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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

I Think I'm Gonna Do That

Last weekend, some pool party or something happened. But the weekend before that, I went to Cambridge and Boston!!

I went with Katrina and her mother to visit our friend Megan, who bribed the people at Harvard to let her study there this summer. So now she's doing the summer program there. Basically, she takes out a tiny brush and cleans off old manuscripts to see if Nostradamus predicted any big earthquakes.

It took a few hours to get to Cambridge, but we stopped at lots of sexy rest stops so it was cool. When we got to Cambridge, Megan got in the car to direct us around town....


But as you can see from this photo, she had no idea what she was talking about and we got lost for years.

We spent the night in Cambridge, where we saw Inception (good!) and Katrina's mom yelled at the Chinese food restaurant and demanded a refund (and got it!).

The next morning, we went into the subway and Megan and I took this sweet photo together.



When we arrived in Boston, the first thing we passed was this market, which sold CHEAP fruit.



Plums, 5 for $1?!

Then we ate at some joint and there was a bird on the table next to us.


Street performer!


Megan and Katrina!


Such tourists...

Some important building?


Some statues:





Some friends:


This squirrel was sprawled like this for a while.


The last few photos were taken in Boston Common, this park with creepy performers and swan boats and stuff. There's a bridge there, so Megan and I went under it for a photo.


And on top of it for a photo.


Some church.



Val is Josh's BFF from high school who I've talked to via text and Facebook, but hadn't met before this trip.

We walked down some CRAZY street with EXPENSIVE stores! But rather than buy anything at Marc Jacobs, Diane von Furstenberg, Valentino, Louis Vuitton, Armani, Chanel, Burberry, Banana Republic, Betsey Johnson, Guess, Ralph Lauren, DKNY, etc. etc., we went to H&M...


And right to the SALE section!

Val was awesome and pretty and funny and talented. We had to ask some 12 year old to take this photo of us, so you better like it!


Val had to go be a slave to her job, so I rejoined Megan, Katrina, and Maria Luz for dinner at Fire + Ice. Fire + Ice is a restaurant feat slabs of raw meat strewn around the room. You put the raw meat in a bowl, throw it at some stove slave, and watch them cook it. It's cool because you get to make your own meal! I made two.



It was delicious!

We came back to Cambridge to look at Harvard. Here's the freshman cafeteria.


We walked by some famous statue of the man who forced immigrants to build built Harvard. Apparently, if you rub his foot, you get good luck. I need a lot of luck, so I jumped up and joined him on his pedestal.


We went to the Harvard bookstore (where I got Sense and Sensibility) and listened to some crazy man talk about killing the president. And that's basically it. Boston and Cambridge were nice. I'd go back.


Craig said...

I want to go to Boston!!!! I've only been there once for a school trip back in high school. Looks like you had a great time!

Mel said...

And you couldn't come an hour north and visit?

Delisa said...

I'd appreciate if you actually posted these photos on facebook. But it looks like a fun trip! When I'm rich we'll go.

Tam said...

Ohhh, I can tell you all about that famous building after hearing the trolley bus tour commentary four times. :-) Our hotel was just about a block from the weird swan boats and Washington statue. Boston was very nice though, but we didn't find H&M, found it here in New York though, twice. :-)

Glad you had a fun trip and you two look adorable.

Justin said...

I want Craig to go to Boston!!!! And unlike Enrico, to *TELL* me he's coming to Boston! :D And I want Craig to stay over at my house and have too much to drink so he doesn't remember what happened ... ;-)

Yeah, Mel -- he couldn't come north and visit and he also couldn't tell me he was visiting :P

Looks like you had a great time, Enrico. :-) The "important building" is the old British government building -- it has a Lion and a Unicorn on it from the British coat of arms and it's called "The Old State House" (as opposed to the "New" State House on top of Beacon hill with a big gold dome).

I *LOVE* the picture of you on the statue of John Harvard! :D

I hope you do come back! I'll take you to Legal Seafoods and you can have a white sangria -- which tastes and looks like Pepto Bismol! No lie! :-)

adam said...

ewwww creepy Grunaupedia strikes again.

Looks like you had fun ... I like your photos of random statues.

Jusitn said...

It never ceases to amaze me how much talking you're able to do even when your mouth is full, Adam ... ;-)

Polt said...

Fun times TWO weekends in a row? Maybe you'll have a fun one this weekend as well! Thanks for sharing your photos!


Chris D. said...

Looks like you had a nice visit. I like your shirt, and I'm sure Ke$ha likes your beard.

In high school I used to eat at a local Mongolian restaurant called the Magic Grill frequently. They had frozen slices of pork, beef, chicken and a bar of vegetables that you added to a bowel of noodles. The food was cooked on a large circular metal plate and then returned to you. I liked it because it seemed like a rather unique idea, and the food was yummy. I loved their dumplings!

that's J-O-S-H said...

YAY. MY FOUR FAVORITE THINGS IN ONE ENTRY: You, Val, (almost) Precious burgerz & clothing sales!

val said...

WHO THE FUCK MENTIONED LEGAL SEA FOODS . . . MURDER I WILL MURDER THEM! (Also, the white sangria tastes like jolly ranchers. Just saying.)

Ugh I'm sad we had to go less than 8 on the rando who took our picture . . . at least he was like a 6 for a 12 year old.


Michelle M. said...

Looks like a great time : ). What happened at the Chinese restaurant that you needed a refund?

You look fantastic on a pedestal, by the way.

hoteltuesday said...

Craig: It was nice! I like St. Louis better though. GO THERE.

Mel: I didn't drive!!

Delisa: I DID!

Tam: Just twice?? There are a million H&Ms in NYC. And I understand how you didn't find it in Boston... Unless my friends dragged me down that street, I'd never wander around a street with such expensive stores!!

Justin: Like I said, I didn't drive! AND I DON'T DRINK DUMMY.

Adam: thanks

Polt: This weekend I'm home for my brother's and sister's bday celebrations, then I'm going to a concert on Sunday! FUN WEEKENDS FOREVERRR!!

Chris: That sounds just like Fire & Ice!!

Josh: I tried to make it a precious burger but they didn't have tomato slices!!! I did put lettuce and bacon on it though. MMM.

Val: At least he wasn't a grenade. I HATE WHEN PEOPLE ARE LESS THAN AN 8!!

Michelle M: They took an hour to deliver, and forgot to bring Megan's food. So we called and they were like "We'll bring it over in 40 minutes"... but it was already 11pm. So we just got a refund.

David said...

I went to college up there. A lot of those pictures brought back some memories. Good times.