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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Globes de Oro

Has everyone seen the Golden Globe nominations??

Here's what I think:

Best Picture - Drama
I've only seen three of the Best Picture nominees (The Hurt Locker, Inglorious Basterds and of course Precious), but isn't it clear who I'm rooting for?


Speaking of Precious, I REALLY want Gabourey Sidibe to win Best Actress. Hellen Mirren and Carey Mulligan are scaring me a little, and I haven't seen either of those performances, but Sidibe neeedz to win. Have you seen her in real life?! So unlike her character.

But if Precious doesn't win, then I'm rooting for Tarantino of course! (And I'm also rooting for him in the Best Director category!)

The only Best Picture - Comedy that I've seen is The Hangover. But I feel like I'd love 500 Days of Summer (I went to see it, but they were sold out so I saw District 9 instead) so I'm rooting for that.

I just know Up is gonna win Best Animated Film even though I really wish it wouldn't.

Best Original Song = WHAT?! I don't know any of these songs. Where is "The Climb"?!?!?

(And yes, I know the dumb details... Whatevz...)

So on to TV.
As much as I love True Blood [read as: Eric] I don't understand how Anna Paquin gets nominated every year. Honestly, I think she's kinda bad in many of her scenes. But it's cool ('cause she got it like that?) 'cause I don't really have any favorites in that category.

I am excited for my homegirl Toni Collette and her nomination for Best Actress in a Comedy. I LOVE United States of Tara (might be my #1 fave show still airing actually) and think Toni Collete does an AMAZING job on the show. So when I saw her name in the category, I was hoping she would win again (she previously won the Primetime Emmy for the role).

But then I saw Lea Michele!

So here's how I feel about Glee. Y'all know I love the show, but I don't really see how it stands to get nominated for Best Comedy Series. It does deliver consistent award-caliber programing. However, I completely understand how Lea Michele gets her nomination. So now I'm really torn between Lea and Toni... I can't pick! But if either wins, I'll be happy.

Yeah, and then the other awards I don't care about that much.
How do you feel about the nominations?!


Craig said...

I don't have Showtime or HBO so I'm rooting for Glee all the way!

that's J-O-S-H said...

I hope "Precious" winz everything it's nominated for cuz it deservez it AND because it would give you and I even more reason to gloat about how superior and spot-on our opinions are.

And I don't watch TV so I don't care about that other stuff... although I DID lurrrve TUSOT episodes I watched.

Eternal Lizdom said...

I have not had a chance to check out the noms yet...

I also haven't seen most of what is nominated, I'm betting.

Like... I haven't seen Precious but really, really, really want to see it.

And I'd love for Glee to win and it is a comedy but it kind of needs it's own category too. So I think it should get a dozen awards just for its awesomeness.

Tam said...

Well, I'll cheer for Glee, to be honest I don't watch or haven't seen most of the others but I do like to watch the Golden Globes, if nothing else for the dresses. And they don't have any of that boring shit like musical numbers, long speeches, and crap. No funny banter between presenters, they just go out, say the nominees and winners and speech time. The Oscars should follow suit.

Jere Keys said...

I want to see "Nine" before casting a vote in the Picture-Musical or Comedy category. Based on the original musical, there's a lot of potential there.

As much as I adore "True Blood," it's a guilty pleasure. "Dexter" is a better show.

Signorney Weaver's "Prayers For Bobby" was touching, but I can't compare it to any of the other nominees.

And, of course, I'm rooting for Glee in everything its nominated for.

Michelle M. said...

I'm with Tam on watching for the dresses.
I do like Glee. I've never seen True Blood.
I finally saw Up last week. It made me laugh/cry - what animated movie do you want to win?

I've seen Gabourey on Conan and some other talk show. She is delightful - so bubbly and fun. Hope she wins.

john said...

I don't watch much tv and haven't been to the movies in a while, but what I can say is that I agree that Anna Paquin isn't that great in True Blood.

