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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Mighty Morphin'

The other day, I was searching Craigslist for a house to rent next semester when I came across these sneakers.

Immediately I was flooded with memories of my childhood. I once owned a pair of sneakers quite similar to these! I remembered the days when I would sit in front of the TV, eagerly waiting for Power Rangers to begin and I still had velcro on my sneakers.

But really, the best story about Power Rangers sneakers isn't about me, but my brother Pasquale.

One year, Pasquale and I both got Power Rangers sneakers. At the time, Pasquale was in 1st grade and I was a year younger. So of course we grew out of the sneakers quickly.

The following Christmas, I got new sneakers! I think they were black.

Well, Pasquale got new sneakers too....

Except they weren't so new; they were the same Power Rangers sneakers! Just bigger!

Well by this point, all of the cool kids were over Power Rangers.
Pasquale hid his feet everywhere he went, hoping he would eventually get new sneakers.

Months passed, and his birthday finally came in August.
After rockin' Power Rangers sneakers for so long, he was excited to open a b-day present that looked like a shoebox.... But he could tell something was wrong....

Yup, inside was another pair of the same Power Rangers sneakers, just bigger!

My sisters and I chuckled and my dad probably yelled at us. Pasquale just cried.

Well the best part of this story is that this trend continued for a while; every time Pasquale complained about growing out of his sneakers, my dad would get him a new pair of Power Rangers sneakers! This lasted until he was in 5th grade (!!!) when we moved in with my mom.
She finally had the sensibility to get him different sneakers.

My sister TJ still bothers him about it today since she was one of the lucky ones who fought against my father's poor sense of fashion.
Isn't it great when your parents make you wear embarrassing clothing?


Craig said...

LOL! This was my favorite post ever! I was such a Power Rangers freak growing up.

Anonymous said...

Love It!! We know I fought with my "fresh" dress story!!

Tam said...

That poor child. Funny as hell but I feel for his inner child. I can't believe they were still making Power Ranger sneakers 5 years later.

Michelle M. said...

I'm still laughing about the "garbage people".

I was the same height as my mom when I hit junior high. She thought I could wear all her old Brady Bunch dresses (this was when Flashdance and designer jeans were in). Boy, did I dodge that bullet.

Polt said...

Being an only child, it was much easier for me to throw an tantrum and not have to wear the stupid uncool clothes anymore.

Power Rangers...God I am so old....


hoteltuesday said...

Craig - I thought so.
Tam - They still make em today. It's interesting watching my nephew watch (and act like) Power Rangers. But now they're in space and stuff.
Michelle - Brady Bunch dresses! That sounds cute. You should have worn them.
Polt - being the youngest, it was easy for me to throw a tantrum. And maybe you weren't young for the premiere of Power Rangers, but you were around for The Lone Ranger, right? :P

Anonymous said...

Thankfully clothing trends in my formative years were just walking commercials.

But beyond that, much to my fathers chagrin I used to love t-shirts with interesting sayings on them, "He who sins grins" was my favorite one.

Anonymous said...

Only are family would have a story like that. Ant would love to have Power Ranger sneakers. Gabi

Anonymous said...

Omg! I just read this and am dying of laughter!!!! Only this much of bad luck could happen to pasquale. He must have been real heart broken when he saw the same damn shoes every time. You know how he about keeping up with the rest of the world with his materials. I just called him cracking up and he hung up on me. lol.