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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2009 Favorites

2009 is almost over! As I look back at this year, I remember all of the things that made mi vida bearable.

Not feat. raindrops on roses, etc., here are a few of my favorites things of 2009!

Please note: my favorites are based on when I experienced them, not the year of their release. I may have a favorite CD in 2009 that came out in the 1970s, but the year I discovered it is the year that matters to me!


Favorite Book of the Year:


Favorite Cookie of the Year:

Favorite Place to Eat of the Year:

Favorite Video Game of the Year:

Favorite Board Game of the Year:

Favorite Albums of the Year:

Favorite Music Video of the Year:

Favorite Concert of the Year:

Favorite TV Show of the Year:

Favorite Movies of the Year:

Favorite Actress of the Year:

Favorite Actor of the Year:

Favorite Moms of the Year:

Favorite Commenter:

Favorite Cat:

Favorite Celebrity of the Year:

So is my taste impeccable?! Or did I miss out on something in '09?!


Craig said...

Even though I don't like Katy Perry, hottie KylyXY is in her Thinking of You video so I approve!

And yay Britney!

vegfarandi said...

Great! But The Virgin Suicides isn't from 2009, it's from 1993...

vegfarandi said...

Right, ok, see the small print now. Ignore me.

john said...

I LOVE Psychonauts! That game was awesome. I also think I will need to check out "Things..."

Allie Singer said...

Judging from this list, particularly the books, I want to be you. How do I make this happen?

Michelle M. said...

You did miss out on something.
Favorite Commenter of the Year:


Jere Keys said...

The lack of Glee in your favorite teevee shows is troubling. I'm not even sure how we are friends. ;)

mkf said...

Polt said...

I don't know if your taste is impeccable, but it surely is consistant. :)

Hope 2010's even better than 2009! :)


Tam said...

I had to mouse over that actress because that sooooo does not look like Kate Winslet. What did they do to her? Her lips look funny. She's gorgeous without photoshop. Publicity people are dumb. Jere made a good point as well. GLEE!!!

Whitney looks like she's either about to burst out laughing or crying on that album. I have Taylor Swift hair envy. Okay, envy in general but mostly for her hair.

I prefer Oreos or Fudgie Oh's. But Chips Ahoy are okay in a pinch.

I'm not familiar with most of your choices, but they were your favorites hon then that's good enough for me. I like to see other people's lists of their favourites.

hoteltuesday said...

Craig: I didn't like her either... Then I heard "Thinking of You" and now I can't stay away!

john: Tegan and Sara? Psychonauts?! You have such good taste! I don't think I will EVER find a game that was as funny and well-written as Psychonauts. It was such a joy to play.

Allison Singer: But you're MY idol, so that doesn't make sense!

Michelle M.: Oh yeah! Oops. I'll have to edit this entry... I also forgot "Favorite Model of the Year." No, not Tyra! Malaria of course!

Jere: Not showS. I only put one show! Glee is like... #3.

mkf: Isn't she awesome?

Polt: It better be... lol

Tam: It's funny you pointed those out cause I LOVE Taylor's cover and think Whitney's is so weird. She looks a lot better in other recent pictures (magazine covers and stuff). That pic is strange. And I didn't even start eating Chips Ahoy til this year but I quickly got obsessed. Cookies + milk is the best!

M. Nicodemus said...

I love Psychonauts! It features the voice of Richard Horvitz, a.k.a. Invader Zim, how could you not love it? I just played Things for the first time over Christmas, hilarious! John, you should definitely check it out.

that's J-O-S-H said...

Yay! I love all of this. Especially your favo movies of the year. And huzzah for MOM!!!!!!!!!

But wait...where is your favorite cat of the year (feat. Baberz)?!!??!?

Ray Avito said...

I say yay for the Chips Ahoy although that resealable package took me a good 2 or 3 minutes to discover how to open. (Idiot or Tipsy or Combo)

that's J-O-S-H said...

Yay! I'll have to make sure the camera is rolling when I tell Baberz about his award! He'll be so happy [aka indifferent cuz he's a cat and doesn't understand human-speak].

Jere Keys said...

I like Chips Ahoy, too, although I prefer the chewy ones in the red package. I still think the lack of Glee in any favorites list of 2009 shows a defect in character.

And you're welcome for that time I told you to go listen to Damien Rice again even though you were all "I didn't care for him" at the time.

that's J-O-S-H said...

Glee is aight...but it's starting to really feel jammed down my throat [insert: gross sexual punchline via Polt].

Nathan V said...

Favourite commentor? I didn't even know we were competing!

Anywho, I basically just swooned at Psuchonauts. One of the best video games ever!

Justin said...

Enrico I honestly wonder how you have time to be such a wonderfully voracious reader when you churn out this amazing blog AND watch tv and movies AND are a full-time student. Do you actually ever sleep?

Alexander Skarsgard *is* way cute (though honestly only when he's NOT in True Blood; I like the other menz on that show but not pasty-white Erik).

Happy New Year!!! :D

hoteltuesday said...

M. Nicodemus: Though I love Things, I hate how easy it is to sabotage the game by lying. I get REALLY mad when people put illogical answers.

Ray: I know exactly what you mean! I was confused for a second.

Jere: 1. Chewy aren't better in milk.
2. You made that situation up. I started listening to Damien Rice 'cause Adam (who never comments anymore) told me to, not you! I distinctly remember cause it was love/obsession on first listen!

Josh: LULZ!

Nathan: Oh, you weren't competing. When Michelle M. is involved, it's not even a competition.

Justin: I keep busy. And what?! He's by far the best on TB, pasty or not. Happy New Year to you too!

Michelle M. said...


Jere Keys said...

Why would I want to ruin cookies with milk?

You're right. I confused a conversation we had about Thomas Dybdahl and Rice with a similar conversation I had with someone else.

Garret of Jim and Garret said...

5 Guys rocks.