David said...

I don't watch TV and I haven't seen most of the movies nominated but how can you not root for "UP"? I loved that movie!! I haven't seen "The Fantastic Mr. Fox" and I heard that "Coraline" wasn't that good, and please tell me you aren't rooting for "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs."

Michelle M. said...

I wish Anna Paquin would get her teeth fixed. There. I said it.

Polt said...

I haven't seen a single TV show mentioned, nor a single film mentioned, so I'm just gonna abstain from rooting for any of them. Which is a good thing, cause usually, whatever I'm pulling for in these award shows goes down in flames.

Got Glee on my Netflix list though, so I can be one of the cool kids too!


Delisa said...

First let me say that there is always time for TV. Your followers need to prioritize better.

I really want Precious, Gabourey Sidibe, and Mo'nique to win (Interesting interview. I wasn't expecting her to be so eloquent. Is that mean?)!

500 Days of Summer and Joseph Gordon Levitt needs to win (though The Hangover was hilarious)!

I'm torn for TV Drama. I liked the one season of Big Love that I saw, I'm an avid True Blood watcher, I've heard great things about Dexter and Mad Men, and House is a classic though I think it's fallen off a little.

I'm also torn for TV Comedy though I'd love for Modern Family to win. It's kind of the underdog in that category.

I won't weigh in on the other categories because this would be a ridiculously long post but I'm looking forward to watching the award show!

Craig said...

Wow. I WAS curious to know how one can collect a huge starting capital! Thanks!

hoteltuesday said...

Craig: That is not a good reason!! USoT is seriously amazing. And there are only 12 episodes in the first season and they're only a half hour each, so you need to watch! It won't take long. Oh, and the opening title sequence is SO good it won an Emmy!

Josh: You too! I started watching the show cause you talked about it on your blog and now you don't watch it! haha.

Eternal Lizdom: !!! You must see Precious asap! And I was kinda annoyed with Glee when I posted this, but I watched the final two episodes of the season last night and thought they were fantastic.

Tam: Don't feel bad; the dresses are very important and a perfectly good reason to watch! I hope a bunch of peeps wear Rami Kashou dresses.

Jere: I like Sigourney Weaver! Gorillas in the Mist made me cry.

David & Michelle M.: I don't care what wins, but maybe I'm rooting for Fantastic Mr. Fox since I read all of Roald Dahl's books as a child and the movie is based off one of his books.

P.S. Michelle, did you hear that interview where Anna said she thinks it's rude when people ask her about her teefs? She's the star of a huge show, I think she should expect people to tell her that... This is Hollywood! When Josh and I are famous we will be able to take constructive criticism and become even more perfect (according to Hollywood standards).

john: I thought you watched a lot of TV? Don't you always know what Craig is talking about?! Then again, he doesn't always watch Golden Globe nominated television :P

Polt: I thought you wanted that for Christmas??

Anonymous: >:O

Delisa: When I saw that MF got nominated I was glad since I know you love it. Too bad the show is Jan 11th and we can't watch together :(

Delisa said...

If you're at your Ewing house, maybe I could come over for the evening?

Justin said...

I can't decide if I want to see Inglorious Basterds or not.

Eli Roth is certainly a big draw.

.. a ... very ... big draw ...

.. but ... violent movies kind of scare me :-( I've still never brought myself to see Reservoir Dogs or Pulp Fiction and although I admit Fargo (Cohen bros) was a phenomenal movie and Snatch & Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (Madonna's ex) were well-made, I just don't think I could ever watch them again. Same thing with I don't think anything could ever get me to see No Country For Old Men. I've heard good things about I.B., though, including that it's "actually very funny" (though somebody said that to me about Hostel, too, and I'm still having nightmares about that movie).

Michelle M. said...

No I haven't seen the interview. But she should really fix the. She has the means and they are terribly distracting.

You and Josh are perfect as is.

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