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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Employee Relations

So the other day at work, I might have gotten into a confrontation with a co-worker. Here's the story.
(Please note that because I could not take pictures of my co-worker, and because my digital camera doesn't work anyway, I have used two Hollywood actors to portray myself and my co-worker).

In the restaurant where I work as a busser, we have an outside patio, known as "the back." So the other day I come into work and set up the back, meaning put plates, silverware, and cups on each table. While I was setting, I noticed that my co-worker was watching me. When I went inside, she started what would become a most memorable work experience...

So, after this cold-hearted sarcasm made me cry and almost quit my job, this waitress didn't tip me after a hard day's work.
So I told my manager and may have gotten her fired. Oops.

But she was at work with me TODAY and again, her sarcasm made me cry.

Unnecessary right?

Me....................................Edward Norton
Mean Waitress....................Jennifer Lopez

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