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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

PRJNCT: Challenge 6 Results

Last week we saw pregnant models walk the runway, showing off their burgeoning baby bumps and their fashionable ensembles.
Based on those designers, one designer is out. Let's get to the results!

Stevie/Belinda Cosgrove's designer had immunity, leaving the remaining four designers with the chance to go home, or win the challenge.

(from left to right: Clifford, Lola LaRue, Xylophone, Malaria)

Clifford: Judges thought Clifford's maternity outfit was well-made and pretty. The pattern was modern and cute and the nature pattern was very fitting to the challenge, as it represented growth. However, some judges thought the look was a little too 'matchy matchy' with the matching accessories.
Mom says: "Well made and it's very pretty. I like it because it's modern."

Lola LaRue: While Lola's dress was seen as functional and pretty, judges thought the design was a little too simple for this round of competition. Many worried about Lola's growing boobs and how they would stay in a dress with no straps. The dress was also a little sloppy and not as well-executed as other designs. One judge compared the dress to communism: It was a good idea in theory, but not in execution.
Mom says: "Feo, Feo, Feo. She looks like a picnic table cloth."

Xylophone: Judges thought that Xylophone's bridesmaid dress was just like every other bridesmaid dress: ugly. The outfit looked like a clown costume, was silly, and was poorly executed. While one judge wondered why Xy was holding cotton candy, another judge decided not to review the look as they felt the designer clearly wants to go home.
Mom says: "¡Re-feo con ganas! Ugly from the front AND the back."

Malaria: Malaria's dress was cute and well-made, though somewhat matronly. Her designer is clearly able to construct outfits neatly. The coat got mixed reviews, as some judges thought it looked like a poor attempt at geometry or like a sail boat.
Mom says: "Pretty, elegant."

After the votes were tallied, the winning designer was... Clifford's designer!
This is Clifford's designer's first win!

Congrats designer!

Malaria's designer once again came in 2nd place, securing their spot in the top 4.
This left Lola LaRue and Xylophone as the bottom 2.

And the losing designer was.....

Xylophone's designer, Tam.
Adios Tam! You will be missed!

Now that Tam is out of the competition, it looks like she has been finding ways to spend time with that college boyfriend of hers....

The top 4 designers are Talita, Michelle, Adam and Enrico.

Join us later this week as these four designers create designs for the final challenge before the final three make their collections!


Chris D. said...

Sorry to see you go Tam. :( I think Cotton Candy is totally underrated as a fashion accessory. ;)

At least the curse of the male elimination has finally been broken.

I think things are going to get even more exciting as the contest winds down.

that's J-O-S-H said...

I wish Tam already! Since I am her personal housecleaner/naked gay boi, I guess better get to stripping/cleaning cuz now that she's out of the competition, she's sure to keep me busy with oddz and endz around the house.

Jere Keys said...

Your comment system seriously hates me. After it ate my first 3 attempts, let me just say congrats to the final 4.

Polt said...

Congrats Clifford's designer! yay! Tam, I miss you already. And if Sassy josh is getting on your nerves as your personal housecleaner/naked gay boy, send him my way! (And am I just hearing about this NOW???) :)


David said...

Oh, this is getting so exciting!

Sorry to see you go, Tam. At least now you'll have more time to go ab-surfing with the college boyfriend.

Michelle M. said...

Tam. I shall miss you. Sniff.