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Sunday, November 01, 2009

Ghosts in the Attic: Childhood Optimism

For the second time in my 1st grade journal, I wrote about a family gathering. It's funny that in 1996 I met with my father's side of the family in the same month that I went with my mother's side of the family because I currently don't ever see either side of the family!

But this entry is noticeably darker in tone...

Click to enlarge.

Entry dated April 15th, 1996

"On Saturday and Sunday I wen't
to my Grandpop's birthday. We
had cake played outside ALL
people were there even people
I did'ent now. Neses Uncles Aunts
Babys grannies and poppops
And three suprisesis A goodtar
from verginya presents. And
my Aunt is having a baby."

Notice that I was into hyperbole at the time. ALL people were there. I also love that I said that 'grannies' were there (lol!), since I'm pretty sure only one grandmother was at this family gathering. And I actually remember that guitar that my grandfather gave us (from Virginia). But of course my brother and I didn't understand how amazing that gift was, so we just ignored it and play with cheap Power Rangers toys.

"But I do hope the baby don't
die as soon as it comes out.
because my cusins girlfriends
had a baby like that and he ran

OK, first, I must say: those cloud drawings are terrible!
So this page troubles me a little. It's one of those instances where I wonder if I shared too much information with my teacher. It might also be a testament to how morbid I was in 1st grade... This explains my love of Anne Sexton!
But on a lighter note, isn't my quote bubble genius?

"We found 900000000000
pitures from when evry-
one was small.
The End"

Yay! Photos! And mas hyperbole! I remember finding those 900 billion pictures. I love looking at old family pictures... And I was obviously a budding storyteller at the time, with the way I added that note of finality (The End). Although it looks kinda like the last frame in a horror movie about murderous little kids.


bourgtai said...


Jere Keys said...

Awesome. I had a hard time figuring out "A goodtar from verginya presents" until I read comments.

Garret of Jim and Garret said...

Twisted child... weren't you?

Michelle M. said...

Yes - genius. And I like the teacher's reassuring note about the baby.

hoteltuesday said...

bourgtai: ?

Jere: Lol. Now that you know what they are, aren't those suprisesis awesome?

Garret: Very. I was a very bad child... I used to fight with my siblings and curse all the time, and now I don't do either of those things.

Michelle: Me too! haha! I guess she felt obligated to comment... I love when teachers comment. I probably starting writing more depressing stuff at this point, since I knew it would result in a teacher comment...

that's J-O-S-H said...

"And he ran away." So terrifyingly poetic! Rosemurgy would lurrrve dat!

Tam said...

Your teacher was sweet trying to reassure you. I think that's the age kids get kind of morbid. They just figured out the whole death thing and get fixated, although usually they grow out of it. :-P

David said...

Why were you "Nicky" to the teacher? I think I will call you Nicky from now on.

Tam said...

David: I noticed Talita calls him Nicky and he used to be Nicky on the boards before he revealed his true self. You don't remember Nicky?

Anonymous said...

I shared a little to much family info in my journal too. It most run in the family. I remember that day, what happened to the guitar?