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Sunday, December 20, 2009

You Think You Know

I've been thinking about blogs lately. More specifically, I've been thinking about what kind of personal information people share on their blogs. Some people post pretty intimate details about their lives while others choose to only talk about pop culture or news events. I think I do some of both.

Today, I've decided to get a little more personal and share some random details about my life!

I LOVE the taste of Pepto-Bismol. I very rarely take any kind of medicine, but if all medicine tasted like Pepto, I'm pretty sure I would be crazy 4 pillz! Not only does it taste good, but it even has a sexy and different texture; drinking Pepto is like drinking a milkshake!

On a similar note... Unfortunately, I have heartburn all the time. Fortunately, I get to eat a few rolls of Tums each time I feel my esophagus getting splashed with my stomach acid! Tums is another "medicine"(they seem more like candy to me) that I find delicious. Now whoever makes Tums and Pepto needs to get to work on making cough syrup taste good.

I don't write with blue pens. I used to, but stopped a few years ago. I don't know why exactly... but if a blue pen is in my hand, I just can't write with it! My psych professor asked me a few questions (no, I don't mind reading it, yes, I can write in other colors like red) to figure out why, but it's still a mystery!

The only time this becomes a problem is when I go to stores and buy stuff with my bank card and the cashier gives me a blue pen. Then awkwardness ensues when I ask them if they have a black pen. One time this happened at a gas station and the dude was annoyed! Luckily, I almost always have a black pen on me, so this doesn't happen that often. But the other day, I was getting a Christmas gift at Hot Topic and this chick said she only had blue when I SAW THE BLACK PEN in her pen holder thingy. Annoying! (Oh, and I just waited until she noticed it was there.)

Ever since I learned how to write in cursive, I've never stopped. I don't know what it is about cursive that is so appealing to me (maybe 'cause it looks more sophisticated and a little bit reflective), but I only resort to writing in print when someone asks me to or if I am trying to make sure my handwriting is legible.

Sometimes I worry that my cursive is a mess and that no one will be able to read it. This is problematic when I write in-class essays. But last semester, I had an essay for Poetry Workshop, and when I gave it to my professor she said I had beautiful handwriting! Yay! Now I don't worry anymore.

Much to the confusion of my family and friends (and this kitten), when I make cereal (which is basically a daily activity in my life of college-induced poverty), I put the milk in the bowl first. Peepz love to yell at me about this and say that if I put the milk in first, I'll pour in too much and then I'll waste it. But for some reason this is never really a problem for me... After eating so much cereal, don't you think I know how much milk to put in the bowl?!

After pouring the cereal in, I then push all the pieces under the surface of the milk so that each and every piece is wet before I start eating. This isn't a weird thing to do apparently, since my mother caught me doing it one day and told me that she does the same thing.

Now you know all my secrets! Interesting, or weird?!?!


Jere Keys said...

I already knew about the blue pens thing. Personally, any kind of chalky drink (like Pepto) makes me want to barf because of a bad childhood experience. I was so happy on the day when I realized that I didn't have to write in cursive anymore - my handwriting was always, always terrible and all my teachers acknowledged as much, so it was easier on everyone when I got to switch back to print. The cereal thing is just weird.

I suspect you have a few more secrets you're not sharing...

-jeff said...

If those are your only secrets then you are one hell of a boring guy. I think I've got more secrets than that and I AM A BORING GUY.

Back to the actual comment:
- Pepto and Tums = EW
- There are letters I don't even know how to write in cursive... such as Z Y and M/N. I always just fake them when I'm signing my name or writing a check.
- Writing with a pencil is problematic for me because I'm left handed and it smears all over my hand. But I still use them.

Polt said...

I dunk all my cereal pieces under the milk to get them wet too...but I put the cereal in first. That way, when I pour the milk on, it covers a lot of the pieces, doing my work for me!

Pepto, yuck. Good thing it works when I get a rumbley in my tumbley, or I'd never drink the stuff. Makes my poop a dark dark color also for a day or two afterwards...but you probably didn't need to know that.

I prefer black ink, but have no problem writing with blue. And my handwiriting is a sexxy combination of printing AND cursive...which you may have noticed on a card or two I've sent you.

But those are ALL your secrets? Seriously? Really? Hmm, punkin, we gotta work on finding you more secrets.


Tam said...

Well, the pen thing is weird. It's one thing to have a "preference", but to be unable to write in blue is something else. Huh.

I do like my cereal all wet but I add milk second. I rarely eat cereal though.

Mel said...

Sugar, if you're getting heartburn that often, you should really start taking Zantac or Prilosec every day. Can't have you getting esophageal cancer, now.

