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Friday, January 15, 2010

PRJNCT: Final Runway Show Results

The moment you have all been waiting for (since August 2009) is finally here! It's time to unveil the winner of Project Runway: JNCT! This time, I tried to make the post spoiler-free so that you can't just scroll down and see the winner. So make sure you click on the picture links!

In the thrilling finale, the final three designers Adam, Enrico and Michelle M. sent their final collections down the runway, where prox 1,000 years later, the judges finally sent in their votes. In order to hear the results, the (1, 2) 3 finalists joined together in a conference call with the producers.

Well, Michelle was supposed to be on the phone, but for some reason Malaria answered and said that Michelle was "not available"....

Anyway, here is what the judges had to say.

Collection #1 - Judges thought that collection 1 was fun and flirty. The looks were very marketable and could easily be found in (the clearance rack of) Target. And some judges applauded the bravery of the designer in sending a bathing suit down the runway. However, some judges had a problem with how accessible the line was; they thought the collection looked cheap and homemade, not like pieces of high fashion. While the construction wasn't poor, the pieces did look somewhat sloppy and unfinished compared to the other collections. And while few judged complained about the bathing suit, one judge thought the other two designs didn't hold up the standards expected in the final collection: "The pattern on the fabric used for the skirt in the first look should never be used for anything but the inside of something, if ever. Plus the top is boring. And the third look uses the same dumb fabric and a similarly boring top." Angry judge called this collection "gross."
Mom says:
1st piece: I like it
2nd piece: I don't like it
3rd piece: I don't like it.

Collection #2 - Judges thought that Malaria's designer continued to make flawlessly constructed looks in their final collection. The outfits were impeccably made and fit the model perfectly, accentuating her curves while masking her troubling life off the runway and making Malaria look presentable. The first look received mostly positive reviews and was called colorful and fun, though some judges thought it was too simple. The second look was seen as the weakest of the collection, as it was called matronly and unflattering for the young model. One judge said questioned the appearance of white pants while one judge called the look "MAD PLAIN" and thought it was something that only "a sixteen year old trying to get into The Roxxy would wear." The third dress garnered the most comments. Some judges loved the flamenco-inspired dress, calling it the standout piece in the entire runway show. Judges loved the color, the fit, and the hair accessory on this fun and attention-grabbing design. However, one opposed judge thought the dress would only be worn by a woman going through a midlife crisis.
Mom says:
1st piece: Se parece como un chorizo mal amarado. (It looks like a badly-tied sausage.)
2nd piece: I don't like it.
3rd piece: I don't like it. It looks like a banana peel. The naked men look better. I like their butts.

Collection #3 - The designs that Clifford wore down the runway were called clean, fresh and chic. The color scheme was soothing and appealing; the third dress being black and white made the look stand out even more and prevented the collection from being one-note in terms of color, unlike the other collections. Judges seemed unsure of the first look, which was called "a little weird" by one judge. While the look was nice for going to the office, some judges questioned whether it fit the theme or the other designs in the collection. The second look was called simple, elegant and marketable. The cut was interesting and accentuated the model nicely. However, some judges thought the construction could have been a little cleaner. Like collection 2, the third look was seen as the strongest look. The dress was chic and the carefully cut out pattern looked great at the top of the dress. The designer took a risk with this busy pattern, but it paid off thanks to the construction and shape.
Mom says:
1st piece: I don't like it. It looks unfinished, sloppy. I don't like what's wrapped around her neck; it looks like a piece of scrap wrapped around her neck.
2nd piece: Pretty
3rd piece: Pretty on top but not on the bottom. Not even.

The contestants nervously awaited their fate....

And the first eliminated contestant... coming in at THIRD place, was...


Congrats on your long run contestant! You sent some decent looks down the runway and will receive your 3rd place prize shortly: sympathetic comments from Hotel Tuesday readers!

The final two contestants prepared themselves for the big news.

