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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ink On A Pin

I come from a pretty tattooed family. My mother has prox. a dozen tattoos and both of my sisters have like four or something.

And now my friends are starting to get tattooed as well. Stevenson, Steph, and Delisa were all tattooed prior to 2010.

And just a few days ago, Christie went to get her first tattoo.

All this tattoo talk makes me think, "Should I get one?" Of course, I can't do anything without getting approval from my readers! So, help me pick one out.

Obviously, my tattoo would be related to something I'm passionate about.

How about a tattoo that resembles my favorite singer?!?! Y'all know I love Britney and Mariah. How about one of these?

Or maybe James Brown?

Although I don't often discuss religion, I am a practicing Smuthzian so maybe I'll get a tat of Jesus Christ!

I also love video games. So maybe I'll get a tattoo of a classic video game character, like Ryu from Street Fighter, the Duck Hunt dog, or Mario and Luigi!

In order to make the tattoo look like the actual person, you have to find an amazing tattoo artist.

So maybe I'll just stick with something easy and CLASSY, like simple writing!

That last dude had the right idea! He quoted the wonderful Goo Goo Dolls song, "Iris." If I do get a tattoo, I think I would get some lyrics scribbled somewhere on my emaciated frame.

I'd probably get something that Stevie Nicks wrote. How about?

Never have I been a blue calm sea / I have always been a storm

While I do love that quote (it's depressing, beautiful, and written by Stevie!), it is a little long. I was also thinking about the Leona Naess lyric:

So long, big love

It's short, simple, and depressing! Perfect. I would want the tattoo hidden kind of, so that only the one I marry will ever see it. I was thinking about maybe the thighish area. How's this look?

Even if I do get one, it won't be until I'm at least 30 years old or something, so I have a while. What do you say? Should I get one?! What kind? Do you have some?!?!


Polt said...

I've got one. I waited until I was 34 to get one, so you'd be in good company with waiting.

If you want a Stevie lyric, why not "bring to me your leather, take from me my lace"? Not that that really has ANYTHING to do with you, but I think it'd be funny to see tattoed on you.

If you got that on your waist, it'd probably circle you more than once as lean as you are! :)


that's J-O-S-H said...

Mi hermana y yo were supposed to go get tatted in November, but it never ended up happening. I DO plan on getting mah alphabet ink sometime in 2010. Fingaz crossed that it's major cheap city!

Tam said...

I was 28 for the first. But I'm all in favour of them. Ummm. You could get this one, Ahem. I kid, I kid.

I want to get this on my back. But in colors that match my parrot. It will be expensive though so I'm not sure, maybe next year.

The kidlet and I love to mock bad tattoos and often send them to each other, there are some beautiful things out there too. I like random swirly designs now, more tribal stuff with colors, like my second link doesn't scream that. It has to be something YOU love, not what I love. You'll have it for a very long time so design it yourself for best results or fall in love with it first. Although my bird I saw and within minutes knew it was for me. I still love it, more since I got it re-inked and it's all pretty again.

Jere Keys said...

I got my first on when I was 21 and my second one last year. I know what my next (and probably last) one will be when I have a few extra bucks to drop on it, but I'm in no rush.

that's J-O-S-H said...

Jere: What ARE your tattoos and what do you want to get nexxxt?!

David said...

While I will never get a tattoo, I think they can be appealing on others if chosen carefully and executed tastefully. I prefer small, discrete and artistic tattoos that don't scream "Trailer Park" or "I got really drunk!"

john said...

I'm surprised you want one Enrico. I wouldn't have guessed this about you.

I'm not a fan of words on people as I think these things fade with time and lose their meaning. If you get words, make sure they know the quote and can spell all the words properly, I could tell you stories.

I also find memorial tattoos a little disturbing. My nephew (who reminds me of Enrico) has a tattoo on his ribs. He said it was the most painful thing he has ever experienced. His brother has a tattoo of Houdini (al-la-the Wikipedia photo) on his arm done by Kat Von Dee. It is beautiful.

I'm with David here, I have no desire for one. I don't know what I would want on my body forever.

hoteltuesday said...

Polt: I like that song! But it's nowhere as brilliant/DEPRESSING as "Storms," my fave FM song!

josh: Instead of around your ankles, you should get a random letter ALL over your body (A on your chest, B on your foot, C on your thigh, D on your skull) and it will symbolize how words/language is important and covers ALL of you!!

