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Thursday, June 19, 2008


Certain moments in your life stay with you until you die. Not only do they define who you are, but they influence you and even change you so much that these moments eventually shape the lives of your children. Examples of such moments include birth, going through puberty, your first love, loss of virginity, marriage, etc.

Well today, such a moment happened to me: I got my ABC card, meaning that I can serve alcohol at my place of employment!!

So first I had to go to the police station and fill out a form. BOO to police! At least I like filling out forms... that aren't stupid like this one!!

Here is my co-worker Ryan filling out a form.

She's brand new at the restaurant and she's really cool. Too bad she got sent to the police station on her second day of work!

So the form was basically ridiculous! Place of birth?!? Am I just supposed to know that off the top of my head without my birth certificate? I had to text my mom to find that out.

Plus, look at the numbering! 5. is Zip Code, 6. is Date of Birth. Well what about "Phone Number," crammed between the two? I guess that would be 5.5. But honestly, all it is is an example of bad form making!

So after AN HOUR of waiting, I had to go get my picture taken. The cop said "You look like you're ready to beat the sh*t out of somebody! You wanna f*ck someone up?"
YES! A COP said that!

Then my life basically ended cause I had to give him TWENTY-FIVE DOLLARS for this stupid card!!

Isn't my smirk amazing?
So I actually liked my pic and my card. When I got back to work my manager took the card and I'll never see it again. All that for nothing.

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