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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Day 6: Drive To You

Day 6 was by far the most boring day...

We woke up, had breakfast, then took a FIFTEEN HOUR bus ride across the peninsula.
So technically, we didn't really do anything this day!
And I couldn't even take nice pics because I was in a moving vehicle so everything came out blurry.

But at least we got to travel in a nice bus.

And this is how I look in it.

Hmm. I needed a shave already.

To pass the time I read Cold Mountain

and did People Crossword Puzzles.

We stopped for lunch at this place.

But since it was New Year's Day, it was closed.

So we went here instead.

That was closed too. So we went to this place instead.

So lunch was really good that day.

My friend got alcohol and I thought it was nice that the bottle has a warning that if you drink, you will die.

I did take a couple pics that didn't come out blurry.

And of course I passed a Palacio de Polt in my travels.

And some kids playing soccer. I thought that was cool.

And I also saw my first Mexican train...

with some people hanging on the back!

And I saw this truck with a bunch of people in the back.

And the military is EVERYWHERE in Mexico btw. They have checkpoints all along the road. The soldiers come in your vehicle to check for stuff. My professor said that they make you give them money so they leave you alone. One told my professor, "I want a coffee and I'll be happy. Give me 30 pesos and I'll let you guys go" or something. Isn't that nice?

We finally reached our destination but went right to sleep. I was in cabin 6.

And our beds had green mosquito netting! I thought that was cool too. Green's my favorite color.

Sorry that day was so boring!
(but imagine being on the bus for 15 hours!)


Polt said...

Even stuck on a bus for a boring 15 hours, you still thought of me. How sweet. :)

And don't you ALWAYS need a shave? :)

I hope the rest of your trip picked up a bit! :)


Tam said...

OMG, 15 hours on a bus, tht would kill me. Seems like a pretty basic cabin. I am so spoiled now. Who would have thought Mexican's are so into purple houses.

Michelle M. said...

All those Palacios de Polt -
Reminds me of one of my favorite books when I was a kid, Mr. Pine's Purple House:

Green's my favorite color, too!