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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Day 11: Duermo... Solo?

For those of you who liked Days 8, 9 and 10, good news; Day 11 was another pyramid day!

Kind of.
It was the last day we visited Mayan ruins, and our last day in the 'jungle' scene. After today, we moved on to the... wetter part of the trip.

The day started in the ruins of Ek' Balam. We were only there for like 20 mins.


You'll notice in that last picture some authentic Mayan tarp.

After walking about the ruins, we returned to the entrance to procure bicycles! BUT before we got our bikes, I overheard some gossip from the Mexicans running the joint... about us!
It went something like this:

"Do they speak Spanish?"
"They look tired already and they've only been walking around."
"They're gonna be too tired for the bike ride. Haha."
"Haha. Those lazy Canadians."

So we got on our bikes. Here's my friend Christina on her bike

and me on my bike, although you can't really tell in this picture.

We rode our bikes to our final cenote. This time, I actually swam a lot and therefore took less pictures. However, this cenote was awesome, as we got to zip-line!

Here's Monica zip-lining.

I did it too, of course. But no one took a pic. One girl tried but missed. But it's OK; it was fun and I won't forget it, even without a pic!

Then I went rappelling.

As you can see, the harness was SUPER comfortable....

See those men at the bottom in the tubes? They're in charge of unhooking the harness. But mine was in love with me! It took SO LONG to get it off.

After the cenote, we headed to the co-op in Ek' Balam.

I love pics with people looking out the window :)

I love this sign:

And there was another, interesting sign right next to my cabaña....

Sweet. An army of ants was right next to my room.

Here's my cabaña.

I actually really like the building itself. It had a king sized bed too!

There were three doors in the room, all of which led outside. Even the door to the bathroom! That's because the bathroom was a different building, located right next to the cabaña. There was a charming little walkway to reach it too.

There was no scheduled time to visit the town, so before dinner I headed out during my free time to see the town. While I was about to head out with Christina, this woman stopped us and told us to hop into her vehicle. So we did!

She brought us to the town where we played soccer with the native children!

I am so glad we got to do this, as it wasn't scheduled, but was just as awesome as all of our planned events.

Some of my players had to leave mid-game though... so my team in the end looked like this:

While Christina's looked like this:

But I had the MVP on my team (he left towards the end) so we won.

We headed back for dinner.

Which was really good!

Then some peeps played this game where you push each other.

And I found this cute bug on the kitchen floor!

After dinner we went back to our cabañas for rest.

The night in Ek'Balam was BY FAR the worst of the trip!

And my roommate fell asleep in a friend's cabaña so I spent it alone!

At one point, I woke up because I felt something in my bed that I thought was a snake or giant bug. I flipped out, throwing my sheets around and trapping myself in a tangle of sheets and netting. Finally, I realized nothing was in bed with me. I did find a pencil, so maybe I thought that was some animal?

Later in the night, I woke up to a fluttering noise above my head. I shone my flashlight on the ceiling and saw a bat flying around. This didn't frighten me as I'd seen many bats in Mexico and didn't think it could get through the mosquito netting. But then, I heard a different, louder noise. I looked to the side of my bed and this huge bird was sitting on my dresser, screaming at me. THAT was scary.

But I turned off my light and prayed to God I wouldn't die and finally fell asleep.

But hey, Ek' Balam wasn't ALL BAD.

We found Beyoncé there after all!


Jere Keys said...

I suspect you encountered Xecotcovach, a bird which, according to Mayan lore, tore the eyes out of the first men. The Demon-bird servitor of Alom, His name means "Face-Gouger". You are lucky to have survived the night with your face intact. ;)

-jeff said...

OMG seriously I'm never going to Mexico.

There's not a chance in hell I'd be able to sleep with any of that stuff (bugs, bats, or birds) hanging out around me.

Question: Why were you sleeping with a pencil???

Also... I can understand why the grapple latch guy took a while. With the size of that package even UPS wouldn't be able to handle it all.


Polt said...

I had a bat in my bedroom once...bad scene really. Especially since I didn't have any netting. I did have a boyfriend who was a zoo science major, so i let him handle it.

But I digress....

I just gotta ask, Enrico, do you EVER smile? I'm not sure I've seen a photo of you yet with a smile. WOuld be a good thing, methinks.

Oh, and thanks for the view from the top way would I see it otherwise.


Tam said...

Gee Jere, way to reassure the guy. ;-)

Oh hon, your night sounds horrible (for you, hilarious for me). And hey, is it pick on Canadians day? Congrats on winning your soccer game though and despite the wildlife that cabana looked very cool. Hopefully you had no further close encounters with a pencil.

Ross Heutmaker said...

I love the picture of you and your soccer team!

And I can totally imagine someone waking up to a squawking, face-gouging bird and screaming in terror! HAHA!

Michelle M. said...

Pencils are scary.

A zip line - what fun! I'm putting that on my bucket list.

Pau said...

Hi! Not to be a bitch, but that 'solo' in the title never lleva tilde. Sólo cuando desempeña una función adverbial sí se tilda... Pero hasta en este caso, no hace falta; solamente sirve para evitar ambigüedades. Ok, no más grammar rant.

Anyway, I enjoy reading your blog. I hope my unsolicited observation isn't completely obnoxious.

Take care!

hoteltuesday said...

- I was sleeping with a pencil because I was writing in my journal right before I fell asleep. I didn't want to undo the mosquito netting just to put my journal away, so I just slept with the journal and pencil in bed.

And what? I always smile! I'm smiling in some of the pics in THIS entry! lol.

Everyone should put zip-lining on their bucket list! Especially over a cenote!

Thanks Pau! I swear, I thought about that for a long time, saying it over and over and wondering about the accent. But that makes sense (like in your comment, how it's used for "only," so it gets a tilde). Thanks for catching that and letting me know!

Anonymous said...

one time i had a little spider on my ceiling and Aubrey wouldn't wake up and kill it so i stayed up for hours with the light on until i fell asleep. Enrico you are so brave fighting of creatures with a pencil

Michelle M. said...

Ricardo Parker...