I'm with Polt on the cereal. It's faster that way. Whatever works for you, though. Speaking of Polt, Pepto turns everyone's poo black. I always warn my clients so they don't freak when it happens to their dog.

As for pens, I'm just the opposite. When I sign off on health certificates, insurance forms, etc., though, they're legal documents, and blue ink is recommended because it's more difficult to photocopy or otherwise alter. I'm also super picky about my pen. I usually carry around a G2 gel pen everywhere I go so I don't have to use anything else.

Oh, and except for signing my name, I generally write in a modified print script - occasional liaison between letters but mostly not.

hoteltuesday said...

Jere: Eww! Pepto is not 'chalky.' Chalky drinks make me want to vom too! Like the Naked juice called Protein Juice.. So chalky!

Jeff: Oh thanks rude! Sorry I'm not more interesting for you!!

Polt: I'm glad that you pointed out that Pepto WORKS. Cause it does! It's delicious AND effective!

Tam: Rarely eat cereal?! Poor thing. We need to go cereal shopping during your next visit to the east coast :)

Mel: Gel pens?? Like those sparkly glitter pens that kids used to tattoo each other with when I was in middle school??

Eternal Lizdom said...

Some docs recommend Tums as a way of getting calcium.

The pen thing... I get it if it's a strong preference. But the degree to which it goes with you is weird!!

The milk and cereal thing is odd, too. I've never really thought much about how other people do their cereal...

that's J-O-S-H said...

Omgawdz! I had TUMS for the first time ever today! They were in my sister's car and I liked the way the tablets sounded when they bounced around in the plastic container. So I ate three and they were DERRICIOUS! Strawberry, orange and pineapple flavorz! Soooooo tropical and good [aka not chalky, loserz].

Garret of Jim and Garret said...

Am I the only one that thinks it's strange that Jeff comments:
:There are letters I don't even know how to write in cursive... such as Z Y and M/N. I always just fake them when I'm signing my name or writing a check.
Ummmmm, do you sign your name differently all the time?

I think I like the milk first thing. Sometimes when I pour my milk in, it hits the cereal just right and splashes out of the damn bowl.

Please tell me Josh doesn't speak and write with Z's on everything. It reminds me of the dumb lolz website. Is replacing an S with a Z cool or gangsta or something? Maybe I'm too old (39).

that's J-O-S-H said...


Garret of Jim and Garret said...

It did come out rude now that I've reread my comment. It wasn't supposed to come out like that. I certainly didn't mean to use the word "dumb". Sorry Josh.

john said...

The cereal thing is different, but not so strange. I will admit it seems a little inefficient to me as you can get all the cereal wet with milk by pouring it all over the cereal in the bowl.

The pen thing isn't odd either. I generally only write with black ink as I wrote is medical records for years and we were required to do so. I used to be a bit of a pen snob, but now I write with whatever I get. I still prefer fine tip pens.

My handwriting is a mix of print and script. It developed that way because I didn't use abbreviations in my notes in college. I used to write everything professors said (and, the, or everything) so my hand writing changed to increase my speed of writing. When I want people to be able to read it, I generally print, but I get compliments on my handwriting fairly often.

Michelle M. said...

Both (interesting and weird). ALL your secrets? I'm guessing you have some more, but if you told they wouldn't be secrets anymore, would they...?

Never had Tums or Pepto.
I prefer black ink as well.
I don't eat cereal. As a child I would only eat it dry.

GoKitty said...

Isnt esophageal cancer on the rise because of acid reflux? I heard that somewhere.

hoteltuesday said...

Eternal Lizdom: I love thinking about things you don't normally think about (like how you said you never think about the way people eat cereal). I asked a few of my friends recently how they shower (I start with arms, then chest, etc.)

Josh: I'm glad you were introduced to the world of Tums! We can include a line about their great taste in one of our future songs.

Garret: Yeah, I thought Jeff's comment was weird, but I'm used to his weirdness I think. You should know how to write the letters in your own name at least... lol. And the milk splashing out point is a good one! (And thanks for apologizing to Josh. He's a sensitive soul.)

john: When I'm writing notes, sometimes I do that mix of print/cursive thing too. I also do that when I write down customer's orders when I'm waiting on tables. And I don't use abbreviations either. The other waiters make fun of my pad for saying "medium burger" instead of "med b" or something.

Michelle: Never had Tums OR Pepto?! Geez, I thought everyone had it at least once. Maybe it just means you're healthier than everyone! Yay!

GoKitty: Thanks?! I'm gonna go write my will now.

Garret of Jim and Garret said...

My friends and I are very snarky with one another. We constantly joke with one another and sometimes I stupidly take that outside my circle of friends.

Josh, will a hug help? Although, I may not let go.

that's J-O-S-H said...

