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Monday, November 02, 2009

Everybody Get Random

It's Monday, I don't have a specific blog entry in mind, so here's a random mix of music stuff for a Monday Music Moment.

I. First off, this performance is currently blowing my mind.

If you're a dummy (if don't nobody want you, don't nobody need you) and don't wanna watch the whole thing, just fast-forward to around 5:00.

II. Brooke Hogan, I'm happy for you and I'mma let you finish, but Adam Lambert has the worst album cover of all time.

OF ALL TIME. (Is this joke played out yet?)
Even though Jeremiah likes to bother me and defend Glambert by saying that the cover is purposely over-the-top or whatevz, it's still ugly. You can have aims to be 'purposely (fill in the blank)' and still come out with something good. Drag Me To Hell is a horror movie that is purposely campy and it works out perfectly. Rhonetta is purposely ghetto fab and we love her for it. This album cover just sucks.

III. I think music videos are snoozefests lately, and I rarely find myself watching a video more than once. But I actually really like the video for Shakira's new single, "Did It Again." Based on this video and her last video for "She Wolf," I think Shaki is one of the few contemporary musical artists who is making interesting videos.

IV. Here's the thing I would change about Glee.

I really wish the show incorporated more music that actually had something to do with the storyline. Rachel singing "Take A Bow" (1,000x better than Rihanna) was one of my favorite moments of the series, even though I hated that song before it appeared on the show. Another of my favorite moments was when Mercedes sang "Bust Your Windows."
Know what those songs have in common? They were related to the storyline and were performed in a more traditonal 'musical' fashion. I like some of the songs that are performed just... for fun (?), but overall, I think the show has too many of these songs. Mr. Schuster is cool, but I don't need to see five solos of him dancing around the room awkwardly. Also, I'm still waiting for "Papa Don't Preach."


Tam said...

I. Whitney - very nice.

II. Really, no one should wear as much make-up as Adam, boy or girl. It's just not right. And blue hair is so over.

III. Yeah, that's a good point. They'd have to change Papa Don't Preach because she's not keeping the baby.

Eternal Lizdom said...

I believe I did hear that Madonna has released her songs to Glee... maybe there will be an all Madonna episode? I'm so crushing on Glee that they have yet to do any wrong by me. I love the songs that go with the story line and I love the songs that have nothing to do with anything else- hello, best version evah of Goldigger??

And I adore Adam and was totally rooting for him to not win (because I think Idol careers do better when they don't win the whole thing)... but that cover?? YIKES!

Eternal Lizdom said...

And I'm a little slow today- just now caught on to the freakin' Kanye reference. Duh.

that's J-O-S-H said...

"Even though Jeremiah likes to bother me and defend Glambert by saying that the cover is purposely over-the-top or whatevz, it's still ugly."

Of course I agree completely. Chut uh, Perez! Stop defending the cover just cuz you're blind and tink Glamberface is attractivo. He suckz and loooookz hideouz.

And Rhonetta is a goddess and I can't wait for her album [tentatively titled in my mind as "Settin' Dis City on FIYA!"] goes to the top of da chartz! Rho-Rho, you GOOOOOOO grrrrl!

Jere Keys said...

Did you hear that Adam is single now? Does that change your opinion of him? Would you let him drag you to hell now?

that's J-O-S-H said...

Jere, I don't know if you are talking to me or Enricoz, but since we're the same person I feel qualified to answer for both of us.

"I'd rather listen to 'Make Over' & 'Conversations With My 13 Year-Old Self' on repeat for four diaz straight then let that terrible glamor-pussing douche nozzle get within 20 feet of me. He is an utter piece of shiz and he for totez does NOT deserve to be dragged to hell."

Michelle M. said...

1) Ah, Whitney. So talented. I wonder what music she would have put out if she hadn't gotten into drugs/Booby Brown?
2)It reminds me of one of those godawful Nagel prints from the eighties.
3)Shakira is very entertaining. She Wolf cracks me up.
4)I could do with less singing/dancing from Mr. Schuster. I get it - you're a "cool" teacher.

Polt said...

1) I don't imagine you'll be surprised to find out I don't like Whitney. Sorry to disappoint you.
2)"This album cover just sucks" Yes, but so does he...and I don't mean his singing. Maybe that's what he was going for, cause I hear, from Jere, he's single now. Accentuate the positive, I always say.
3)I had no idea they still made videos, cause God knows they don't ever show any on MTV.
4) I've still not seen Glee, and yes I know I'm a total loser because of it. But it's too late to get into it right now, so I'm gonna wait until summer when the season's over and watch it all at once!
Sassy josh:"but since we're the same person I feel qualified to answer for both of us." guys slay me...

...and then you drag me to hell.


that's J-O-S-H said...

Oh...and by "Papa Don't Preach" I hope you are referring to the Kelly Osbourne version. <3456

FunWithGrindr said...

Is it just me, or does Adam Lambert totally look like Pink on that album cover?

I'm with you, Enrico. That cover's F to the Ugly. :P

Dave S.

that's J-O-S-H said...

Pink? Is that a band or sumfing?

I mean, I know of the two-time Grammy Award-winning multi-platinum female singer/songwriter P! that who you are referring to? If so then you are banned from Josh Is Trashy and Hotel Tuesday for trying to slander one pop music's most gifted singerz wiff comparisons to the worst person to ever grace this Earth ever.

Glamberface = hyped-up sketchball anus

Craig said...

Take a Bow was by far the best musical number of the series thus far! I listen to it on repeat all the time!

hoteltuesday said...

Tam: That's how they're gonna tie it in; Quinn is gonna change her mind and keep the baby!

Eternal Lizdom: I heard about that! So my prayers may be answered.... And you like Adam?!? I need time to digest this info...

Josh: When she puts out that CD, I will seriously buy the actual CD, then gift it on iTunes to all my friends.

Jere: No.

Michelle M: As I've said here before, I love her new music. I just wish she could perform live like THAT again. I don't think so.

Polt: You've mentioned that you don't like Whitney before. Guess we just can't agree on music, huh? And stop acting like an old man--MTV does play videos. You have to watch MTV2 or MTV Hits, which plays videos 24/7.

Dave S.: I'm horrified. See Josh's response.

Craig: I agree!

Jere Keys said...

According to my internet sources who care about this shit, Track #3 on Lambert's album is a collaboration with above-praised P!nk.

FunWithGrindr said...

I will never misspell P!nk.
I will never misspell P!nk.
I will never misspell P!nk.
I will never misspell P!nk.
I will never misspell P!nk.
I will never misspell P!nk.
I will never misspell P!nk.
I will never misspell P!nk.
I will never misspell P!nk...

Craig said...

I forgot about Quinn's You Keep Me Hanging On! Such a great number! I love Quinn, but I also love when they blend the real scenes with music video type scenes similar to Bust Your Windows.

Polt said...

I've got MTV2 and MTVhits, and you're right about MTVhits, they DO play videos...usually with some person I've never heard before singing something I never want to hear again. God...I guess I AM that old.... But MTV2? Everytime I turn it on, they're showing some damn stupid reality program...just like the original MTV.

(Man, I SO feel like some grandpa, waving his fist and yelling 'get off my lawn, you whippersnapper!")


that's J-O-S-H said...

Stop yelling @ us Poltergeizt. We're not budging one foot off of your lawn. So. There! [now go listen to Samantha Mumba]

john said...

Did you see you got a shout out on OMG Blog?!?:

Ray Avito said...

Oh dear, Brooke. STAMPED: Tragic.

I will refrain from commenting on Adam's eye makeup for fear of getting beat with the hypocrite stick.