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Monday, June 08, 2009

Pride and Perspectology

This past weekend was Gay Pride weekend in Asbury Park. The last time I went to Pride festivities was when I was like 10. My mother has gone for years and when I was young, she took her children with her.

I live about 1 minute from Asbury Park and the restaurant I work in is located in Asbury. I worked Sunday night and my restaurant was flooded with the gays!

So while I was working, I met a lot of interesting people. Many customers sang along to all the Madonna songs we played throughout the day. One guy called me a "sexy motherf*cker" (is that supposed to flatter me? I don't like being cursed at!). One guy asked if I needed help bringing the food out, and he didn't even work there! So random.

But of all the people I met, one was obviously the coolest.

Hotel Tuesday reader, dancing monkey of Puntabuland and blogger Chris stopped by my little restaurant and not only did I get to meet him, but I ended up waiting on his table!
Chris was super sweet, a good tipper and he didn't curse at me! And I loved his cowboy hat.
Thanks for stopping by Chris. Now that you've been to my restaurant, I expect to serve you a lot more Napa sandwiches in the future!


john said...

There is so much sweet in that picture I'm getting a tooth ache! Two of the nicest people to grace the internet and two of t cutest I might add.

Craig said...

That is awesome! I love that pic!

that's J-O-S-H said...

I'm so jellerz! I want to meet Puntabulous folkz!

Tam said...

OMG!! How cool is that. Yay, what a super picture. I'm so glad you guys got to meet. Yeah, swearing at me = not so sexy.

Michelle M. said...

The boys of Puntabulous are not only funny and sweet, but they're handsome too!

Milo said...

Great pic!

Polt said...

How cute! What fun it is to meet Puntabupeople in real life! And Enrickyricardo, being sworn at isn't nice, but being called what he called you really is a compliment. :)


hoteltuesday said...

Thanks for calling me cute/sweet everyone! lol.

Josh - You met me!

Michelle M - AND we smell good. Well, I was at work so I probably smelled bad, but Chris smelled really good! Is it weird that I noticed? lol.

Nicodemus said...

Awww... that is a great pic, but then how could it not be with such good looking subjects?

Josh: at least you have met one Puntabuland resident, I doubt I will ever get the oppertunity due to my remote location.

Chris D. said...

Yay, I smelled good! I am glad I didn't smell bad. I was worried about that. I had just been baking in the sun for a few hours. You smelled fine.

I am sorry to hear that the gays were a little fresh with you. I had a feeling that you would get hit on a lot that night.

I like that Pride is a celebration of acceptance and tolerance, but I also sometimes feel like it can be a celebration of shallowness. That leaves me feeling a little empty. I am going to do some blog posts about the ups and downs of Pride.

Enrico posted the photo of our meeting. Check out my blog to see the video.

that's J-O-S-H said...

Enrico: Yeah, I think we've met once or twice before. Harhar.