It's aight, Garret. Hugz are nice but what I really want is Christina Aguilera & Michelle Branch to release their new CDs sometime in the next decade. Can you make that happen!?!?!/?!/1/1/!?/11slash?!/one?!?

David said...

Kiddo, if you are already addicted to Pepto and Tums, you need to see an internist STAT. I'm not kidding. You are way too young to be having these issues.

I don't have an ink color preference but I do like gel pens, and I don't mean the glittery ones from school, these are the ones that are not ball point, but have a flow tip. They write so much more fluidly. But I do wonder what kind of mental block you have against blue ink. When behaviors effect your ability to complete tasks, I would recommend you take a look at what is behind it. It can easily cross the line from quirk to debilitating behavior.

I was so happy when I could stop writing cursively. I have nice script but I find it labor intensive and its much quicker to use print. I am constantly scrambling to take notes at work, so script would just be an incomprehensible jumble. Printing is neat and controlled. Just like me.

Cereal: Hey, whatever makes you happy.

I sincerely doubt those are all your secrets. Fortunately I have Josh as a source for the really juicy stuff. ;-)

Craig said...

I do the cereal thing too! I hate eating dry cereal. It feels weird on my teeth. I even hate taste testing dry cereal to see if it's stale!

that's J-O-S-H said...

Craig: And Lawd help you if the dry cereal you taste test IS stale! That's the worst! It sticks to your teeth and ruins your day! Boooo!

hoteltuesday said...

Josh: You're worried about Christina?! She'll get her album out. Did you hear that she's taking her music in a 'different direction' (again?!)

David: I'm not addicted! I just hope that my stomach starts hurting so I can have some Pepto. Unfortch, I only get to enjoy Pepto like two times a year or something. Ugh sick. They need to take the flavor and make candy not feat. medicinal properties.

Craig: Well I don't mind dry cereal if it's ALL dry. I can eat a whole box of dry Cinnamon Toast Crunch in one sitting! MMMM.

that's J-O-S-H said...

Yeah! I heard she's working with Santigold aka one of my favo new discoveries of 2009!

hoteltuesday said...

And Sia!!! I hope she makes her music more intense/depressing!!

Delisa said...

I won't judge your like of the taste of Pepto (even though I do find it gross myself) because I like the way Robitussin tastes or Children's Tylenol/Motrin (the liquid kind).

Your blue pen thing can get annoying on occasion. You need to get over your OCD on that one.

As for the cereal, whatever floats your boat I guess but I'm the opposite.

Chris D. said...

Yay for sharing personal aspects. I like writers who can do that. There is a beauty to being less guarded than we often tend to be.

As others are, I am also concerned about your heartburn situation. If it is a chronic condition you should consult with a doctor. Sometimes, a stitch in time saves nine.

I have no pen color preference, except when filling out black forms I like to use blue ink so it stands out. I actually just bought a bunch of black pens. I don't write very much at all. Mostly I type these days.

It is interesting that you start showering with your arms. I wash from the top down. I start with my hair(shampoo then conditioner), then my body, then I use my special face wash last.

Anonymous said...

John: that is so funny that you said that. The doctors office I work at now we only have black pens, but the gyno's office I use to work at only the doctors could write in black pen while the nurse's had to write in blue. So, they could tell who wrote what! lol good thing Enrico wasn't a nurse there, guess that is why I don't have a prefrence!

Justin said...

Man. First off, I'm with Jere, Jeff, Polt, et al. that you didn't share *all* your secrets. (Not, however, that you are in any way "boring" -- quite the opposite. Just modest.) I'm also, I'm afraid, incapable of reading David's post without reading innuendo into the last four words. :P

Secondly, I also *love* the taste of Pepto. And tums. Though, frankly, let's be honest here. When a gay man talks about the "sexy ... texture" of a drinkable fluid, *nobody* is going to think "milkshake".

Thirdly, having acid reflux all the time is *not* a good thing, but seeing an internist or any doctor may not be the right solution, either. They'll just stick you on Pepcid or Zantac or some other fancy-schmancy drug. Yay for pharmaceutical profits! I used to have chronic acid reflux too and it only took a few dietary changes to eliminate the problem. (a) I never eat late at night just before going to bed (that's guaranteed heart-burn); (b) I worked out which foods were triggers. Unfortunately I have a lot of triggers: coffee, spicy food, deep-fried food, whipped cream, cheesecake, and the like. I find that if I consume those items sparingly, I don't have a problem. You may want to see if reducing your intake of certain foods/drinks helps. Then if you consider those items something you can't live without, or can't reduce the consumption of, you can consider going on a drug for it.

