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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Enrico’s Jungle Walk

~ GUEST BLOG ENTRY -- by Tam ~

Finally, after spending all of his time in Mexico learning and helping the locals, Enrico awoke to find that he had a whole day to explore on his own. He decided to go on a jungle walk to see if he could see any exotic Mexican wildlife.

As he walked, he heard the some amazing chattering overhead. Looking up he saw the cutest most adorable monkeys. Hmmm, they looked familiar ….

Further on, hidden in the leaves was the coolest looking iguana he’d ever seen. He was amazed how familiar the animals looked but he couldn’t put his finger on why.

He continued to walk enjoying the sounds of nature when he stopped, shocked. A gorgeous jaguar was facing him on the path. It was unlike any jaguar he’d seen in the zoo or in pictures. It seemed to sway with a rhythm that compelled him to start humming “Womanizer”.

Not much further, he came to an amazing Mexican temple hidden in the jungle for centuries. Could he really be the first to discover this amazing find?

After climbing to the top of the temple, Enrico arrived just as a beautiful bird descended to meet him. She promised him a life of immortality if he would fly away with her. He fell in love at that precise moment.

Just as he reached for her hand, she disappeared in a blinding flash of light. Enrico awoke to find himself in his 4 star Mexican hotel.

It had all been a dream. There had been no chattering monkeys, no handsome iguana, no beautiful jaguar and no heavenly parrot come to make him immortal. It was all the result of that gigantic burrito with extra hot peppers he’d had for dinner the night before.

But he’d always remember his dream.


john said...

Yay Tam! Excellent manipulation of the jaguar!

Michelle M. said...

Tam - Love it! Great minds think alike : ). And now I'm hungry...

Craig said...

That was awesome! And now I'm hungry because that burrito looks amazing.

Michelle M. said...

Going to Chipotle today for lunch because of that last photo.

Polt said...

I see from Puntabulous that you've returned! I hope safe and sound, and still just as cute as always!

Waiting for the photos and the thrilling tales of daring do!


Chris said...

Great post Tam! I like the jaguar. ;)