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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Edward Norton!

Yesterday I went to the movies with Shanique. We saw Edward Norton!!! I mean, The Incredible Hulk.

Shanique used my NEW phone to take a pic of me standing next to Mr. Norton. It had no shutter sound, so I didn't know when the pic was being taken, which is why I look so awkward.

I really enjoyed the movie! I think the Spider-man movies will probably be my favorite comic book inspired movie, but this movie was pretty good. I don't know why critics are complaining about the lack of character and story. I mean, there WAS a lot of action (which was interesting and well-choreographed) but the movie wasn't mostly action.

I think the Bruce Banner character was fleshed out. I felt for him. Oh wait, maybe I just wasn't paying enough attention to the story because Ed Norton was on the screen the whole time...

Then again, when it comes to characterization, Liv Tyler kind of got left out. She was just on the verge of tears and acting sympathetic the entire time. But seriously, we know we're seeing an action film. so we don't expect complexity to such a high degree in every character anyway.

I'm kinda upset about the 'feud' between Ed Norton and Marvel. Apparently Norton rewrote the script to add the lacking characterization that critics see, but his script was not used in the final product. I'd be mad too. But it's being said that he probably will not reprise the role in The Avengers movie. That sucks.

I think he should just meditate and think of how happy he'll make fans by returning...

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