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Sunday, November 29, 2009

PRJNCT: Final Runway Show

It's finally here... It's time for the Final Runway Show of PR:JNCT!

But before the final designs are unveiled, a correction must be made to the previous PR post. The producers forgot to give out a very special award.

Judging PR:JNCT designs can be hard. If fashion is based on aesthetics, how can one judge one design as better than the other? Each challenge, I asked my judges to rate each look that walked down the runway and now I am giving out one final award: Favorite Judge.

And the winner is....

Congrats Mom! Mom constantly provided valuable, honest feedback that made the designers laugh and cry at the same time. Whether she was applauding the one or two designs she actually liked or criticizing all the others, Mom always told it how it was. And for that, she wins the Favorite Judge award.

Now, back to the finale.

The contestants got their final words of advice from Polt Gunn:

Polt Gunn here, offering advice on the finale of the PR:thingee (I can never remember the letters).

Hmm...well honestly, these three designers survived numerous design challenges, problems with their models, snarky judges and probably minor (or not so minor) injuries from scissors, needles, and duct tape. And if they can make it to the final three, despite all that AND the advice I provided, I don't really know that they NEED any advice I could give them, they seem to have done quite well on their own.

Nonetheless, I'll try my best: keep it coherent, keep it fun and interesting, and no one's ever said it better than my idol, Tim Gunn. Make it work.

As a final though, in keeping with the tradition from both of these PR challenges, I have been AIB...Advising in Boxers.
Good luck to all three designers! I'm sure your work will knock our collection socks off!

After thinking about what theme they wanted to work with, the final three designers got to work.

Michelle soon remembered how annoying it is to work with such small materials. The work was tedious and slow. Rather than spend hours making tiny garments, Michelle just started a sweatshop.

Contestant Adam had a similar idea, forcing his cat Spring to do all the work.

Enrico tried to do the same thing with Richard Parker....

But he was busy stuffing his cheeks with food and lapsed into a food coma. So Enrico had to actually do the work by himself.

Michelle and Enrico designed with boxers.

And for some reason Adam sent in this dirty pic!


And the final collections walked down the runway.

Collection 1:
Look 1
Look 2
Look 3

Collection 2:
Look 1
Look 2
Look 3

Collection 3:
Look 1
Look 2
Look 3

So what'd you think of the final collections?! Were they terrible or amazing?! Who deserves to win?


Jere Keys said...

Collection 3 was overall the strongest and most consistent collection.

Collection 2 had the most daring design in the third look, but the second look was terrible. I swear I've seen my grandmother in that outfit chain smoking at a casino. Okay, maybe not my grandmother, but someone's grandmother.

Polt said...

what a post! Two photos of Richard Parker, all three constestants designing in boxers, and Michelle M. in a catsuit and whip! What more could you ask for? Now I have to review the video and actually think about which I like best! :)

Great Post, punkin!


Polt said...

Hmm, okay tha was tough. Natually, i LOVED the 3rd look of the second series, niiiiice. But that second one....I gotta agree with Jere, way too grandma-on-vacation ish!

Did not like the 3rd look of the first just looked like a piece of fabric wrapped around her.

All three series were naturally very well done, but as I didn't like one look from both the first and second collection, and had no issues with ANY look from the third collection, I'm gonna say I like the last one best! Especially the 2nd and 3rd look. They fit very well on her.

Nonetheless, GREAT job one and all! Outstanding work. Well worth the wait!

Good luck!


Adam said...

OMG! Good luck to Michelle and Enrico! I'm soooo excited to see the results! :)

Ryan said...

There was a third dress for the second series? For some reason, I don't remember a dress . . .

Michelle M. said...

Polt - thanks again for all your words of wisdom (and in purple this week!). Nice Superman boxers!
Adam - what is up with that poodle?
Enrico - your boxers are cuter than mine.

Thanks Enrico, for the opportunity to participate with all the great contestants - it's been a lot of fun.

john said...

