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Saturday, June 13, 2009

La Boda

Last Saturday, my father got married.
Having been married twice already, this wedding was pretty low-key. Anyway, here's how it went down.

My siblings and I hopped in my sister's car and headed to my Dad's to watch the ceremony.

When we got to the house, it was discovered that my father doesn't know how to tie a tie. So my sister Gabi practiced on me, to somewhat unfavorable results.

After we tried for like an hour, we asked my brother if he knew how, and he did....

Gabi and I were starving so we started in on the wedding appetizers (aka, Taco Bell).

Once the tie was tied, we headed to the majestic wedding chapel.

As soon as we entered the chapel, we saw that the professional wedding photographers were already there!

The men of the Bruno family:

So who do I look like?

My dad and his soon-to-be wife sat outside, waiting to be wed. Wait, isn't this bad luck?

And apparently I get my snarky grin from my father. Who knew?

This delightful sign was posted right outside the courtroom, reminding couples of the wonderful fate that awaited them when they leave...

So finally, we entered the courtroom. Now comes the best and worst part of the day!
The man leading the wedding (the mayor of the town) didn't know that my dad's fiance doesn't speak English. So when the mayor found out, he said that someone had to translate for her. So of course my sister says, "Oh, Enrico can translate!"

I tried to make my father translate, but he wouldn't understand the English enough to translate it into Spanish so I had to translate the whole ceremony!!!
I didn't want to translate because I'm not 100% fluent and thought that with something like a wedding, she would probably want to know exactly what was being said.

But I did the best I could.
Here I am translating.

The thing I liked about translating, is that now I can say I was a translator at a wedding! Ring bearer, best man, who needs any of that? I think the job of translator is much more unique.

Family pic!

After the ceremony, we headed out to the reception.

Then my dad wanted to go to the park to take some wedding day pictures.

But if you know the Bruno kids, you know that we took this opportunity to takes some pictures of our own.

When we went back to the house, we had some wedding cake.

The newlyweds made the first cut together

then fed each other.

Then everyone toasted and drank some champagne. Well, I didn't because I had to take the picture and frown at everyone.

Then my sisters and I were tired of taking pictures of my dad and took some pictures of ourselves!
Here's my favorite one, where we made our best Charles Manson faces.

(OMG! The user who uploaded that Manson video is called "brunobliss"! How weird is that?!)

Oh yeah, we took one more picture of my dad because taking wedding pictures obviously went to his head and he thought he was a model or something.

Congratulations Dad!
Third time's a charm.


Jere Keys said...

In that first picture, your sister on the upper left got caught in front of an unfortunate piece of background that makes her nose look funny. I'm jealous of anyone who can translate a foreign language. 5 years of high school Spanish were wasted on me.

Jere Keys said...

I mean upper right. D'oh.

Anonymous said...

Haha..It's A car Window. opps!!

Nathan V. said...

I really can't speak any language but English. I can read French fairly well, but that is about it. Hopefully third time is a charm. The Bruno siblings are adorable! Having three siblings is definitely the way to go. Makes life more interesting. Did you ever go on those long six person van trips? Everyone crammed in? Good times....

Nathan V. said...

Oh, and I love your sister's facial expression when she is trying to tie a tie. Tie tying is easy! You should practice. For interest's sake I've included the wikipedia entry on neckties:

Milo said...

Looks like your dad and new wife had a good time! She sure is pretty!

I liked the last photo of you, too - good one!

Michelle M. said...

"frown at everyone" - Enrico, you make me laugh. My dad was married 3 times and is still married to wife #3 - I think Nathan is right.
And keep practicing you Spanish. I took 4 years in high school and no recuerdo mucho.

The picture of you on the rock reminds me of the little mermaid statue in Copenhagen:

Anonymous said...

i hate the pic of me in the car, but i love the other pics. You should of put how in announced his illness at the reception.


Polt said...

Your new step mom is quite a looker. But then so is your whole family, so she'll fit right in.

Yeah, I've been in 7 weddings, twice as best man, but NEVER did I have to translate. I got all nervous doing the Best Man's toast, I can't imagine having to translate!!!

You're a good son, Enrickyricardo. You do a dad proud!


Tam said...

Well, the cop car outside the wedding site adds a touch of class. LOL You do look like your Dad, but your brother moreso. I loved the pic of your sister by the purple flower, I LOVE her hair.

Glad it all went well and I wish the happy couple many years of happiness.

hoteltuesday said...

Jere: Lol! That's awesome. Thanks for pointing it out. She looks like a witch now.

Nathan: No family vacations for us. :(
I always wanted to go on one but we never did for some reason. We did however have a big van!
85 ways!?! I don't know 1. haha. I hear there are good tie-tying instructional videos on YouTube.

Michelle: Que perfecto! I love The Little Mermaid (both the original tale and the Disney version).

Polt: You've been IN 7 weddings?? Well I'll be the translator for your 8th wedding (when you're one of the grooms) if you happen to need me.

Tam: Yeah, and there was a cop inside the 'chapel' too, which scared me. My sis says thanks.

Nathan V. said...

I didn't know that the danish mermaid statue was THE little mermaid. Neat-o. I learned something today.

Delisa said...

The amount of sarcasm in this post is hilarious. Your step mom is pretty. Good job translating!

It looked like a fun day. Taco Bell and Olive Garden in one day? That's my kind of wedding lol

that's J-O-S-H said...

I want Carvel ice cream cake @ my wedding. That and stripperz.

Craig said...

Love it! Congratulations!

Love the new header too! (I'm not sure how new it is though because when I read you at work the pictures are blocked)

Anonymous said...

FUNNY!!!It was like i was there...Great job!!! Totally Laughing my ass off...especially the part of you guys loving to take pictures of your self...if being your sister's bff for 15 years hasn't taught me any thing...i think you guys have the "i'm a model gene"


john said...

Your dad's wife is *beautiful*! I have to say, the Bruno family is giving the McAnally's a run for the cutest family EVER.

Chris D. said...

It looks like a nice comfortable ceremony.

I can tie a tie, if I watch a video and have time to try it a few times. It is not something I can do in a rush.

David said...

"We've got elegance
if you ain't got elegance
you can never ever carry it off."

hoteltuesday said...

Delisa: And you know I love Taco Bell and Olive Garden, so it was my kind of day too!

Craig: Thanks! The header is newish... lol.

Lisa: But no one has it more than TJ....

john: We got 'em beat.

Chris D.: Yeah, I liked how it was small. The couple before my dad and stepmom had like 23,289 guests and it seemed over the top for a courtroom wedding.

David: I'm not sure what you mean. Are you making fun of how unelegant the whole affair was? lol.