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Monday, January 04, 2010

It's Just That It's Delicate

For the first #MusicMonday Monday Music Moment of the year, I want to talk about crying. And of course, I mean crying while listening to music.

I remember the first time I ever cried while listening to a song. I had my old skool CD player with me as I accompanied someone to get their nails did. (I don't remember whether it was a sister or my mother.)

I was waiting for my female family member to pay the Asian lady and listening to Christina Aguilera's Stripped for the first time. I finally got to track 19, "I'm OK." And then, I got teary-eyed/confused!

While I probably cried to a song earlier than 2002, this is the first one I specifically remember. Since then, I've found my tear ducts working to Maria Mena, Brand New, Damien Rice, and of course, Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks.

So while me and my BFF think crying to songs is completely normal, not everyone does. Sometimes I'll say "That song made me cry!" and a friend will be like, "What?! You cry at music?! I only cry at movies (like Titanic)."

So readers, is it strange to cry to music? If not, what songs make you leak?!


Ryan said...

I've cried to songs. I don't see why we should be emotionally impervious to auditory-only stimuli.

PS - I was hoping that your hobby involved your underwear.

vegfarandi said...

Aw. I've only cried to songs during funerals. But since I'm getting tearier with every year, perhaps, one day, in the forseeable future, I'll start crying more.

Delisa said...

Yeah I cry to certain songs but it's mostly tied to me listening to a sad song while feeling sad/depressed. A few I can think of now: Jason Mraz "Mr. Curiousity," Snow Patrol "Run," and Straylight Run "Sympathy For the Martyr." It's normal to me that's why I don't get a lot of rap music that talk of nothing but material things and sex. No wonder they're all emotionally damaged lol.

that's J-O-S-H said...

Yay for crying to music! K. Perry's "Thinking of You," Matchbox Twenty's "Hang," P!nk's "Mean" and "What Sarah Said" by Death Cab For Cutie are guaranteed faucet-turners!

Mel said...

I cry all the time at songs. Since I saw "Billy Elliot", I can't hear "Swan Lake" without bawling. And at Xmas time, I have a recording of "Christmas in the Trenches" that sets me off. And, well, let's just say there are a lot of others.

Eternal Lizdom said...

I cry to music. Indigo Girls used to do it. These days, it tends to be musicals. Weird, I know. But something about listening to a soundtrack and envisioning what it would look like on stage- or even what it felt like onstage... The 2 musicals that always get me are Once On This Island and Jesus Christ Superstar.

Adam said...

I don't think I've ever cried @ music ... just tv shows, movies and commercials with sad cats and dogs.

Michelle M. said...

"Hurt" by Christina Aguilera brings a tear to my eye. But the "Macarena" truly makes me want to cry.

Craig said...

Songs generally don't make me cry. But if they did, these would:

What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong
Morning Song by Jewel
Always on My Mind by Willie Nelson

john said...

I don't have any specific songs that make me cry. I also don't cry at movies or tv shows or ads with sad cats or sad ads with cats. I think it may be because I am cold and dead on the inside.

that's J-O-S-H said...

Craig: "Always On My Mind" makez me cry constantly! Willie sounds so abused and decrepit [aka how is actually is]!

Jere Keys said...

Like Eternal Lizdom, musicals. I remember the first time I heard Miss Saigon and fell apart during the finale. Or realizing what the reprise of "Live in My House" meant on the Rent OBC recording. When I saw Spring Awakening on Broadway, I cried throughout pretty much all of act II and that hasn't stopped for audio-only experiences. There are non-musical songs that make my cheeks wet, but I can't think of any off the top of my head (except that Sarah McLachlan song they play at the end of Buffy season II - "Full of Grace" I think).

hoteltuesday said...

Ryan: I think that entry is being posted tomorrow!

vegfarandi: Songs at funerals?? I've never been to a funeral where they played music (except Taps). But my funeral is going to feat. "Thinking of You" by Katy Perry, "Desired Constellation" by Bjork, "Sober" by Kelly Clarkson and others!

Delisa: "Sympathy for the Martyr"?! That song is too upbeat! You should cry to "The Perfect Ending." That song is sad.

Josh: "Oh won't you walk through!" feat. leaning on door = me crying for decades!

Mel: Christmas music making you cry... You should check out Joni Mitchell's "River"!

Eternal Lizdom: Indigo Girls? Like on "Dear Mr. President"? That is a sad song. And seeing Spring Awakening almost made me cry! So did Gypsy.

Adam: Those commercials are brutal!

Michelle M.: "Hurt"?! I guess songs that C. Aguilera writes about her daddy make us both sad. And "Macarena" makes me cry too! Along with every GaGa song that is taking up room on the Billboard charts where good music should be!!

Craig: "Morning Song" is a happy song! "Foolish Games" or "Amen" are good crying songs.

john: You didn't cry at Titanic?! I don't believe you!

