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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

My List: An Update

Know what this post is? My 150th blog post! Why is that important?

When the summer first started, I made a blog entry featuring a list of my summer goals. And one of my goals was to reach my 150th blog post!
So I figure now's a good time to update my list and see which goals are still doable, and which I need to abandon.

Here's the current list:

1. Finish Everything is Illuminated by Jonathan Safran Foer.
2. Read 2666 by Robert BolaƱo (900 pages!)
3. Read at least one John Irving novel.
4. Gain weight.
5. Go to the movies on Tuesdays whenever I can (it’s free at a theatre near me).
6. Work out…. a little.
7. Get a tan while avoiding sunbathing on the beach.
8. Meet my bf.
9. Do karaoke!
10. Buy Regina Spektor’s new album Far when it is released on June 23rd.
11. Catch up on Dollhouse.
12. Catch up on Desperate Housewives.
13. Catch up on United States of Tara.
14. Find a pair of sunglasses as sweet and cheap as the ones I got for $5 at H&M and lost.
15. Design a collection for Fashion Week.
16. Make a music video.
17. Get Dutch coffee at the Inkwell.
18. Wake up before 10:30am each day (even days off).
19. Beat Odin Sphere (PS2).
20. Have a reunion with the APEs (Brittany, Simone, Claudia and Gloria).
21. Work a lot so I’m not poor!!!
22. Watch Must Read After Death somehow.
23. Fix my computer.
24. Get a root canal.
25. Visit Claudia when she's interning in NYC.
26. Write a poem that I'm proud of.
27. Watch Firefly.
28. Catch up on Ugly Betty.
29. Reach 150 blog posts.
30. Learn a song on piano (completely!)
31. Read something by Faulkner.
32. Watch True Blood.
33. Beat Shadow of the Colossus.
33. Finish Water for Elephants.
34. Beat Psychonauts.

I think I've done pretty well so far!
I have 15 goals still to complete and am currently working on some of them.

I'm 150 pages into 2666 and if I read 30 pages a day, I'll be done in time. (#2)
I'm almost done with Psychonauts and probably only need a few more days with it. (#34)
So far I've woken up before 10:30 every day (#18) and have gone to the movies several times (#5) but I guess I have to wait until the summer's over before crossing those off.
I've caught up with a lot of Desperate Housewives (I was 2.5 seasons behind!) but still have one season to go. I was going to wait for Shanique to watch it with me, but she's taking too long so I should do it alone. (#12)
As for #26, I've written LINES that I'm proud of, but not a whole poem. But I'm getting there....
Haven't needed sunglasses since it rains everyday (#14) and I'll be visiting Claudia this Sunday (#25). And I would make a music video if SOMEONE was more dedicated to being famous (#16).

It seems the only goal I really need to eliminate is #23: fix my computer. It costs $1,000 to fix it, and I don't have that kind of money to spare (since my root canal was equally expensive). So my laptop will still act as a desktop for the time being....

Of the goals I finished, I really loved doing #9!

Here's a pic of me and Karissa at karaoke. We sang "Don't Stop Believin'" (the Glee way obviously) and "Sex on Fire." I'm pretty sure the crowd was blown away by our take on the fantastic KOL song. And we dedicated the song to some newlyweds in the audience! How appropriate.

I still have a few weeks left and hope I can finish my list!
I have a new goal to add too.

35. Watch seasons 1-4 of The Office.

I watched season 1 the other day and am halfway through season 2 and seriously, it's one of the funniest shows I've ever seen. I have up to season 4 on DVD (season 5 isn't out yet) so I want to finish them before the summer's over and schoolwork takes up most of my time.

Have you accomplished a lot this summer?


that's J-O-S-H said...

I DO want to be famous! Explain the necessity of this music video to a) my employers and b) my bills.

john said...

Shadow of the Colossus was a bit tedious and the game play was a little slow for my taste, but I did enjoy the game. The tiger colossus was challenging.

Psychonauts is a blast, I love that game. And despite my insane schedule, don't think I missed #8. Will there be a post?

Nathan V said...

I loved Psychonauts more than life itself.

Chris D. said...

Great job on your list. I still have not even posted my list. I need to get on that.

You may want to consider just buying a new laptop. The repair cost is almost the same price as a new unit (depending upon the specs, of course). Then you could leave your old computer at home, and take your new one to school. Have you tried disassembling, and cleaning the malfunctioning components?

Good luck with the rest of your list!

Tam said...

Yay you!!! Excellent job so far. I'm sure you'll feel great at the end of the summer when you look back. Congrats on post 150.

Milo said...

Which version of The Office do you watch, the US or UK version?

I don't think you mentioned how you'd got on trying to gain weight? Or that's not achieved I spose? I'm trying to lose weight; not easy. Last night was a case in point: toast, pate, crisps, chocolate, red wine. Not good. And certainly not healthy.

Last night I started my own list (in google docs). I want to move out of my flat by the end of this year so there's a lot of planning and sorting out to do. I'm terrible for procrastinating so am hoping the list will help keep me on track.

Polt said...

Congrats on all this, but I'm wondering about come we've not heard, or better yet seen a photo of, this???? Curious minds want to know, and by curious, I of course mean nosy as all get out.


GoKitty said...

Shadow of the Colossus was a great game especially for the PS2. I can't remember if I beat it or not but i'm going to say yes, oh what the hell. I loved Psychonauts as well but thought it was only on the xbox? I recently bought it on xbox live to relive the memories. If you plan to make the jump to the next generation of consoles, I think you should buy an xbox360 and not the PS3. The PS3 just hasnt been worth the money I invested in it and most of my gaming is done on the 360.

You should just build your own computer. If you're not a gamer then it doesn't have to be very powerful and most of the expense comes from buying graphic cards and the CPU.

Jere Keys said...

I was about to get upset you were holding out on us with the good gossip until I went back to the original post and read your explanation of #8.

hoteltuesday said...

John/Nathan V./GoKitty: I loved Shadow of the Colossus. In fact, it's one of my favorite games ever. I also adore Psychonauts. It's the funniest game I've ever played and the writing is excellent. So glad I picked it up for $10!

Chris D.: My comp was $1,300 so fixing it is slightly cheaper than buying the same model. What sucks is that it works except for the fact that I can't unplug it.

Tam: That's what I'm thinking! When it's almost all crossed off, I'll be so proud.

Milo: I actually am at a higher weight now then I was at the start of the summer! But I have to do the final weigh-in at the end. Good luck on moving! I hate moving OUT, but love moving IN and setting up a new living space.
And I'm watching the US version. It's hilarious!

Polt/John: For the answer to #8, see Jere's comment.

Jere: Thank you :D

Michelle M. said...

Congratulations on all your cross outs and on your 150th post! I'm impressed : ).

David said...

Wait, I want to hear more about #8! Did I miss this somehow?