Malaria braced herself in case she was declared the loser....

Finally, after MONTHS of competition, the winner was declared as...


And then!

AND SO....

The winner was sent their amazing 1st place prizes:
- a used BRAND NEW car
- money to start their own fashion line (aka a gift card to Jo-Ann Fabric & Crafts)

The winner, bathed in a celebratory glow, immediately enjoyed their prizes and drove off into their promising future.

And so the season is over! Congrats winner!!

Thanks so much to:
- My judges
- My readers who shared in the pain and joy (and patiently waited for me to finish the Fall '09 semester)
- Polt for being the mentor!
- And of course, my participants! You were all wonderful and far exceeded my expectations! I am so glad that each and every one of you decided to participate. The season wouldn't be the same without you!


john said...

BWAAA!!! Adam, you'll always be a winner in our hearts.

I think Enrico (who's phone faces are adorable) rigged the contest until he saw Malaria's butcher knife.

CONGRATULATIONS Michelle, I mean Malaria! Kermit YAAAAY! The Fava beans were a great touch!

Oh and if Mom is single, give her my number, I'm still laughing at "I like their butts."

Craig said...

Yay! Congratulations everyone! Love all the pics, especially the blood spattered bumper in the celebratory pic!

Chris D. said...

Awesome! It is great to finally have a sense of closure to this contest. It was very fun, and totally unlike anything I have done before. Enrico, thanks so much for all the effort you put into running this contest!

Michelle is pretty amazing, and totally deserves to win. Congratulations!

Adam, It must feel amazing just to make it to the finals. The competition was very serious! So many of you guys are really great designers.

I also love Enrico's dramatic phone faces. He looks very cute with the short hair.

Polt said...

YAY Michelle! You deserved the win for the Queen Of Hearts alone! :)

And congrats to all the contestants, cause there's not a single thing any of you did that wouldn't have kicked the ass of anything I tried to make!

Man, if I'm not mistaken, this took so long someone could have conceived a child at the beginning and birthed it before the end! But good things come to those who wait, right?


David said...

Stop being so friggin' magnanimous, Enrico, you make the rest of us attention whores look bad.

Congrats to all, this was (sort of) well worth the wait.

Tam said...

Awww. You're such a sweetie Enrico. (I think you just didn't want that pink car.) Yay Michelle and great job Adam. I think it was pretty close.

You were amazing to do all that work to keep us amused Enrico, posting the results and counting votes took a lot of your time you could have spent sobbing over depressing poetry and sad lyrics. I appreciate your sacrifice.

It was a blast to be part of both seasons. Hugs to all my fellow contestants.

hoteltuesday said...

john: I didn't rig anything!!! My friends voted against me all the time and didn't know which model I had. >:O

Craig: Me too! Michelle pays such close attention to detail.

Chris: Thanks and thanks! :)

Polt: Yeah... and I thought Malaria got pregnant at one point. Guess she took care of it?

David: To quote Josh, "Ew rude."

Tam: Thanks for commenting on all the work I put into it. You should share your feelings with David >:|
And I'm so glad you were a designer this season!

Michelle M. said...

I'm not sure I like winning by concession - but Malaria has absolutely no qualms about it.

I had such a great time with this - thanks Enrico, for letting me take part. And thanks to all the contestants (and Polt), too. It was such fun playing/commiserating with you all. You guys are the best : ).

that's J-O-S-H said...

While I waited for you to put up this blog, I carried my joy on the left and my pain on the right...that's just how I roll...

Adam said...

Hey, third place ain't bad! My fashion line for Target stores nationwide bows this Spring. Thanks to everyone for keeping me in the competition so long! Congrats to Enrio & Michelle! :)

john said...

Enrico: You know I am only teasing!

This was so much fun, I only wish I didn't have to drop out in the middle of the competition. I had a blast in this contest and really looked forward to each challenge and the judging. Mom still makes me laugh.