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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

PRJNCT: Road to the Runway

Welcome back to Project Runway! After a thrilling first season, Christie was announced as the winner of Project Runway: TCNJ.
This season on PRJNCT, the tables have turned: former judges have now become the contestants, while former contestants are the new judges!

Before we get underway with the first challenge, it's time to meet the contestants.

Until her 5th birthday, Talita was the prized child in her family and clearly the most fashionable: she often sewed bibs for her younger brother and onesies for her little sister. Before she entered kindergarten, Talita had already designed three collections. But her life changed on her 5th birthday. On the day Talita turned five, her mother went into labor and the following day gave birth to Talita's youngest brother: Enrico.
Enrico quickly learned to sew and was designing garments by his 3rd birthday. Talita's old garments were thrown in the trash or boxed in the attic and everyone soon forgot that Talita had the fashion gene as well. Now, she's back to prove that Enrico is not the only designer in the family.
"My whole life I've been considered second best," she says, throwing pictures of her brother into a fire. "Now I'll show the world that although my brother may be smart, cute and talented, I'm good too!"

If you ask anyone who knows Ryan whether or not he'd ever participate in a fashion design show, they'd say 'maybe.' That's because no one really knows Ryan.
Ryan grew up in Paris, absorbing all of the fashion culture found in the city. Becoming a designer was only natural to him. And when he began designing, he shut the door of his bedroom and locked the world out. He ignored phonecalls, didn't reply to letters, and left poor Madeline du Désespéré throwing rocks at his window until her arm grew weary. But despite his lack of friends, Ryan has what he considers the most important thing: fortune. Now, he wants fame.
"Get me a cupcake!" he yells at one of his many servants. "After I win Project Runway: JNCT, I won't ever have to ask a servant twice."

Life can be hard on a pop star. Just ask Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, or Josh. After dropping out of college when his senior thesis was rejected (titled “Anne Sexton: Depresserz and Suicidalskatez”), Josh rode his bike to Hollywood to become a celebrity.
Living off the garbage he found in celebrity trash cans, Josh went to audition after audition, hoping to land an acting role in a scripted MTV reality show. He would then use his role as a platform to become the greatest pop star the world has ever known. Finally, a breakthrough: when a record producer heard Josh singing "Lady Marmalade" at karaoke, Josh was asked to do background vocals on Ramiele Malubay's debut album. Unfortunately, Josh got dinner the next day at Lindsay Lohan's garbage can and somehow got addicted to drugs after eating a powdered donut.
"I thought for reals my life was ova," Josh says. "But I kicked that demon in the nalgas and now I'm ready to desperately try to be famous through any venue possible. Up next: fashion!"

It was a dark and stormy night. Michelle M. was visiting her best friend Veronica in her Beverly Hills mansion. They were meeting on business: Michelle M. and Veronica were preparing to launch a fashion line that would outsell famous clothing lines from Perez Hilton and Victoria Beckham. But suddenly, Michelle M. noticed a piece of paper resting on the coffee table.
Veronica left a note that she had written to a friend and had not yet sent. It read: "Can't wait to launch this fashion line. Then kill Michelle so I can get all the money! Vegas baby!" Michelle M. did the only thing that she thought would save her from death: she killed Veronica with a pair of knitting needles and fled the scene of the crime.
Due to the tragic death of her partner in fashion, Michelle M. never released her clothing line. Now, she's back for a second chance. "I've gotten over the tragedies of my past," Michelle M. says, nervously playing with a pair of knitting needles in her lap. "And unless one of the other contestants decides to leave a note lying around, I predict I'll be around for a long time...."

In order to design clothing, one must be aware of how the clothing will fit on the model. No one knows this better than Dave S., former fashion model and future designer. After modeling in several magazines (GQ, Men's Fitness, Details, Inches), Dave S. was forced to stop modeling when a freak accident involving a lawn mower resulted in the loss of all of his hair.
Dave S. fled home after the incident, crying and removing all of the mirrors from his home. In his time off from modeling, he began designing garments and realized he not only enjoyed doing it, but was actually a good designer.
"I thought losing my hair was the worst thing that ever happened to me," Dave S. says. "But it turned out to be just what I needed in order to find my true passion: designing."

