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Friday, January 29, 2010

Ghosts in the Attic: Take It Off

When I was younger, I actually used to see my extended family. Now, I see my siblings and my mother for a few months out of the year and never, ever see my extended family. I have cousins and aunts/uncles who I used to see all the time that I haven't seen in years.
Anyway, in this entry of Ghosts in the Attic, I discuss hanging out with some cousins and the VERY interesting games we played....

On Saturday and Sunday I wen't
to my cusin's house. I
played nintendo.
I played Aladin
and zombys ate
my nabor's.

See, I was in 1st grade and already loyal to Nintendo! Since my days playing Aladdin and Zombies Ate My Neighbors (the best SNES game ever!) I've managed to collect just about every Nintendo console and handheld system and am somewhat of a Nintendo fanboy. But my childhood days were not only spent playing video games. Apparently I got some exercise as well?!?

I watched T.V.
and played soccer.
I had fun at
my cusin's house.

Although I don't watch much TV now, I can see myself watching Are You Afraid of the Dark when I was in first grade. But playing soccer/exercising on my own free will?! I don't remember this. And now readers, get ready for the MOST AWESOME game I ever played at my cusin's house:

I played games
on a pole in the
dark and in the

Is a comment even necessary here?


john said...

Love the phonetic spelling and the drawings. Oh and the biggest periods ever in the second drawing. First grade Enrico sounds like a little perv is you ask me....I wonder it much has changed since then?

goblinbox said...

How old was the little creature who wrote these pages?

Garret of Jim and Garret said...

Love it. Pole dancer!

Anonymous said...

No one felt like putting out the effort to drop a "that's what she said"?

I'm disappointed in your subscribers.

Also, while drawing the pole and the car seem pretty straight forward, it's kind of strange that you felt compelled to draw a picture of darkness itself.

Furthermore, there were no pictures of you engaging in any activity. Most children are unable to depersonalize what they experience at that age. From all of your childhood journal pages you've posted, there isn't a single picture of yourself doing anything. Even in the picture of darkness where there's a clear pencil impression of the phrase "where is evrybody" there's not so much as a stick figure with a frown-y face. It's as if - from an early age - you were either unwilling or unable to personalize experience, rather that you viewed yourself as a passive observer rather than an active participant in your own life. Which would explain why you hate Camus.

...or something.

Either that or you were just kind of a weird kid who liked playing with himself in his cousin's garage. And that Freudian nightmare was only amplified in intensity by your cousin's family driving what appears to be the Oscar Meyer Weiner-mobile.

- 'Shua

Polt said...

Why punkin, you were doing some freaky-deaky, skanky pervy shit at a younger age than even I was!

I'm so proud. :)


that's J-O-S-H said...

Um...I hope you know that I own both a SNES and a copy of "Zombies Ate My Neighbors"...we should stay up all night sometime when we both are free [aka never] and play!

My favorite "episode" was the one wiff the giant baby that crushed you. WHY DID IT EXIST?! I never made it past the level wiff da sandworms. So hard and the characters (I was ALWAYS the girl) moved slower than that bitch from "Fatal Frame!"

hoteltuesday said...

john: I love my oversized periods! So random.

goblinbox: I was in 1st grade... I have no idea how old kids are in first grade though.

Garret: That's why I'm so thin now! I had a sweet exercise routine as a child.

Shua: Drawing the darkness was an insight into how obsessed I would become with depression, secrets, and other 'dark' subjects!

Polt: If I recall, you started that stuff in 5th grade, so I beat you by four years! Ha! Except that when I was in 1st grade you were already like a billion, so you technically beat me :)

Josh: Which giant baby level? IN THE MALL?! HARD!
"So hard and the characters (I was ALWAYS the girl) moved slower than that b*tch from Fatal Frame!" = LOL!!!!

that's J-O-S-H said...

So DIFICIL! I love the soundtrack and how it feat. baby cooing. Cute?

Milo said...

Sad that you don't see all those relatives any more. I'm the same. When I was a kid I saw all the extended relatives quite often and liked it. Now I hardly see any at all.

Ray Avito said...

!!!!! with an added ?????

I think it's so fantastic that your diary entries had illustrations. Snazzy!

Michelle M. said...

Cute - all your illustrated people are wearing hats.

Jake said...


Delisa said...

I remember pole dancing as a child too. Not in the garage though, I stuck to the basement.

Craig said...

LOL that last one is priceless!

Tam said...

Whoa. Polt takes a hit to the solar plexus.

Yeah, those basement poles were where I'm sure pole dancing originated.

Anonymous said...

I remember that time, you were the best on the pole.