Tam: I like the second one! (And your sweet pic with 'parrot here' is funny.) EXPENSIVE?! I didn't even consider price when writing this entry. Ugh, sick. I hope mine is free!

Jere: Please tell me it's not Glee related. And if it is, it better be Lea while singing "Take A Bow"!

Josh: You don't know his tattoos?! He did a blog entry about them!

David: What about Josh's future tat? Do you approve?

john: Yeah, I don't want many, and think that song lyrics are important. There are some lines/songs that I honestly believe will always be a part of me. I obviously am going to wait like a decade to make sure it STILL has meaning, but music is so important to me (and the quotes I chose have meaning for me personally) so I should be ok. I'll keep you updated in 10 years!
Kat Von Dee?! You have connections?! She should do Josh's full-body alphabet tattoo!

Garret of Jim and Garret said...

I have a sun on my ankle. That's it. I really don't want anymore. I think too many are icky. ;-)

Anonymous said...

If you get something tattooed high on your thigh, it will stay hidden. However, you'll have to let your tattoo artist shave the area and handle you in places that are as of yet unhandled. They will also take pictures to add to their portfolio to be shown to future patrons either online or in a photobook in the shop.

So, while most of your friends and family won't be seeing it, hundreds - and possibly thousands - of strangers will on a daily basis.

But, if you insist on it, the "more depressing" of the two quotes you came up with seems to fit you more - and I mean that in the most positive of all possible ways.

PS: If you feel like going the "I'm awesome" self-referential meta-humor route, it seems like you're neglecting a good opportunity for a Martel quote: "Something to Make you Believe in God" tattooed over your genitals.

Just sayin'.

Justin said...

I'm not a big fan of tattoos, PERsonally. Though on some guys they can be ... appealing, in a kind of ... naughty way :-) I've seen some tattoos on women that were quite pretty, too. As long as they were very small & tasteful.

I prefer the natural unaltered human being look.

I do have to go and search through Jere's blog now to find his, though. I'm curious.

M. Nicodemus said...

I have wanted to get a tattoo for a long time, but I keep changing my mind as to what I want! Over the years I have flip-flopped from tribal to Celtic designs, black and white to color, etc. I figure if I can go one full year without changing the design then I will get it done.

Things I do know I want in a tattoo:

1. Must have a dragon
2. Located on my back between shoulder blades
3. Be approx 7"-10" in diameter

hoteltuesday said...

Garret: But those peepz who cover their entire bodies are so interesting! I would just like looking around to see what they could possibly want to cover every inch of their skin with. It's like an intricate work of art.

Shua: NO! Did you not see the illustration I did?! That dude has underwear on. I would too.

Justin: Naughty?! Like that famous dragon tattoo??

M. Nico: I think this tattoo looks great!

Michelle M. said...

I'm with David and John.

Michelle M. said...

Okay - I've given it some thought. You could get a tattoo of a button.

I would get a tattoo of a hamster with the words "Richard Parker 4-evah!"

Chris D. said...

I am not attracted to tattoos on myself or others.

I like the idea of waiting till you are older. It is good to think about it for a few years. If you need to have one, then small, discrete and hidden is the best way to go in my opinion.

Tam said...

That is a nice dragon. I'd like to see his back. Needless to say tattoos work for me in a big way, on me and on others. *shrug* To each his own.

I should have clarified GOOD tattoos.

C. L. Mac Neil said...

Darling go for STEVIE and go for the ribs :) thighs expand a lot and its not how like... regular spots for tattoos expand and contract. They seem to shift a lot, my thigh tattoo gets the most stretch of any of my tattoos.


Justin said...

"my thigh tattoo gets the most stretch of any of my tattoos" Heh :-)

At least it's not like the "Pretty Lady" lower back tattoo in that SNL parody commercial. ;-)

M.N. -- "MUST" have a dragon? There should be a law against nerds getting tattoos ;-)

Josh - maybe you should watch The Pillow Book before getting yourself tattooed all over.

hoteltuesday said...

Michelle: WOULD GET? I thought you already have that tattoo?! Richard Parker is going to be hurt when he finds out...