Times are tough. No one understands that better than Adam, who was let go from his job recently. After starring in adult films for several years, Adam met with the owner of his production company last year. "The economy is tough and we need to let go of some of our actors," the manager told him. "And frankly, you're kind of old." However, luck was on Adam's side that fateful day: the fashion designer quit. Adam was given the job of designing clothes to be seen in the adult films. Although he hadn't designed before, he realized he actually liked designing garments.
However, Adam quickly learned why the former designer quit. Adam's designs were only given two minutes of screen time before they were thrown across the room and forgotten. And one day, the removed garments were not moved far enough away from the bed by the end of the final shot and the silk blouse he spent hours sewing was... ruined. Adam stormed off the set and never returned.
"I'm tired of my talents going to waste," Adam says. "I'm actually a good designer and feel like I can go far in this competition. And if I lose, I can always try to find work in my past career...."

It is commonly said (by Aaliyah) that if at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again. Tam took this advice to heart and is returning to the fashion industry after failing to make it the first time.
In the middle of her college career, Tam was one of the brightest students in her fashion classes. Her classmates envied her ability to create bold new garments with ease. But Tam’s dream of being the next Versace quickly came to an end during her senior year. A fellow fashion student caught Tam in her professor’s office where she was getting more than just homework help from her professor.... Tam was quickly ejected from school, never gaining her degree in Clothing and Textiles. Although she often pretends she has her degree, the students who graduated with her know the truth. For a while, Tam became a model scout (as seen above). But she was tired of plastic smiles and always wanted to return to her old passion for fashion.
“By winning this competition,” Tam says, pointing to a fake degree hung upon her wall, written in crayon, “I will show those brats that I DO know how to design.”

Life can be hard for the thumbless. Daisy spent most of her life moping around her cage, wishing she had the tools necessary for a fulfilled life: thumbs.
But her life changed when Daisy caught her owner John spending hours upon hours looking at a certain blog. This blog featured a hamster who, despite not having thumbs, designed fashionable garments. Daisy then realized that in order to be great, you don't necessarily need thumbs. Without the excuse holding her back any longer, Daisy decided it was finally time to start following her dreams. She found some old fabric and began creating garments.
"......." says Daisy, creating a vegetable dress she hopes Katy Perry will wear one day. "......."

Nathan began designing when he sewed a Halloween costume for his little cousin. She was the talk of the town the next day, as all the other children asked her who made her costume. Luckily for Nathan, when a group of teens were talking about the costume in a local cafe, a famous movie director overheard and asked Nathan to make the outfits for his next feature film.
So Nathan began work on the outfits that appeared in the award-winning film Glitter. Nathan made the outfits without actually reading the script and therefore was in for a surprise when he found that the film was not exactly Oscar-worthy like the director told him it would be. But Nathan finished the designs and approximately 23 people got to see them.
One such person was a different director, who asked Nathan to make the designs for his next feature film. So Nathan began work on the costumes that appeared in the hit film, From Justin to Kelly. The movie was screened for the cast and crew and Nathan finally got to see his outfits in the movie.
"F&%k this s*#+!" Nathan screamed, leaving the theatre, vowing to never create costumes for a film again, but to instead try his luck at Fashion Week. "I'm too talented for this!"

Growing up in Seattle was hard on poor Chris. He hated the cold and the rain and longed to live in a sunny paradise with white beaches. Unfortunately, his parents were unaware of his dreams and moved Chris and the family to Iceland.
Chris spent many a day shivering near a fire. But one day, his life changed forever. A squirrel casually sauntered by the fire, its fur keeping it nice and warm. Chris snapped: he grabbed the squirrel, accidentally breaking it's spine. While he was sad at first, he soon realized he could use the squirrel fur to keep himself warm. And thus started his addiction to fur. Chris spent the next 10 years of his life finding furry animals, then skinning them. While donning himself in rabbit and gerbil, he realized he could actually use the furs in creative ways and began designing clothes. Despite numerous run-ins with PETA representatives, Chris continues to use animal furs in his work.
"What do those stupid animals know about misery?!" Chris shouts, feverishly sewing a hat made from eagle feathers. "I can't live in this cold!"

