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Friday, June 13, 2008

New Phone

I finally got my new phone!

I was due for an upgrade and got the AT&T Tilt.

So far, I really love the phone. At first I was not so thrilled with the touch screen idea, but now I use the touch screen functions a lot. I even tend to type using the touch screen rather than the QWERTY keyboard that slides out.

My last phone was an older Blackberry, and it annoyed me.

I did like the keyboard and the way the messages showed the message history, but I still didn't love the phone. I missed Windows Mobile (which the Tilt has) and it had no camera or even picture messaging!

Here's a picture of me using my Blackberry (and that's my roommate Ross!)

Now, I don't normally look bad in pictures. So the fact that I look bad while using my Blackberry must mean that it wasn't the right phone for me.

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