sleeves - rice paper
Status: Winner

Model: Tandi Dupree
Song Choice: "Birthday"
Materials: Dress - wrapping paper, wrapping tissue
Sash/trim - ribbon
Hairpiece - candles
Status: Safe

Model: Bambi DuJour
Song Choice: "Cocoon"
Materials: Dress - t-shirt, rope, red thread, tin foil, glitter
'Wings' - white fabric and Sharpies ink
Status: Bottom 2

Model: Stevie
Song Choice: "Earth Intruders"
Materials: Hat - scouring pad, Tic-Tacs
Bracelets - foil
Top - plastic wrap, Tic-Tacs
Skirt - foil, cupcake wrapper
Leggings - plastic wrap
Shoes - foil, plastic wrap, cardboard, Tic-Tacs
Handbag - foil, plastic wrap
Status: Safe

Model: Xylophone
Song Choice: "Eat the Menu"
Materials: Top and belt - fast food ketchup packets (ketchup removed)
Pants - fruit roll-ups
Skirt - satin fabric and popcorn
Shoes - cardboard and black masking tape
Hair accessories - Christmas ribbon
Status: Safe

Model: Lola LaRue
Song Choice: "Like Someone in Love"
Materials: Dress - Feathers
Belt - Satin Ribbon
Hairpiece - Feathers
Status: Safe

Model: Malaria
Song Choice: "It's In Our Hands"
Materials: Skirt - construction paper, glue, tape
Bodice - hockey tape, construction paper, tape
Gloves - hockey tape
Combat Boots - construction paper, hockey tape
Hair and Mask - construction paper
"Hand" Bag - construction paper, glue, glitter
Status: Top 2

Model: Cecy Elegans
Song Choice: "Delicious Demon"
Materials: Bodice - Twizzler's Pull-n-Peel
Skirt - cupcake wrappers
Demon horn crown - glitter pipe cleaners
Cape - glitter pipe cleaners, Twizzler's Pull-n-Peel
Belt - glitter pipe cleaners
Status: Safe

Model: Clifford
Song Choice: "Oceania"
Materials: Top of dress: Loofah
Bottom of dress: Bath band
Train: Loofah
Status: Safe

Model: Avalon
Song Choice: "I See Who You Are"
Materials: Dress - red and brown felt, brown felt, lace, yellow and blue feathers, pom-poms, googly eyes
Hair - white wire tie, decorative butterfly
Shoes - thin ribbon
Necklace - small string of pearls
Bracelet - black pipe cleaner, glitz button
Status: Eliminated

Model: Tawna
Song Choice: "Waterfall"
Materials: Outfit - tissue paper, Saran wrap, glitter, Mod Podge
Status: Safe

And that's it! What a long runway show!

I'll have results up as soon as last season's contestants send in their votes!
As always, non-judges can feel free to leave comments in the comment section!


john said...

HOLY CRAP! This is going to be difficult, I'm sooo glad I'm not a judge this season.

Amazing job everyone!

Chris: You have *nothing* to worry about, best foot forward indeed.

Tam said...

OMG!!! I am in so much trouble. Brilliant. Now we sit on pins and needles and wait the results.

Michelle M. said...

Nuts. I better sharpen my knitting needles.

Polt Gunn said...

OhmyGOD, I am SO glad I'm only offering advice and NOT participating! There is NO WAY i could do anything as HALF as good as ANY of these!!! Great job all around everyone! And SO creative! AND I'm happy I'm not a judge, no idea which one I'd pick. I'll just sit back and enjoy the show...and work on coming up with a catchphrase.


Polt said...

Oh I was so wound up in the outfits, I forgot about the stuff before it! Daisy's no Richard Parker, but she's pretty damn cute. I'm glad for Tam's friend this isn't that haircutting reality show. And thank you, Chris, for continuing the Designing In Your Boxers tradition. :)


Chris D. said...

Wow! I am blown away by some of these dresses. Who knew a rabbit could draw like that. Great job everyone!

Enrico: Thanks for hosting this contest. It is really quite fun to be a part of it. :)

Dave S. said...

Damn, this is going to be tough.

Tough for *you* guys!

I'm so good that you can't touch me. I'm so going to win.

See you in the winner's circle, bitches!

Delisa said...

Oh wow... this is going to be hard. Don't worry contestants I'll carefully examine all designs for execution, creativeness and relevance before deciding.

Love the model names!

Tam said...

My friend? That's my kid. LOL

Michelle M. said...

Chris - Hubba hubba! I think Polt might be rooting for you now.

Dave S. said...

That's okay, Michelle -- Polt's not a judge. ;-)

Michelle M. said...

Dave S. - Good thing for me. I don't think posing in boxers would help me much.

Jere Keys said...

I see Tandi and Chlamydia are going for the coveted "best hat/hairpiece" award. I really want to see how Clifford's dress would work in concert.

Michelle M. said...

