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Friday, June 12, 2009

12 of 12 - June

I finally remembered to do a 12 of 12!
However, I didn't have a good camera to use, so you'll have to excuse the poor image quality that results from taking pictures with my camera phone.

I woke up around 8 this morning because my dog was flipping out downstairs, barking and growling.

I was too lazy to find out what his problem was. Instead, I played Odin Sphere (PS2) for a while.

Around one p.m., I went to my old middle school. I've been going for the last month or so to help my former teacher with the literary magazine.
I had lunch there today and got to look at the final product.

Isn't that a nice cover?
One of my BFFs from high school, Simone, was at Neptune Middle School too, as she is currently a substitute teacher there.

I still find it crazy that people who I graduated with are already in classrooms. We're so young!

Since I'm an angel, I helped my teacher organize the summer reading books.

Then at 4, I went to work.
This sign is hung on the gate in the back of the restaurant.

Keep keep.

My section tonight was the outside back patio.

At first no one sat there (looked like it might rain). But I actually had a pretty decent section (and a 7-top table!).

At the end of the night, we counted our money and tipped the busser/bartender.

Then my BFFs Amy and Maria posed for a picture.

And my manager Tray asked me to proofread a petition he was writing. I made lots of corrections.

I finally left work really late and got dinner before heading home.

I know, two Big Macs in one day can't be healthy. But it is cheap, fast, and delicious.

Then I checked in on Richard Parker.

So my day was somewhat boring. And my Saturday and Sunday are going to be very similar....

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Milo said...

Love that you've kept your header from the catwalk challenge - is great!

LOL at the surprised look on Richard Parker's face! It's as if he's saying "Yes, can I help you??"

PS All those big macs can't be good for you! That said, I had fish & chips & mushy peas last night which was totally DELICIOUS but probably not good for me either. Was my Friday night treat.

Jere Keys said...

Love the Richard Parker cameo at the end.

Tam said...

As usual RP steals the show. Glad you had a good night at work. Hopefully something outrageously exciting will happen this weekend for you.

Polt said...

Richard Parker rocks. Course, the dog in the beginning is pretty cute too. Looks like a dog my parents had for like 15 years!

Two Macs in one day? Wow, I don't think I've ever done that!

Great to see you participating!


john said...

Two Big Macs in one day and still skinny.


Richard Parker is the cutest thing ever!

Nathan V. said...

I don't think I've had two big macs in a day, but I've definitely had two different mcdonalds dinners in a day.

Besides, I just ate my famous mr. noodle "pad thai." That's where you make scrambled eggs and mr. noodles, lose the broth, and add peanut butter. It's better than it sounds!

Anonymous said...

My babies look way better then Onyx!! I demand Madison and Preston are in next month's 12 of 12!! I will let you use my camara!! :o)

hoteltuesday said...

Milo: Thanks! I did only my designs... lol. And yeah, Richard Parker did look surprised. Probably because I tapped on the glass to get his attention.

Jere/Tam/John: Yeah, I included him just for all his fans.

Polt: Too bad my dog is evil. As soon as I approach he growls and shows his teeth. He's growling in that picture actually. lol.

Nathan: Hmm... hopefully it is (better than it sounds). lol.

Michelle M. said...

Have you seen Supersize Me? Please eat some vegetables. Or some pineapple.

Enrico, you are an angel, indeed.

I "aaawed" out loud when I saw R.P.

Chris D. said...

Nice photos! R.P. is looking good. Is Neptune Middle School that gigantic school with the huge color changing "N" on it? When I first saw that building at night I thought it was some kind of huge new club. Schools don't usually have such trendy lighting effects.

Hey Michelle, there are vegetables on Big Macs. Does that count? ;)

David said...

Joining the chorus of Big Mac cautionary tales. You may still be slim and cute, but I don't think you want to see what your intestines look like at the moment.

Great set of 12 of 12, though. Keep keep up the good work.

hoteltuesday said...

Michelle M.: I eat vegetables! Big Macs come with lettuce.

Chris D.: No, that's the ELEMENTARY school! Isn't that crazy. The thing is HUGE. My elem. school had one floor. This one has three.
Ah! And you also noticed how their are vegetables on the Big Mac! Good job.

David: Thanks! And I only started liking Big Macs this summer, so hopefully the damage isn't too bad... yet.