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Sunday, February 15, 2009


So last night I went over to Mat with one T's apartment to celebrate Valentine's Day.
He didn't pick me up til 8:30pm, so the night didn't last long, but it was still pretty nice.

But before I went to see Mat, I got my first Valentine's Day gift in the mail.

I got some lovely V-Day gifts including a card, candy and adorable hamster stickers!
Oh, and they were from Saint Michelle of course!

So Mat got me and we went to his apartment. I guess cause it was Valentine's Day he held the door open for me.

First, I watched him clean the dishes.

Then I watched him cook me dinner!

First he got the chicken out. Doesn't it look delicious?

He cut it up

and sprinkled marinade on it....

and put them in the pan to fry.

Meanwhile, the pasta was cooking

and the broccoli was doing whatever broccoli does. Steam?

Then it was all done and I got the finished product.

Which was delicious.
We ate and watched Top Iron Chef. It was the first time I watched the show and it was pretty decent.

We didn't watch a movie or go for a walk on the beach or anything cause I had work at 8am this morning. But it was still a nice night and I got chocolates! Mmm.

Thanks for dinner Mat E>


Polt said...

Well it's no freakin' surprise you love VD day! If I had a Mat with one T to cook me a meal and then watch TV with me, I might be a smidge more against the day as well.

Nah, I'd still hate it. But I'm glad you had a great evening!


Tam said...

So who got kicked off Top Chef? Is it all boys now? Wait, was that the one with the girl who got kicked off leaving 4? Seen it. Glad you had a nice night.

Milo said...

Sounds like a lovely evening!

Mat said...

actually it was iron chef :-P

hoteltuesday said...

I know... I don't know why I said Top Chef. So Tam, it wasn't that episode :P

Jake said...

I haven't watched Iron Chef is so long. I AM ADDICTED TO TOP CHEF though. It's kinda bad. Anyway, I love this post. And I'm jealous of your dinner. And that is all.

Michelle M. said...

I think Mark Dacascos (the Chairman) from Iron Chef America is a cutie.
Allez cuisine!

Craig said...

Wait, am I missing something? Are you and Mat LOVERS?

hoteltuesday said...

We were Valentines.

Mat said...

honestly, wouldn't mind playing both roles. shame our personalities aren't more compatible.

Anonymous said...

that is better then my night I stayed in the bed I was so sick. Gabi

Anonymous said...