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Friday, August 07, 2009

Plastic Chef

In just a week and a half I'll be moving into my house in Ewing. Since I won't be living on campus this school year, I might have to cook my own meals.... And the only things I know how to make are cereal and grilled cheese. While these are both delicious, healthy options, I might get bored of them. So I want to learn how to cook!

In order to start my culinary training, I headed to the house of my friend and fellow blogger, Chris.

Our goal: to tackle one of Rachael Ray's 30 minute meals... in 30 minutes of course!

The meal we chose was a chicken catch-a-tory ravioli stew.
First, we got the ingredients. Christopher didn't know which ravioli to buy.

And he made my scrawny self carry around the 27-ton shopping basket! Cue my collapse from exhaustion!

When we got home, we spread the ingredients out on the table, just like Rach does.

Then I used all the strength I gained from carrying around that basket to crush some garlic.

While I then added all the other important ingredients and got the broth mumbo jumbo going, Chris cut the chicken.

When I noticed he was taking a while, I taught him how to cut chicken faster, not sliding the knife back and forth (like you would with a serrated knife), but slicing neatly from the back to the front. Don't make the knife work against you!
Yes, I actually knew ONE thing about cooking! Guess my restaurant job didn't fail me completely!

Avalon helped us stir cause our arms were tired from crushing/cutting.

When the food was almost done cooking, Chris popped some bread in the oven.

And finally, our meal was ready!!

And guess how long it took us!

29 minutes and 59 seconds! Yup, we did it in time! Although we did leave out like 4 ingredients.... not like that really matters....

The food was tasty, the bread was crispy, and our fruit juice was a delicious substitution to the vodka that Chris usually chugs at dinner.

After dinner, I had to rush to catch the train so we didn't get to make dessert. But I did see this at the train station and took a pic because it reminded me of Stevie Nicks.

And now I know how to make three things!


GoKitty said...

Is Chris wearing a coin purse around his waist? Gucci and LV make the cutest little fanny packs.

Jere Keys said...

You should learn homemade mashed potatoes - ever since I taught myself that recipe, I look for any opportunity to make them. Home cooked burritos are pretty easy, too, unless you try to get fancy.

Chris D. said...

Enrico: Well, I DID offer to carry the basket. However, it looks like it buffed up your bicep a bit in the unveiling photo. ;)

I have not had Vodka in my house in over a year. But that reminds me, I should get some. ;)

It is a shame we skipped dessert; I had a yummy lemon roll ice cream thingy.

My hallway is NOT pink! Eeek! The color balance is off in that photo due to two different color temperature light sources.

GoKitty: That is not a cute little fanny pack change purse! It is a HOLSTER for my very macho (or geeky) iPhone. ;)

Polt said...

Chris, are you wearing anything under the apron? When you're putting the bread in, it doesn't look like it. :)

And the modeling profession musta taken quite a hit in this economy too, ya know? :)

Looks like fun, guys!


Michelle M. said...

How fun! I love that Avalon joined in. I hope we get to see more cooking adventures starring Chris and Enrico. Yummo.
Jere - mashed potatoes are the best!

Tam said...

Mmmmm. Looks delicioso. My cheat pasta dish is:

Cook Pasta
Mix with sauce and sliced pepperoni
Sprinkle shredded cheese on top
Put in oven until cheese is all melty and gooey

People pay big bucks for baked pasta at a restaurant. Hopefully you'll have time to learn another dish or two before you move in.

Chris D. said...

Polt: I am wearing the same shorts that apparently make my butt look enormous in the freezer photo (must have just been an odd angle there).

As for Avalon's stirring job: she did model a "craft project gone wrong", that might have hurt her "juice" in the industry. Any model working for me is one step away from pasta stirring jobs.

Anonymous said...

you should have come over when i made meat loaf then you would of had 5 things oh don't forget the chicken cutlets 6


Craig said...

Looks like fun!

David said...

But you cheated! You didn't do it all by yourself!

My "go to" dish is to take chicken breasts or fish filets and put them in a pan on the stove, pour balsamic vinaigrette over them, cover and simmer for a few minutes, meanwhile nuke up some frozen veggies, then serve the meat over the veggies. Delish AND good for you.

vuboq said...

totes awesome!

My mom used to buy the Starving Students' Cookbook for all the high school graduates she news (except me, apparently). It might have some fun easy ideas for you:

hoteltuesday said...

GoKitty: He wasn't on that day, but he had a few lying around his room I think :D

Jeremiah: Did you know that I am a HUGE potato fan. I could eat mashed potatoes every day. I now expect you to make me some at some point.

Chris: But your bathroom is! lol.

Polt: Maddie (my main model from last season) is still modeling! Avalon has no concept of hard work.

Michelle: I think I should make it a feature where I cook with different readers. What do you wanna cook with me?

Tam: That sounds easy and cheap! I'll have to try it.

David: On commerical breaks, Mrs. Ray runs off the set to reapply makeup and her slaves cook the food. So she doesn't do it by herself either!

vuboq: I added that to my wish list!