He's baaaack. After a crushing defeat last season (aka a resignation), Enrico is back for season 2! In the time spent between seasons, Enrico has been working on perfecting his craft. He brings with him the experience he gained last season, especially knowledge of working with the unconventional models.
"Unless there's another tie," Enrico says, making finishing touches to the dress Angelina Jolie is wearing to the 2010 Academy Awards, "I'll win this season."

So who do you think will win this season?


that's J-O-S-H said...

Sorry...I posted (then deleted the comment) from the wrong email address:

I was only able to skim this while @ work without getting caught/fired (I couldn't wait to see it!) but I will for defferishonishez be leaving a much longer comment tonight.

PS...ENRICOSKATEZ: Ramiele Malubay?!?!?!? I died of laughter.

vuboq said...

Will Dave S dress his models or will they wander around in underwear only? Can Daisy handle the pressure or will she go all Monty Python and the Holy Grail? So many questions! So much excitement! I can't wait!


Ryan said...

I finally have faces for all of my competitors. And bios. Awesome bios.

It's always good to see animals standing up for themselves. Chris should stay away from Daisy.

josh: I likewise had to be discrete about reading all this fashioness.

Delisa said...

You're in it again! How does that work? Just watch your back because Talita seems to have a vendetta against you.

Ryan and Josh: Looks like they'll be the divas of the season.
Michelle: I like the homemade knitting approach but she seems somewhat unstable.
Dave: Glad his hair grew back nicely.
Adam: I predict some controversial designs.
Tam: The underdog.
Daisy: Aww a bunny! Way better than that little rodent from last season.
Nathan: I hope to see excellent execution of designs.
Chris: I disapprove of your fur use! Guess who's not getting fan favorite?

Looks like it'll be a very interesting season. I wish you all the best of luck and may the best man, woman, or animal win!

Jere Keys said...

Such a good looking cast of competitors this season! I love the sibling rivalry element. And so many opportunities for secret nude photos from the past to get leaked on the internet and cause a scandal among the designers in true reality TV style (my money is on Daisy having the first nude photo scandal).

Polt said...

I'm picking Dave S. to win, just cause I'm hoping to see a lot of shirtless designing in underwear (ala the designing in boxers from last season)! :)


Tam said...

Girl power baby. We are going to be the final three, I can feel it. What do guys know about fashion (except for Dave and underwear)? Its about more than underwear, its the whole package and really, glitter on your face is so 80's.

Love Chris' pic though. Fierce and I think those damn cute animals have an unfair edge. No one wants to be mean to the cute ones. Bah. I'll take her out.

hoteltuesday said...

Josh: I know you love her!

vuboq: Or will Daisy go all Evil Bunny?

Ryan: Yeah, I have to blog about the drama between Chris and Daisy.

Delisa: What do you mean how does that work? Same as last time? lol. And wait til you see Adam's first design... haha.

Jere: My money's on Dave S.

Polt: Oh don't worry, I haven't forgotten about designing in underwear/boxers.

Tam: I think your bio is my favorite! And Chris' pic is pretty fierce! As for girl power, I kind of hope you all make it far. Or you all go home first. One or the other.

Anonymous said...

Well I can't take any designer seriously looking at all that eyewear above. I'd vote Tam just because she looks like the only person understands proportion. It can't all be slim pants and ill-fitting shirts, boys.

that's J-O-S-H said...

geebz! someone's a rude gus! :D

Nicodemus said...

Ooooo... this is going to be a tough season! Enrico might have a slight edge having been in the competion before, but I wouldn't count anyone out of the running!

Michelle M. said...

How could Josh fail with an essay like that?
Adam was in porn? I thought he looked familiar...
Poor Tam and her crayon degree. And you all think I'm unstable. I don't even know how to knit! But that b*tch had it coming.

Tam - Dave S. does have the whole "package".

Very funny Enrico, but watch your back. Knit one, kill two... AHaHAHAHAHa!!

David said...

Daisy better be careful with Chris around. She might end up as one of the designs.

while the temptation to root for Dave S so he'll sleep with me is compelling, I think that Talita and Adam are both strong contenders.

Let the games begin!

hoteltuesday said...

Anonymous: Dave's shirt isn't ill-fitting.

Michelle M.: LOL at your Adam comment. You're hilarious.

David: Oh, Talita will probably appear in many challanges to come... in the background of pictures of ME!