YAY! It's finally here!

All three collections are really well done. I liked the fabric selection in collection one and I like that is it is sportswear. Collection two was impeccably made and I wasn't bothered by the second look at all. Collection three was very different from the other two as it was evening wear and drastically different in color and the third dress was fantastic.

I'm not sure which one I like best, but I think I have to go with Collection two because it is so well made.

Richard Parker continues to be ADORABLE and Spring is a very pretty kitty. Love Michelle as Edna Mode! Adam has great gams, but I don't get the poodle.

Adam said...

Ha! You're all just jealous! I say that every guy needs at least one ceramic poodle in his life! hehehehe

that's J-O-S-H said...

They were all great and ten times better than any of the garbage I beefed up! I especially like the third collection's last dress!

David said...

All three had merit. One had a nice through line, although the designs were rather simple.

Two was fun fun fun, but the second outfit was a little week.

The third was the strongest as the concept really shone through in the designs. My vote, if it mattered, would go for #3.

Loved all three designer in boxer photos. Spring is a beauty and Richard Parker's chubby cheeks were cute, too.

Delisa said...

Collection 1: This is a cute collection and I appreciate the concept but this collection is very casual for a final runway show. I feel like there should be a little bit more wow factor.

Collection 2: Great execution as always. I love the sun and this collection reminds me of summer. Your first two outfits were casual but great finish.

Collection 3: The only outfit that gives off feelings of depression is that first one. I really like the other two dresses though but I think the 3 could've been a little more cohesive.

Great work designers and best of luck to you all!

Anonymous said...

I love the second look in Collection 2. Puff. It's adorable. Puff, puff. Hacking cough.

Jere's grandmother

Nathan V said...

Collections 1 and 2 are most cohesive to their stated concept, but the last dress in the third collection is my favourite.

Since the third collection doesn't give me the blues, I'm "voting" for collection #2.

You're all amazing.

Craig said...

They are all so good! Love the fun looks of Collection 1, Collection 2's third look is so great (is that Obama? and am I racist for thinking so?), and Collection 3 is chic and stunning!

And I like the pic of Adam. :-P

Tam said...

Wow, those are all amazing. And 4 Designing in/with boxers pics. Life is good.

I have to say that design 3 in the second collection had merit. Wait, was there a dress in that picture? I was too busy looking at nekkid Ken butt. I can't pick a fave. I loved the black and white dress in collection 3 and I think anyone who can make barbie pants look good gets bonus points from me.

Amazing job guys, it was lots of fun and extra kudos to Enrico for doing all the hard work on this one. You're amazing hon.

David said...

Gah! I meant "weak" not "week."


Chris D, said...

I impressed by all of the collections. I felt that collection 1 was just a bit more simple than collections 2 and 3. After all the yellow in collections 1 and 2 I like that collection 3 didn't have any yellow. I was also a bit distracted by collection 2 look 3. ;)

I think my favorite is collection 3.

Great job everyone!

I had to scroll back up to make sure "Adam's Poodle" wasn't some kind of dirty innuendo. ;)

Adam: Nice DiB BTW. :)

goblinbox said...

Those are some fine lookin' boxers. Aren't they fine lookin' boxers? Wow. They're fine lookin'. I do like a handsome dog.

Eternal Lizdom said...

So fun!

I have to jump on baoard with choosing between Collection 2 and Collection 3. I agree with Delisa that Collection 1 just didn't have enough oomph for a final runway.

I liked the first and third outfit in Coll2 and the second and third in Coll3. But I felt like I could find Coll3 items in stores, on the rack already.

So, because of the detail and work and originality of Coll2...

Wait.. what's that? Oh.

Apparently, Big Bird is filing suit against Collection 2, claiming the designer stole his personal signature look and has ruined his reputation with the younger generation so he's also suing for defamation of character...

Guess my vote goes with the classic stylings of Collection 3!