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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Day 14: Gotta Catch 'Em All

Day 14 was one of my favorite days!

We went fishing in the Gulf of Mexico!

At first, I wasn't so sure if I'd like it. After all, there were no fishing poles! We had to just throw out the line, then when we felt a tug, pull in the line. I figured that doing that with your bare hands would result in some pain. But it was fun!

Two people fished at a time. Christina and I were up first. Christina was the first one to catch a fish, and it was a decent sized barracuda.

Christina swapped places with Liz while I still waited for my first bite.

Then Liz caught one.

Then I felt worthless as Colleen switched with Liz and I still waited for my first bite.

Then Colleen caught one!

I was getting ready to cry when I got a bite! I pulled in my tiny barracuda.

But at least I caught something!

But after some cycling, I was up again, and this time I caught a bigger one!

Look how big it is! I think I had the biggest fish on our boat.

Altogether, we all caught 2 fish each.

When we got to the beach, I took a pic with my boat and our cool captain, Ángel.

The captains of the fishing boats then cooked the fish we caught that day! First they made ceviche. Of course I didn't have any!

But they also made all of these dishes....

So I just starved a little.
But one of the nice captains sailed back to the mainland and brought me back some delicious chicken!

Wasn't that nice? I felt bad he had to go back just for me, but it was so good, so I'm glad he did.

Then I took a stroll around the beach and found wood, a dead dolphin and plants.

After our fishtastic lunch, we headed back to the hotel. So of course I took the free time to walk around town.

I found this cyber cafe named after my BFF.

And el Palacio de Polt in Rio Lagartos was a little tacky with those horse heads all around.

And at the local high school, I found a goat tied up. I guess it's the school mascot or a class pet or something?

Then for dinner we headed back to Isla Contoy for the 3rd time.

I had some amazing grilled chicken.

Day 14 was Carlos' birthday! So his gf made him a cake and we sang to him.

Lindsay (the one I fed my marshmallow to) took another amazing picture (right side).

We headed back to the hotel for more birthday festivities. Someone got a piñata.

In order to attack the poor cow, you had to take a shot of tequila.

Here are some people swinging.

As you can see, a lot of people were kind of off in their aim. That's because Carlos had the piñata tied to a string and he kept moving it around when the people got close. He often swung the piñata so it attacked my schoolmates, which was kind of hilarious.

Well finally, it was cracked open and Mexican candy fell about.

Now those of you who know me are probably thinking I was thrilled that candy was all around for the taking.
And I was. Until I tried it....
Pretty much every piece of candy LOOKED like it was going to taste good, but had a chile center. And I don't really like spicy candy....


Jere Keys said...

OMG what are you doing to the adorable sea kittens?

Polt said...

Spicey candy is just wrong. And those horse heads were expensive, don't mock. :)

Still lovin' the trip, dude!


Tam said...

I would never touch a fish. Eat it sure, touch it? No way. Looks like more than candy fell out of that pinata based on that splotch on the floor. LOL I don't like spicy candy except cinnamon hearts and its almost cinnamon heart time.

Looks like another great day in sunny Mexico.

Michelle M. said...

It's not the size of the barracuda that matters...

How neat that the captain brought you some pollo!

Mexican candy is weird.

hoteltuesday said...

Tam - LOL

Jere - Sea kittens? Huh?

Anonymous said...

I heard the candy there has a lot of lead in it. You shouldn't eat it anyway. Is that really a dead Dolphin