Fourthly. Garrett. Josh *is* a living, walking lolcat -- it's been officially documented on a blog -- which makes it true -- where he was also called illiterate and a "mau" which I think involves cyan ribbons. And, dude. Don't *ever* let me catch you saying that 39 is "old". >:-P

Fifthly. About pens. I can't say I have any phobia of any pen colors. I can say however that I prefer to write with my very own highly affected and pretentious fountain-pen. The pleasure of the feeling of that liquid ink sliding onto the paper is just something a ballpoint or even gel pen can't compare to. I almost never use the pen they offer.

Lastly. About the order of things. I am a cereal or tea first, milk second, person, but your order doesn't bother me. The only order that bothers me is when people put on one sock, then one shoe, then the other sock then the other shoe. It's just so asymmetrical! And what if the fire alarm goes off! I'd rather be in two socks than have one show and be barefoot on the other foot!!! That's just wrong.

Oh, and not to get too personal but Chris D has the right order. If you don't shampoo and condition first, how are you going to give the conditioner time to do its work? (Not that I have all THAT much left to condition ...)

hoteltuesday said...

Delisa: Robitussin is the WORST! At least I know if I put some Pepto in your room next semester you won't drink it all up. lol.

Chris D.: I think I'm more guarded on my blog than I am in real life... haha. It is true that most people don't write very frequently at all. But I write my poetry by hand for some reason.

Justin: I ALWAYS have ID... I mean, eat before bed. That's the most convenient time to eat! And I don't have heartburn like every day. Just often. Oh, and my nose bleeds all the time! Is that a problem?
And I would never put on socks and shoes that way. Walking with one shoe on is bad luck and I NEVER do it. And I don't condition my hair btw. Gosh, conditioner is another $2 I don't have to spend!

Craig said...

Two more things:

1. I only write in blue ink.

2. I hate root beer because it tastes like Pepto.

Justin said...

Enrico - Robitussen *is* the absolute worst thing in the world. I literally shudder whenever I force myself to down a spoonful. It takes a *VERY* bad cough for me to even put myself through the trauma.

I went through a phase of my nose bleeding spontaneously all the time, too, back in college. One of the worst time was when I was running for a bathroom to get paper towels and this girl stopped me to talk and I just had to stand there with my hand over my face and I saw her eyes bug out as blood started to trickle out between my fingers and trail down my arm and yet she STILL didn't catch on and ask if I needed to go take care of that, but just kept talking until I finally just had to say in a muffled voice "gotta run!"

Yes, "ewww".

Other worst time was during a final when spontaneously a gigantic drop of blood fell on the blue book and took up like a fifth of the page. I felt bad and the grad student who I had to hand the blue book in to looked disgusted (I had had to write around the drop), but what could I do? It was mortifying. :-(

It all stopped of its own accord, though.

Honestly though. You should think about not eating just before bed. And the more often you have heartburn the more easily it will keep happening: it's a self-reinforcing cycle.

Oh, and I forgot to weigh in on the cursive vs. print debate. I am *also* one of the types who writes in a kind of combination of print and cursive. Always have, at least since Jr High, probably earlier. When I was a freshman in college one of my roommates pegged my handwriting succinctly:

1. Wow. It's almost more like printing than cursive.
2. Wow. Your capital letters are huge and your small letters are extra small.
3. Wow. It looks like Arabic.

I couldn't have described it better.

Good that you and Craig won't fight over pens.

Oh, and, sure, when you're 21 you can *have* luxurious hair that doesn't need conditioning. Just you wait, tho .... (There's a great pic of how much hair Jere used to have, back in the day ... I bet he didn't have to condition then, either...)


And lastly: if you ever come up to Boston, and if you drink at all, I'd be happy to take you to Legal Seafoods and buy you one of their White Sangrias. Not only is it pink, but it actually even almost TASTES like pepto. And yet it works! (Their red sangria is great, too, but I've developed a real taste for the white.)

(Actually I bet there are Legalsesees in NYC, too. Maybe you should try it out if they have one.)

Garret of Jim and Garret said...

Wow, lots of comments on this. I think Justin sounds dreamy. ;-)

Justin said...

Garret -- mmm. *Nothing* more dreamy than stories of former nosebleeds, eh? ;-)

Garret of Jim and Garret said...

Well, maybe it's the name or the cute Santa hat you wore.

Justin said...

<3 :-)

*HUGS* for that, Garret :-)

I tried to stalk through Josh's and Enrico's and Jere's and Michele's FB friend lists but I wasn't sure which Garret was you (if you're there at all). Feel free to friend me there, you can see lots of santa hat pix :-)

Garret of Jim and Garret said...

I'm on facebook as "Garret Atherton" but not friends with anyone from here. Doesn't that sound mean? Ya know, I can't even remember how I found this blog.