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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Life as a Busser: Water and Bread

I haven't been able to update recently because I've been working A LOT.
So I figured I'd share something about my job.

The main things that bussers are in charge of are water and bread.

When a table first comes, I have to ask them what type of water they want BEFORE their server asks for drink orders.


Here are some of the most popular responses (all taken from real life!!)




Once the server takes the menu away, I have to bring out bread.
Now the problem with my job is that we offer all different kinds of bread.


Meaning that a table will see bread come out for one table and then get a completely different type of bread! So of course they lie and say they need a SPECIFIC type of bread, aka the bread that the table next to them got! Other complaints involve the temperature of the bread and the lack of butter...




And although these people can annoy me, I'm really glad to work in the restaurant business so that I can meet all types of crazy people.


Dave S. said...

Hey, Dave S. from Puntabulous way here. Since Craig's on hiatus for a week, I decided to randomly click on people's names and I noticed yours finally had a link. :-)

This entry is fuckin hilarious! "Don't bother. My meal is ruined." and "Can I have butter? No." made me literally laugh out loud. I bussed and waited tables all through college and this is *so* how people are. :-) Awesome post.

Oh, and my one pet peeve: when customers would call me "Sweetie" or "Hon." Like I was their hired kitchen boy fetchin' the vittles. :-P

I've always said, though, that if I ever lost my job, I'd go back to restaurant work -- the tips are great and (generally) the people are cool.

hoteltuesday said...

Hey Dave S! Thanks so much for checking my blog out. I didn't make it a link til recently cause I'm super bad at updating in a timely manner and didn't want to advertise my lack of discipline.

Luckily for me, I'm done bussing for the moment and just started serving. That's even more enjoyable because I get to talk to the customers (and see their craziness) even more! And yeah, I can't complain at all cause it's definitely the highest paying job I ever had.

And again, thanks for stopping by!