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Saturday, August 29, 2009

PRJNCT: Challenge 7 Results

Some time ago, the final four sent their designs down the runway for the last time before the FINALE!

Here are the results:

Final four: Belinda Cosgrove/Stevie, Malaria, Lola LaRue, Clifford

Belinda Cosgrove/Stevie: Many of the judges made it clear that they loved the character of Maleficent in Sleeping Beauty. Some also liked the outfit that Belinda/Stevie wore. The transformation from Maleficent's flowy robes to something that showed off her curves was a good idea. The color was nice, even though it didn't show much originality. However, the cape was a problem for many judges, as it made the outfit unwearable in the modern fashion scene. And many judges thought that while the horns ARE necessary to make an outfit for Maleficent, the designer should have been less literal, as no modern girl or model would want to wear those horns.

Malaria: Malaria's Queen of Hearts outfit was called beautiful, perfect, and amazing. Judges felt that Malaria's designer got the challenge right: he/she took a classic Disney look and made it modern without copying the outfit directly and not losing sight of the original. The outfit fit Malaria almost perfectly (the bottom could have used a little hemming) and she looked like a real beauty queen in it. The accessories may have been too literal, but they can be easily left behind and let the outfit speak for itself.

Lola LaRue: Judges were torn about this 'beautiful though simple' design. While judges thought that this design was pretty and constructed well enough, they were confused about its adherence to the challenge; many noted that Mulan never wore even a similar dress in the movie. Several annoyed judges called Lola's designer racist. They felt that the designer picked an Asian character for an Asian model and picked out what they thought was an Asian fabric. Not much thought was put into this outfit.

Clifford: Many judges agreed that Clifford's outfit this week was too plain, especially compared to the other outfits. However, the design wasn't bad and at least followed the assignment. Belle's new outfit was inspired by her classic look and very wearable today. The construction was a little sloppy in places, though not distractingly so.

The winner of this week's challenge is Malaria. Are you surprised? This is Malaria's 4,000th win.

Remember, although Clifford won last week, there is no immunity this round, as this challenge determines the top 3 designers!

After the CLOSEST vote ever.... the designer who ALMOST made it in the top 3 is....

Lola LaRue's designer, Talita.

When Talita was asked to send in a goodbye picture, she could not be contacted since she's currently on a cruise of the Virgin Islands.

So who is the real winner here?

All that's left is the finale!
Michelle, Adam, and Enrico made it to the final three and will be making a collection of three outfits that will determine the winner of PR:JNCT!


Jere Keys said...

Did you know I only have to type "ho" into my address bar to get to your blog? Coincidence? Probably.

john said...

Talita got robbed. She's not racist. Her dress was beautiful and well made. Clifford's designer must have judges on his or her payroll....

Good luck Michelle, Adam and Enrico!

Polt said...

good work on all the dresses designers! And best of luck on your collections!


Michelle M. said...

Poor Talita! I don't think her design was racist at all. I thought her dress was bee-yoo-ti-ful. So beautiful I'm glad she's gone. Evil cackle.

Tam said...

Sad to see you go Talita but a cruise beats designing a collection any day. Good luck to the remaining three, I know we're going to see some amazing stuff in the final collection.

Chris D. said...

Somehow I missed this post earlier. Apparently, I must have been distracted by Enrico's legs. ;)

Bon voyage Talita, have a nice cruise. I am excited to see the final dresses. I would love to see a close competition for the finally.

David said...

I can't believe after all my whining that you didn't alert me that this post was up. CRIEZ FOR DAYZ!