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Thursday, February 12, 2009

12 of 12 - February

So Mike over at What Some Would Call Lies told me about this 12 of 12 blog idea.

On the 12th of each month, you take 12 photos and post them on your blog. You then link your own entry on this blog so you can share with others. I think it's a cool idea and plan on doing it whenever possible. On this 12th day of February I didn't start til halfway through the day, but here are my 12.

Oh, and this entry is dedicated to Cindy, who told me my blog is "boring" cause there are "too many pictures."

Ross enjoys a chai latte.

Christie looks like a little girl:

Ross and Christie, hands on plastic.

Eric prepares for a racquetball game.

Ross and Christie observe the signs.

Richard Parker gets trapped in a cup:

The toy I found in a hotel in San Felipe sits on my computer.

Preparing to kiss Buddha.

Megan, fresh from the shower.

Christie in a sea of green.

Delisa takes a nap in the bathroom.

Katrina prays the rosary.

That was fun! Looking forward to next month.


Tam said...

RP is amazingly cute in that cup. He could be on a greeting card. Look forward to March.

Michelle M. said...

Love the RP picture. And the one of you and Buddha.

I move that next month there should be 12 pics of Mr.Parker.

john said...

And I'll make it three, Richard Parker looks so freaking cute in that cup!

Craig said...

That Richard Parker picture is amazing!

hoteltuesday said...

I included an outtake from that Richard Parker photoshoot in my most recent entry, since everyone seems to like it!

Dogeared said...

I love the Richard Parker photo - very cute! And I liked seeing the portraits of everyone - you got some good photos! Welcome to 12 of 12 - hope you enjoyed it and do it again :D

Helen (12er)

Keesha aka PrissyCook said...

Hi, I accepted Mike's invitation to participate in 12 of 12 too. I loved seeing how you spent 2.12.09

Polt said...

Yeah, the 12 for the 12th is fun, I've been doing it for quite some time now. Lotsa good photos here, Enricyricardo!


hoteltuesday said...

Polt - yeah, I decided to do it because I figured emulating you would be a good idea... well, except for exposing my body on Thursdays :P