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Thursday, August 13, 2009

PRJNCT: Challenge 7

Welcome to the final challenge of Project Runway: JNCT! The designs from this challenge will determine the top three designers. These three designers will then have time to work on a collection. But before the final three are revealed.... here's the final challenge!

This week, the designers were given a challenge that would test their ability to take something old and make it new....

Create a look inspired by a Disney character.

The rules were simple: the designers must choose a Disney character, then design an outfit around that character. They were told that they could NOT simply make a replica of the character's famous outfits; they were to reimagine the look, making an outfit that was new, yet still reminiscent of the Disney character.

Polt Gunn gave the designers some fashion advice.

Designers, this week, your challenge is to make a look based on a Disney character. Disney movies are all about princesses, but since I've always been a queen myself, I never went through the princess phase, and thus, I don't know too much about them. And I'm not really a connoisseur of Disney movies, I'm not really gonna be much help with that either. But let me say that when choosing your inspiration, remember that Goofy is not really an award winning idea. Nor is Pluto. Or the Hunchback. And Mickey Mouse ears probably won't get you immunity, although frankly, if someone could make Mickey Mouse ears that small, I'd definitely like to see that! Now, get out there and show me whatcha got!

Enrico quickly got to work, busting out his Disney videotapes to find inspiration.

Before he could get to work, Adam had to channel his inner Cinderella and clean his workspace.

And when he was done, he got some designing help from his Aristocat.

Meanwhile, Michelle wore her favorite pair of boxers and looked at Disney characters on her fancy screens while drinking apple juice from a fancy bottle.

And finally, the models walked the runway.

Considered by many to be the baddest of the Disney bad-guys, Sleeping Beauty's Maleficent is the embodiment of evil. Here I've reimagined Maleficent's costume to be a bit more modern and feminine. Gone are her shapeless flowing robes and body-hiding high collar. With a form-fitting dress, I've given this modern-day Maleficent some feminine curves. The addition of the cape adds an air of power and presence to Maleificent's otherwise slim frame. Remaining is Maleficent's signature headdress ... because she just wouldn't be Maleficent without it.

Model: Stevie/Belinda Cosgrove
Inspiration: Maleficent
Materials: Dress & Cape - Purple & Black fabric, thread, tape, black hair tie
Headdress - Black fabric, black thread, cardboard

For this challenge I chose the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland. Why? Because she's a vindictive, royal bitch with wild mood swings. And for some reason, this speaks to me... Malaria's outfit is suitable for a grand ball, an elegant dinner party, a game of croquet or your everyday beheading.

Model: Malaria
Inspiration: Queen of Hearts
Materials: Materials: Dress - T shirt, ribbon
Jacket - sock
Bracelet/Shoes/Crown/Purse - construction paper, confetti
Earrings - Plastic rhinestones
Gloves - Hockey tape
Scepter - lollipop stick, beads, construction paper, glitter

For Lola I went with a criss-cross top to represent the criss-cross top in a kimono. I made the design very simple to showcase the detail of the beautiful Asian flowers. I gave Lola a full bottom instead of the traditional skin fitting Asian skirt!!

Model: Lola LaRue
Inspiration: Mulan
Materials: Dress - Satin

When it comes to fashion, Belle is perhaps best known for the huge, billowy dress she wore when she was ballroom dancing with the Beast. That was so 1991. I decided to make Belle a modern dress that she can wear when she hits the dancefloor to grind with her prince. So I cut the billowy material from the bottom of the dress and showed off Belle's curves. I kept the bottom of the dress rounded as a nod to the design of the original dress. And instead of wearing long gloves, I gave Belle some long boots. I gave her one over-the-shoulder strap instead of those outdated arm straps she wore in the early 90s. Now, hooker is ready to dance with her man in 2009.

Model: Clifford
Inspiration: Belle
Materials: Dress & Boots - Satin

And that's it! You have just witnessed the final runway show! Thoughts?


Adam said...

Yay!! I think my cat, Spring, should win the competition!!! :)

Amazing designs everyone!!

Polt said...



john said...

Amazing job designers! I'm so impressed with how the designs get better week after week! I love Lola's fabric choice.

Anonymous said...

i like the queen of hearts the best! such a unique take on an old favorite :)

Chris D. said...

Stevie/Belinda Cosgrove and Malaria are my favorites. I think Lola LaRue is still a contender. I am afraid that Clifford's dress may be seen as too simple when compared with the other dresses in this challenge.

Great job everyone!

Michelle M. said...

Lola - Full bottom girls, you make the rocking world go round (yay Queen).

Great job everyone! And those are my husband's fancy screens and fancy boxers : ). Now I'm going to have more fancy "apple juice".

jere keys said...

I hate to say it, but there's a clear winner this week - the queen of hearts design is simply amazing.

The other outfits were okay, but the Malificent number doesn't really feel like much of a departure from the source material, the Mulan dress is generic Asian with no real connection to the film (I'd have been more impressed if it referenced her cross dressing in some way) and Belle's dress feel equally unconnected to the source material (fabric similarity alone doesn't cut it).

that's J-O-S-H said...

I can even describe how much I lurve Michelle. BEST. DIB. DIS. SEASON!

that's J-O-S-H said...

...oh, and Adam, I want to squeeze Spring into a million piecez!

Tam said...

Amazing jobs everyone. Just great stuff. Not sure I was up to that standard. Good luck.

Polt said...

Michelle M.: Until I read your comment here, I had no idea those were boxers! I thought it was a scarf or something! I figured you were wearing the boxers just out of view of the camera! what a dunce I am....


Anonymous said...

Queen Of Hearts Is AMAZING!! Belle is looking lusty!! Love Lola's fabric also John!! Stevie/Belinda cute cape!! :o)

Anonymous said...

I only see one that keep the movie theme and made it modern the rest are ok


David said...

Stevie and Malaria top my hit parade, here. The other two are great dresses, but unless you read the descriptions, you don't get their inspiration, as you do with the first two. Just my two cents.