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Saturday, July 26, 2008


So I've been absent lately.
I haven't really had a computer to save my pictures on and update from, etc.
But now I have a new Macbook!!
Onwards to yoga....

Yesterday Claudia and I went to Work Out World (never thought I'd go there!) to attend a yoga class!

The class was really fun, but easier than the yoga class I took earlier in the week. We did a lot of the positions over and over and OVER. But it was still cool.

I even remembered some of the positions this time! Like Downward Facing Dog!

Warrior II:

Child's Pose:

I don't know the name of this one, but Claudia does it better!

I don't know the name of the following pose either, but I liked doing it

We also did a special version of a bridge, but this kind of bridge was meant to break your neck.

And then my favorite pose of the class was probably the shoulder stand. I had a little more finesse than Claudia when it came to getting into position for the master class move!

And the final result looks like this:

Claudia made up for her bad shoulder stands by doing some amazing hand stretches.

And this wasn't even a move we did in class, but I felt like showing off...

And then we all ended class in this position, so we would be calm and relaxed and ready to have a peaceful night.

After class, we used like 2 machines in the actually gym before I realized that I was working out and quickly put an end to that! But we did find this huge room and I decided to do some exercises on those huge bouncy ball things.

We then used the mirrors in the room to do a choreographed dance to Danity Kane's "Damaged" and finally left the gym, continuing our adventure in other places....
I'll update about that later.


dave491 said...

Okay, since I commented on one entry already today, I might as well comment on another...

I always wanted to try yoga, but figured I'd look like an idiot. :-/ Not that I don't normally look like an idiot. It would just be more so.

And for my comment on working out, I'm sure you've read my debate with Craig:
And just FYI: I won. ;-)

Dave S. said...

Okay, that's weird, since Blogger pulled from my blogger profile instead of my current one...

Didn't want you to be confused as to who left that last comment. :-P

hoteltuesday said...

Yeah, I remember that debate. But know that I definitely am part of the anti-working out club. Yoga is the closest I'll come to working out. haha.

And you should really try it some time! I thought I'd look stupid too but everyone in the class is completely in their own space (and probably thinking they look like idiots too) so no one is paying attention to you. Besides, a lot of the time you have your eyes closed.