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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

150 Degrees In The Shade

I'm sick!!

I started feeling sick around 12ish and it got worse and worse. At 5 I just passed out and slept for an hour.

I have a sore throat, a headache, body aches and my body is SO HOT (hehe).

So since I don't feel good, I guess I'll share a sick story.


One day in kindergarten I was sitting at a long table with the rest of my class, and I was seated at the head of the table (cause I was basically the king of my class). Suddenly, I started feeling sick. So I asked my teacher to go to the bathroom.

And she gave the stereotypical kindergarten teacher response:

So I just threw up all over the table.

Since I was at the head of the table, the vomit spread out and started dripping off the sides of the table. All the kids jumped out of their seats to avoid getting soaked with my vomit!

I haven't vomited today, but I still feel like death.
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(That 'vomit' is jump pumpkin seeds btw.)


Ryan said...

I hope you get well soon.

Michelle M. said...

Ha! That teacher is exactly what I look like after spending a week with 20 kids. And "Heck No" is our motto, by the way.

Drink your fluids and get some rest!

Polt said...

Erickyricardo, I've been sick since Monday. Got most of the puking out of the way on that day, but have felt like crap every since. Well...felt a little less crappy each day. If things get no worse, I'll probably try to go to work tomorrow. But since Sunday night, I've only had a few bites of cereal, half a bowl of soup, and two peices of toast with a cup of tea. Other than water! Drink LOTS of water kid. And rest. And just let it runit's course, I guess.

Hope you're real better, real soon!


john said...

Hmmm, you are sick.

Polt is sick.

Is there something you aren't telling us?

Seriously, I hope you are feeling better. Fluids, fluids, fluids and rest. Feel better soon.

Tam said...

John has a point. Are you and Polt sharing germs? ;-) Mojo that you get better real fast and don't have to vomit on anyone. Take care.