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Monday, November 09, 2009

In Reality I'm Shy Shy Shy

Why hasn't anyone told me about Lykke Li?!

OK, well my friend Stevenson did play the fantastic remix of her song "Little Bit" featuring Jimmy from Degrassi Drake.

And Delisa did play the wonderful "Dance Dance Dance." So I guess I did have some clue as to how amazing she is. But I actually listened to her whole CD the other day. And now I'm a huge fan.

Although I don't really love the title (Youth Novels) I love the CD. Seriously, I like every single track on it. I would describe her music, but I'm terrible at that, so I'll quote my bff AllMusic:
"[her music is] hard to pigeonhole but refreshingly easy to enjoy."

Here's one of my favorites, Breaking It Up:

Even if you don't like that song, you should still check her out!


Jere Keys said...

I really loved LL at first, but I got tired of her music after about 8 months. She needs to release some new material or team up with Lady Gaga or something.

that's J-O-S-H said...

I lurrrve how she is posing in a dirrty basement raperoom/warehouse in that last pic.

She came on mah Last.FM radio one day and I thought she was beautiful [even though she's not fo sho]. She seemz sexxxy and most definitely different.

Nathan V said...

You didn't know about Lykke Li? I remember watching something on the music station about her like ten years ago, when she was being interviewed by Nardwuar, the human serviette.

Nathan V said...

hmmmm....apparently this isn't as old as I thought it was.

Michelle M. said...

I don't even know who this is. I feel like Polt.

hoteltuesday said...

Nathan: Yeah, she was barely born 10 years ago! Gosh... do you think she looks that old!?

Michelle M.: Well then it's a good thing I've introduced you. You don't love "Breaking it Up"?!

Polt said...

Michelle M.: Welcome to the old fogies club, my dear! Park your walker over there and enjoy the prune danishes, free Ben-Gay rubs, and Metamucial shakes! :)

Hmm, this chick is no Stevie Nicks...but then who is? :)


Michelle M. said...

Enrico - I'm sure if I love it. I don't not love it. I might have to listen to it a couple times.

Polt - That sounds like the bee's knees. Then we can listen to some music on the gramaphone whilst we sip Country Time lemonade on the porch.

Delisa said...

Yay! Another shout out. How long before I'm famous by association?

Enjoy Lykke (Like) Li! It's just some nice mellow upbeat tunes to put you in a good mood... love it!