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Thursday, August 06, 2009

PRJNCT: Challenge 6

One fateful night, the remaining six designers looked to the night sky. High above their heads, shining amid the black night was a symbol, a giant pair of scissors shining into the darkness.
"It's the signal!" cried Michelle, running to her computer desk. The other designers did the same and found out what the new challenge was:

Create a maternity look using baby supplies.

While the designers ran to the nearest drugstore or raided their closets for old baby supplies, resident baby expert Polt Gunn shared some fashion advice.

Designers, this week you're making a maternity outfit from baby supplies. Unlike the last few challenges dealing with history and sins, for this challenge...I got nothing. Nada. I've never been pregnant, don't ever intend to be pregnant, and don't plan on spending long segments of continuous time around someone who is. So in other words, this one's a little outside of my ballpark...or nursery, as it were. I guess making to trendy and fun, whilst still functional as a garment to cover an extended belly, is what's desired...but I don't suppose that's very good advice. So I'll just say, if you're using diapers for anything, just make sure they're clean diapers, 'kay? Now, go show me whatcha got!

The designers rushed out to buy materials.

Enrico tried to figure out how to use baby food in his design.

Talita got design inspiration from her pets once again, this time from Madison.

And then, tragedy struck the competition!
While she was out soaking up the sun and thinking of a new design, Daisy noticed a carrot hanging around in the backyard.

Although she found it suspicious, she still went to eat it. Slowly, the carrot got farther and farther away. Daisy noticed the string it was tied to, but was really hungry and kept following the carrot.

She was never seen again.

The designers searched for Daisy but could not find her. However, they did notice former contestant Chris hanging around, wearing what seemed like brand new fur gloves....

The designers were very upset by Daisy's departure, but still had to make it work!
Let's see if they did....

One evening eight months ago, on a night that started like any other, Belinda went to work at the strip club. After a few dances (and a few lines of coke) a man that may or may not have been Jeremy Piven took Belinda to the back room and had his way with her. Flash forward eight months and Belinda is now pregnant. She spends her days lounging in front of the television, dipping Slim Jims into Cool Whip and watching Ellen and Roseanne reruns. This is her favorite 'around-the-house' outfit: Capri sweats, a comfortable top, and squishy slippers. In just a month she'll welcome Jeremy Junior, a round-faced, sushi-addicted bundle of joy!

Model: Stevie/Belinda Cosgrove
Materials: Top - Infant Mittens
Capri Sweats - Infant Socks
Belly & Boob Stuffing - Baby Bottle Insulators
Slippers - Baby Bottle Insulators

Malaria is wearing a maternity outfit in blue as she is hoping for a boy - one bitch in the family is quite enough, thank you. Her hair is tied back in a sleek pony so that she doesn't vom on it. Her shoes are slip on sandals to accommodate her swollen feet. Pregnancy sucks, but if Gisele, Adriana, Heidi and Karolina can do it, so can Malaria.

Model: Malaria
Materials: Skirt, top, jacket - baby pants (0-3 months)
Shoes - baby pants, baby pants packaging
Jewelry - bottle nipple (blue)
Bows - baby scrapbooking decor

Bridesmaid dress - Being in the family way doesn't mean you can't be there for your best friend on her special day. The amazing hat will keep the sunstroke to a minimum at those hot outdoor weddings and the loose floaty layered skirt leaves lots of room to get comfortable during the dinner and dancing.

Model: Xylophone
Materials: Skirt - baby washcloths
Top - baby wipe
Scarf, belt, ribbon - baby washcloth
Hat - soother
Flowers - Q-tips and cotton balls

When you're pregnant, you want to be comfortable. So I gave her a strapless dress that is scrunchy on top and lose on the bottom. Her shoes are comfortable too, since her foot are swollen. This outfit will make her cool and comfortable, not not sloppy.

Model: Lola LaRue
Materials: Dress - Baby sundress
Shoes - Electrical tape

Despite her claim to innocence, Clifford is knocked up, right in the middle of summer, her least favorite season. And she's not so sure if she wants to be. So on days when Clifford is feeling optimistic, she wears a loose, cool summer dress and carries around her baby bag. But when she doesn't want to world to see her baby bump, or when the sun hides away (much like this summer), she wears her comfortable cotton coat and calls her baby bag an oversized purse. No matter what she's wearing, her headband solves her hair problems and her flip-flops keep her feet comfortable. And if her feet get too swollen, you know she can run to Old Navy and got a $2 pair of flip-flops!

Model: Clifford
Materials: Dress/Headband/Bag - Baby dress
Coat - Onesie

So how'd the designers do? Pregnant women out there: which design would you want to wear?


Tam said...

Holy cow, great stuff guys. I don't envy the judges (mostly because they are so nasty :-P)

Chris D. said...

Daisy will be missed. :(

Enrico: So is that what you wear under your apron at work when it is hot out? ;)

Nice designs, my sister would have appreciated them a few months ago when she was pregnant.

Tam: The judges' commentary has been pretty nasty. I can only assume there must be some bottled up resentment from last season.

Good luck every, especially the guys. They seem to need it. Lets see if the curse of the male appendage can finally be broken.

Anonymous said...

I liked all the designs but i would have to go with the last 2. I have been prego twice and in the summer and it sucks. All the others seem a little to thick, But good job everyone and good luck.


Anonymous said...

damn 80% of these designs suck. wtf is going on?

S. Cronicle

Jere Keys said...

So the designers are signaled by a Scissor Sisters concert?

I'm not sure about the strapless. I know not all women experience the miracle of gestation the same way, but my sisters always seem to get huge boobs and they complained about how much it hurt any time they didn't have the lift and support of an over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder.

Michelle M. said...

Blue is the new black.

hoteltuesday said...

Tam: Only one judge is angry. Haha.

Chris: The apron is open in the back, so unfortunately I have to wear pants.

Jere: What's that mean?

Michelle: I guess everyone wants a boy.

Nathan V. said...

I'm not sure why Jere is referencing the scissor sisters, but I find great enjoyment in their music.

Clifford's is best.

Anonymous said...

Clifford's is so good!! :o)


Dave S. said...

Holy hell, these are awesome! I'm kinda glad I went home last week... lol
This week, I'd have to go with Stevie or Clifford. Nice work on both of those.

Jere: I thought the Scissor Sisters too when I read that!

Jere Keys said...

I'm glad Dave S. got it. "High above their heads, shining amid the black night was a symbol, a giant pair of scissors shining into the darkness" ... sounds like the moment before Jake and Ana take the stage in sequins and feathers.

hoteltuesday said...

Jere: Oh, I didn't know that. Now I feel unoriginal!

And look at how skinny my legs are!!

vuboq said...

Although I normally like Malaria's outfits, this one seems a bit too Stepford Mom. I think it's Clifford's contest to lose.

Does Xylophone have the mumps?