Jere: I don't know what you're talking about except for SA. The fact that I saw Lea Michele before I started to appreciate her so much makes me cry. I wish she went into "Take A Bow" during Spring Awakening!

Justin said...

Crying during songs? Isn't that what emo overwrought teenage music is all about? Of course I've cried during songs.

I think most of my favorite crying songs used to be by the Smiths. Especially "That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore", or "Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me". I also cried during "Love Will Tear Us Apart" by Joy Division, and others.

Most of my song-crying days were in my emo 20s. But about 10 years ago I did my eyes out once to the CD "Billie Holiday - 16 Most Requested Songs." Not even sure why.

I tend to try to go for more uplifting music these days if I can help it :-)

that's J-O-S-H said...

Jere: *"I'll Cover You"

john said...

Enrico: Sorry, didn't cry at the end of Titanic. Seriously, cold and dead on the inside.

David said...

First song I remember crying to was "Fathers and Sons" from Working, the musical. Totally caught me by surprise.

Tam said...

I don't cry a lot at music, but occassionally. The only song that consistently makes me tear up is "It's a Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong. It's not even a particularly sad song, but for some freaking reason it reminds me of my Grandpa who raised me and is not longer with us and even thinking about it makes me teary. Crap.

Way to go Enrico. Make me cry at work. Brat!

Anonymous said...

I don't think I have ever cried at a song, which makes me wanna cry! I am jelaous that a song has never made me feel some thing that emotional!! :o(


hoteltuesday said...

Justin: What's with all those old songs?! Don't you cry to any contemporary songs?

john: Don't believe you! Every time I see K. Winslet's gorgeous mug, I start crying.

David: Is that the one you sang?!

Tam: Crying at work is healthy! Now your co-workers know that you have real emotions!

TJ: Well that's cause you grew up listening to "I Don't Wanna Cry" by MC!

Anonymous said...

I cry to music all the time. Of course, I'm in a major that requires me to analyze music in an emotional way, so it's common for me to have an emotional response to music. There are certain songs that I like to listen to when I'm sad and I still cry from listening to them. And other songs that just make me so happy that I cry.

The song that I'm fixed on right now is "The Chain" by Ingrid Michaelson. It makes me cry because the lyrics are so good.

bourgtai said...

Anberlin's "The Unwinding Cable Car"

Jimmy Eat World's "Dizzy"

Switchfoot's "The Shadow Proves The Sunshine"

Francis Dunnery's "Good Life"

M. Nicodemus said...

Sorry, I don't recall ever crying to music. The only thing that can crack this cold stony heart are Disney movies. Yep, I bawled like a wuss during The Princess and the Frog. Go figure.

Tam said...

Seriously Nico? That movie was lame. It was when the toothless firefly died wasn't it? Sigh.

hoteltuesday said...

hmwhat: "The Chain" by Fleetwood Mac?! Love that song!

burgertown: Good job. I actually liked half of those songs.

Tam/M. Nico: Who DOESN'T cry when Ariel is on the rock singing "Part of Your World" while the waves crash around her?!?! And then again when she goes back in the ocean?! And then again when her papa uses his powers at the end?!

Chris D. said...

Perhaps it is cheating, but I cried during the death song in Charlotte's Web.

Usually just a song by itself won't make me teary. I need to be in the right mood.

Wonderful World can, It always reminds of a very sad episode of Magnum PI.

Puff the Magic Dragon can make me sad.

Mad World can also make me sad.

Slide by the Dresden Dolls makes me a combination of sad and angry.

M. Nicodemus said...

Tam: Yup, the damn firefly got me, asshole.

Enrico: Totally! When Triton chose to grant his baby girls one true wish even though he would never see her again... damn, it's even harder to think about it now that I have a baby girl!

callonmevalerie said...

Wow, I'm shocked that there are some people that haven't cried listening to songs. Maybe as a musician it just makes sense to be so have such strong emotional reactions to songs, but wow . . .

Sometimes I'll put on songs because it feels like I need to cry, and these songs will bleed me dry, and get it out of me and make me feel better. The choral piece "Sing Me To Heaven" (shut up, Josh) is one of absolute majesty where the lyrics and the composition go hand in hand. Jeff Buckley's "Hallelujah" is another. Recently, Regina's "Laughing With" has broken my heart to tears, along with her "Samson". Amy's "Back To Black" gets me every single time, too, as a tribute to my 2007.

Ray Avito said...

Depending on which mood I'm in, "Oh Father" by Madonna makes me cry and out of the blue, the first couple of times I listened to Lelia Broussard's "Scared To Feel" I got all teary eyed. Hopefully, I'll always be able to be moved by music, I love it.

Ally said...

I cry to songs all the time. Mostly Damien Rice, Regina Spektor, and Sigur Ros(Ara Batur really gets the water works going).