And everyone, Talita wants everyone to know that she is the same person as TJ, the sister I talk about on my blog a lot (the one played by Mariah Carey). Now we know why she really cut my hair!

Anonymous said...

I love my "yo soy diva" pose and I am the 1st one listed!! yay!! also tam being the model scout with the barbies i love it!! Hilarious!!


Anonymous said...

Shut up Nicky!! I cut your hair cause I apparntley enjoyed cutting anyone who would let me (s) hair!!

Ryan said...

TJ: "I apparently enjoyed cutting anyone who let me"
LOL! That probably could have been phrased better.

Anonymous said...

lol!! That means you brats better not get in my way!! I better win!! lol

john said...

Daisy says: "It's not behind the rabbit, 'tis the rabbit!"

Polt said...

wow....people talkin' lotsa smack on here...guess we'll just have to wait to see who GETS smacked down this season! I'm anxious already....


hoteltuesday said...

I'm upset already!
I don't want anyone to be eliminated!

Anonymous said...

Especially me!!

Tam said...

You're too soft for this gig Enrico. If you're gonna last you gotta develop a tough shell, go for the jugular, take down the competition. Michelle knows how it works. I'm only thankful I live far enough from SD that she can't make a day trip up here.

Chris D. said...

I love that five of us are wearing sunglasses in our fashion photos!

Enrico: What interesting bios. I do sound pretty scary. Daisy does look invitingly warm and furry... ;)

The competition looks tough. May the best man, woman, or rabbit win!

Polt: I have already made a contribution to the DIB theme. I am looking forward to seeing my competitors efforts in that department. ;)

Polt said...

Chris D.: DIB! YAY! :) I suppose if I leave nothing else behind in this world when I die, I can at least claim the DIB theme (well, not for originally doing it, but for making it into a theme anyways!). :)


Anonymous said...

My Mommy Is Going To WIN :D
but i'm sure everyone will do great ;)


Nathan V. said...

More than anything, I just don't want to be first out. Eeep!

Michelle: I guess I've been doing it wrong, I always kill one, purl two.

And why don't I have any fans. This is bullocks.

Adam said...

Michelle ... what kinda pr0n are u watching?!

Ryan said...

Adam: I was wondering just that.

Polt said...

Nathan: Perahps if you show your bollocks, you'd have more fans. :) Just sayin....


Nathan V. said...

I've definitely been telling my friends and family to go to hotel tuesday to see my stunning project runway debut.

that's J-O-S-H said...

I think I am gonna be voted off. If I have to strip and slut myself around online to stay on the show, I'll do it! Anything for fame, dahlingz.

Michelle M. said...

Nathan, I don't have a fan either. Scandalous.

I am the Madam Defarge of Project Runway - wait a minute PRJNCT? Is this season PRTCNJ backwards?

Adam said...

haha yea, the tables are turned ... so the name was reversed.

Anonymous said...

Go Tam! Kick Ass all the way!!
Jen :-)

hoteltuesday said...

Michelle: Aren't I clever?? And I'm a fan of yours! If I go home early, I'll root for you in future comment sections. lol.

There goes Tam, making up fans by posting anonymous comments again... lol!

Tam said...

I am NOT!!!! I did coach her, but I didn't make it up. LOL She followed the last season but has someone to root for now.

Hmmm. If we post from different computers from work does that give the same IP address? Just curious how that works since we're all on the same server/LAN thingy.

hoteltuesday said...

Tam: You will have the same IP address... if YOU leave an 'anonymous' comment pretending to be a friend/fan. Which is apparently the case.

Tam said...

Waaaah. No one loves me and you're just jealous that I HAVE fans. Plenty of 'em. This should be a phone in vote. I'd wipe you all out in one fell swoop. Just wait until the judges seem my wonderous creation.

Tam said...

Oh and I hope you're suffering unimaginable dental pain to make up for doubting me. :-P

john said...

Tam: WOW, settle down. I know you want to replace the crayon diploma, but wishing dental pain on someone, that's bad.

Tam said...

You're right John, that was bad. I hope he gets a paper cut then. Whew, the pressure is getting to me.

Anonymous said...

enrico why the fuck are u back...u should be a judge with me... u suck

s. demorcy