Jere - Clifford's probably rises through the stage. A cerulean vision of poufiness.

Dave S. said...

Michelle: But posing *with* boxers would.

Dave S. said...

Okay, I'm trying to play the bitchy bastard designer that everyone hates, but I gotta step out for a moment and say these designs rock! This is some stiff competition!! Ack!!!

Polt said...

Tam: Hmmm....well you're kid's your friend too, right?
Michelle M.&Dave S.: I always root for the guys in the boxers, and right, I'm not a judge. but really, did me being a judge help any of the contestant last season who DiYB? I mean, a chick won, remember? :)

Ooo, so Dave S. is playing a part right? Well who's gonna play the part of the cute lil gay boy that flirts with Polt Gunn????? :)


Tam said...

Polt: I nominate Josh.

john said...

TAm: HA! I thought the same thing!

Ryan said...

This is going to be tough.

that's J-O-S-H said...

What am I being nominated for?! I see Mr. Polt's named mentioned so I bet it has to do with me being naked.

This is fun! I don't want anyone to be voted off!

hoteltuesday said...

I thought of Josh too. lol.

And at first I didn't want anyone to go home, but that entry took FOREVER since Blogger can only upload 5 images at a time. Ack. Now I can't wait til it's easier to blog these things :P

Jere: She's worn bigger things on stage. She's awesome. She can do anything.

Tam said...

Not quite naked Josh but I'm sure Polt would be okay with that. Just flirt a little.

that's J-O-S-H said...

You all are so talented! I hope I'm not the Leah Labelle, Lindsey Cardinale, Melissa McGhee or Jasmine Murray of this show!

Chris D. said...

I thought of Josh as well. ;) He seems like Polt's type. I think I am too old for Polt, and I am semi-flirting-impaired. Have some fun with DIB Josh. ;)

that's J-O-S-H said...

DIB?!?!? What does that even mean?

john said...

"Designing in Boxers" Josh.

that's J-O-S-H said...

I don't wear boxerz! I wear underooz!

Nathan V. said...

I hope so too Josh! It would be sad to see such a Bjork fan go home on the Bjork challenge.

that's J-O-S-H said...

I think it would be funny. Then I'd cry and think of other wayz I can slut myself to stardom. Ug...maybe it's working too much, or staying up late making my design or allergiez or who knowz...but I feel mad sickerz right now and need sleepz. Peace and nightz.

Craig said...

I'm sorry. Were there dresses? I stopped paying attention after Chris's picture. Sorry Dave S, but Chris's body is more my type!

Okay fine, the dresses are all amazing too! Love the innovation with the materials used and the model names!

Dave S. said...

Polt: Josh, yeah, it's definitely Josh. :-)

Uh, I mean 'slut Josh.' Damn, I keep forgetting I'm the self-absorbed bastard of this edition of PR...

Dave S. said...

Craig: Yeah, definitely Chris. ;-)

Polt said...

josh: it seems like your everyone's choice. And who are WE to deny that masses, eh? But just so it's known, Chris, I won't turn down flirtation from anyone, even the ladies...although I might have to draw the line at animals, despite Daisy's cuteness. And I wonder, can there be a rule that the "Advisor" has to inspect all boxers before they are used in a DIB moment to ensure they're appropriate? Ah, whatever...still gotta find that catchphrase.


Oh, and Underooz are a perfect substitution for boxers....just sayin'.... :)

FDot said...

OOO. Good talent in the first round. This is going to be a fun competition to read during the summer.

Jere Keys said...

Sadly, I every time I think of Bjork, I also think of her husband Matthew Barney and the hours of my life he has stolen away. First as writer/director of a terrible short film "Hoist" that I sat through at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival (bonus: Rufus Wainwright was also there and he apparently hated it, too), then at the San Francisco MOMA where I spent 4 hours following my friend around as she pretended to be fascinated by the fact that he covered two stories of the building in KY Jelly. Bjork could be the most awesome thing since ankle socks, but in my head she's tainted by residual pretentiousness.

Anonymous said...

u guys suck a designers... there was only 2-3 good designs.. boo

s. demorcy

Anonymous said...

Go Heinz all the way, I love my ketchup! First barbie amazing, great job to everyone!

GoKitty said...

Technically, isnt "Birthday" a Sugarcubes song? That should already be a disqualification.

Ryan said...

GoKitty: The Rules Judge ruled that Sugarcubes songs were permitted.

hoteltuesday said...

Yeah, I allowed any Bjork OR Sugarcubes songs. "Delicious Demon" is also a Sugarcubes song!

Jere: I still like Katie Holmes even though she's married to Tom Cruise. lol.

john said...

Hey, who's cat? And does said kitty have a name?

David said...

#'s 5 (Heinz) 6 (feathers) and 7 (hands) were my faves. And Chris brings the sexy. Rowr.

Nathan V. said...

RESULTS!!!!! I want them.