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Friday, December 18, 2009

Ghosts in the Attic: Double Feature

In a surprising bout of brevity, I actually wrote a journal entry that was only ONE PAGE! So this week, you get a double feature.

Entry Dated April 1996

On the weekend I went to
the pizza store and aet pizza

and buht candy mosetly. I colo-
red. I eat cookies. I whent in the

Short and sweet! And how amazing is that van drawing?! I personally think that boomerang-shaped tire is a masterwork. Though I don't know how it got us very far.

And what is with me spelling something correctly and incorrectly on the SAME PAGE?! (went/whent)

So anyway, since I realized I probably put my teacher to sleep with that snoozefest of an entry, my next entry was titled "Imagine" and in it, I describe something strange slash interesting!

Entry Dated May 1, 1996

I was walking to school and
I saw a fish in a tree.
It was playing with a
monkey. Then I saw a
Big elephant that
had a pig on it's
back. Then I saw a
dog withs skalls.
The a skunk that
was talking to a boy.
A flower flying. Alex
eating money. And then
I made it to school.
But the door
was flying.

I must say, it looks like my writing skills def improved since the first GitA entry! I had very few mistakes in this entry! And very importantly, I started using cursive, which is currently the only way I write.

And come on, those short choppy sentences ("A flower flying. Alex eating money.") surrounded by the longer sentences shows that I clearly had a knack for syntax even in 1996.

Hmm... looks like my 'interesting' entry is boring too! Oh well. You guys can feel free to leave me comments about how cute I am or something! Oh, and SCHOOL IS OVER!!! YAY!!!


Delisa said...

Were you high?

Yay, so glad school is over!

john said...

Yay school is over! Enjoy your break.

Your boomerang tire is only surpassed by the pig, that thing is adorable.

Milo said...


Jere Keys said...

Wait, so you went to a pizza store, then somehow ended up in a van. Candy and cookies are involved somehow. Are you sure this isn't a clue to some repressed memory of being kidnapped?

And you're totally cute or something.

hoteltuesday said...

Delisa: Hmm... maybe I drank some cactus juice at the pizzeria?

David: Thanks! That pig reminds me of an octorok!

Milo: I know!

Jere: Now that I read it that way... you might be onto something. Except that my poppa used to own a big red van that we all used to drive around in. Ah, memories...

Mel said...

I'd say you were experimenting with Hemingway-esque style - a budding literary genius.

Jere Keys said...

My family (with the 9 kids) didn't get a van until I was 16 and wrecked the family station wagon. The last vehicle I actually owned was a Dodge van from the late 1970s (a.k.a. about my same age, the sexiest age to be). I miss having all that room to myself when I'm on the road.

Jere Keys said...

I'm not sure why I felt the need to share those random van facts.

that's J-O-S-H said...

"But the door/
was flying."

WRITE A POEM AND END IT WITH THAT! SOOOOO GOOOOOD. I wish you and I were friends when we were little so we could have started being better than everyone sooner!

Michelle M. said...

Yay - school is over! What are you going to do with all your extra time?

Your illustrations are cute. The elephant, pig and goldfish cracker in particular.

Eternal Lizdom said...

Totally off topic- but I thought of you last night at Target. There was a Project Runway "doll" with sketch pad and stuff. Totally thought of the Barbie project!

hoteltuesday said...

Mel: Hemingway! That's what I meant with my syntax play. I only read The Sun Also Rises and it was decent!

Jere: But why would you need room when driving? You gotta stay in the driver's seat anyway!

Josh: Jajaja! We are awesome.

Michelle M.: READ! Catch up on TV (started Six Feet Under last night). And try to become famous with Josh.

Eternal Lizdom: What?! Everyone keeps copying my idea! lol

Jere Keys said...

I need room to put my stuff. Also, some people find that the design of compact cars doesn't reflect a normal expectation of human sizes. Being able to stretch my legs all the way out while driving is priceless.

Anonymous said...

oh how i miss the van with the hole in the floor. remember we used to throw things out of it while daddy was driving.

Sven said...

If ever there was an argument against fluoridating the water supply, that second entry is it. It's like Donnie Darko in kindergarten. A fish in a tree playing with a monkey? I shall be laughing about that for weeks.

Anonymous said...

you are so cute Enrico!

Garret of Jim and Garret said...

Sounds like lost verses for "Lucy in the Sky".

Craig said...

I love buht candy!

How am I the first to make that joke?

Love these posts! (almost as much as buht candy)

Tam said...

That made me laugh. You were adorable. Still are.

Chris D. said...

You were quite a creative lad. I enjoy these journal entries. I hope you have lots more. :)

When I was in my middle teens my father bought an old 15 passenger van that we used for family trips. It was nice to have room to actually lay down and sleep on long trips. I actually drove it a few times. It was a neat feeling, being high up driving a big truck. It was also fun to work on it from time to time. We installed new carpeting, and a roof vent. My father even installed a wood burning stove in the back for his trips to Canada in the winter. He was a bit nuts.

It was a fun vehicle to have. :)