Chris D.: I was gonna make a joke about you have a huge tattoo on your back, but then I remembered your most recent blog post and realized I couldn't get away with it :P

Tam: I like that dragon too! I like tattoos that wrap in some way (like the shoulder in that one, or around the ribs).

Cara: But if I get it on my thigh, I can cover my stretchmarks!! (And I didn't know you had a blog... that you rarely update)

Justin: Josh isn't getting tattooed all over! Just around his ankles. The 'all over' idea was mine.

Jere Keys said...

No, I didn't plan on a Glee-related tattoo, but now that you mention it... what do you think of this?

Actually, my next tattoo is going to be a copy of Nate Grey a.k.a. X-Man's chest tattoo.

that's J-O-S-H said...

Jere: The guy in the chest photo lookz like he has Hershey kissez for nipz. Weird!

Jere Keys said...

Josh: Don't you mean derrrrrricious?

Mel said...

The "In Loving Memory" one looks like she's about to drag you to Hell.

The underwear guy photo made me think of Lucky brand jeans. When you unzip them, the inside flap of the fly says "You got Lucky". Maybe you could get that somewhere, um, discreet.

hoteltuesday said...

Ugh, sick. Hershey Kisses are only good for cheesy jokes about getting kisses. They're kind of boring. Just chocolate, in a diff shape.

Mel: OMG I hate that tattoo! And I hate the other portrait one even more. That little child looks like an evil doll! SCARY.

Anonymous said...

I don't have one but am getting one when I go back to school. I'm not going to say what it is here because I'll probably write an entry about it when it happens.

I say that if it's something that you're truly passionate about, then go for it. Don't get one just because everyone else in your family has one. And don't get one because all your friends have one. Get one because of you.

Justin said...

I'm with Milo. Piercings -- ouch!

Tee bee haitch I hope Joshrico keep themselves unmodified for years to come at least.

Tam said...

I like seeing someone else pierced but except for my ears (I've been on a rampage and got three new ones in the last year) I'm too much of a chicken. Not excessive of course, all things in moderation I say (except chocolate).

Eternal Lizdom said...

I'm generally a fan of a tat having meaning behind it- in honor of something, to represent something. I know some see it as body art. My BFF has a single tat- a gaelic letter over his heart to represent a dear friend who was murdered.

I'm not saying to wait for someone close to you to die!

But I do like knowing a story or meaning behind someone's tat, you know?

Milo said...

Ummmmmmmmmmmm I think you accidentally deleted the wrong comment as my comment from this morning has disappeared and the spammy comment from Anonymous is still up there.


At least, I hope it was an accident!

Ray Avito said...

The only tattoo I can think of that I wouldn't want to change a week later would be a crucifix, but I'd hate to give the wrong impression by having Jesus permanently etched into my body.

I know it's entirely wrong, but every time I look at that In Loving Memory tattoo I just bust out laughing and have to cover my face. It's just soooooo badly done...

hoteltuesday said...

hmwhat/Liz: Of course! Having meaning behind your tattoo is very important I think. I hate when people say "I think I wanna get a tattoo soon. I'ma start looking for cool designs."

Milo: Well, then you'll be glad to know I don't have any piercings... yet!

Ray: A crucifix? But what about the Jesus tattoo included in the post? You can bring in that picture and have it copied. (And it is terribly done!)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE LOVE my tattoo's!! Actually, my boyfriend and I got tattoo's on our first date!!


brad said...

I'm with John, I didn't take you to be the tattoo type and I wish you would pass on the idea. Hey,is that you in your new black children's extra large underwear?

M. Nicodemus said...

Enrico: That tat is awesome! I would totally go for an over-the-shoulder wrap-around tattoo like that, but I just don't think I am bad-ass enough to pull it off (my 133t gaming skills sadly do not translate to the real world). It would be like a Hell's Angel with a Hello Kitty tattoo; totally false advertising.

hoteltuesday said...

Brad: Don't worry! I'm gonna wait until I'm like 30!

M. Nico: I'd be more concerned about the PRICE of that thing... haha

Anonymous said...

if you get a tattoo you have to be really sure of it. i hate the one on my thigh. What i did was wait a year and if i still wanted it i got it. so be careful but you might as well join the family.


Anonymous said...

A big no for Britney. I love the girl so much since I was in high school but I have this feeling that it won't be okay to have her face printed int he skin.

I am thinking of one in the risk. I think thats sexy.

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